The Deadly Nightshade Discussion Thread

As most of you know, I recently published my new Episode story, Deadly Nightshade. Currently, I’m promoting it. So I decided to make a discussion thread about it too, because I’ve never done this before, and I really love this story. I’ve also gained some fans (I hope) and with the help of a few reviewers and writers, the story is going really well.
This thread is for… anything related to “Halloween: Deadly Nightshade”.

Got a question? Drop it down.
Anything about characters or the set-up of the story? Write it here! Criticisms and tips can go here too! Go crazy!

Just don’t be inappropriate or disrespectful.

Peace and love, Carmela :yellow_heart:

Behind the scenes

Oh my god, why am I doing this?

Nope, nope, nope… Wait, am I getting anxious?

This is a bad story, whyyy?!

Fine, I’ll do it- I’ll do it!

This is ridiculous.

I better not regret this.

… Ugh.

I’m being selfish. Wait, no. Yes… No. Whatever.

finishes Damn. Just do it at this point, man. Go on, do it.

Here’s the link again:

Deadly Nightshade


Any questions? /:eyes:\


currently working on episode 5. Are you excited?

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Wats the plot?

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Oh, I should’ve linked the promotion thread to here…

Basically, a woman gets murdered. Her case is closed after a few months, and later her husband gets married to a new woman. That new woman is the MC, but she’s not who she appears to be… and the dead wife starts taking on revenge on the MC. The MC’s husband’s dad hates her and is suspicious of her, there’s a vengeful woman who wants revenge on the husband’s family for her family’s deaths, a spirit guide that’s helping the dead wife, and an unrelated character who’s very important to the plot…

It’s based off of Macbeth.


Never seen macbeth

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Shakespeare play (tragedy) about ambition

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Ik wat it is. Just never seen it

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Oh… I didn’t mean to come off like that

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I haven’t read the whole story yet since something came up, but you wrote “are” twice :no_mouth:.


Yikes. Lol I did not notice till now. Thanks for pointing it out!


Of course :blush::smile:


So… Who are your favourite characters? Why?

Are you willing to customise Hwayoung? (partially)

  • Yes
  • No

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I’ll just change her hairstyle

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Cool beans!

… No questions??

So take a look at some outfits I created…


Some tags:



Those are dope!!

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These are from the newest update!

I’m obsessed with the coats!

Your favourite?

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