The death penalty

Do you guys think the death penalty is a good idea and what conditions do you think would deserve the death penalty?

Tell me all your thoughts on this.


It’s actually depends on the person.


Not really lol.

Not everyone is afraid of death ;-;
Idk If I had my own kingdom I wouldn’t allow the death penalty, others wouldn’t learn much from it qwq


Nope, when you commit a crime, the goal should be for you to learn that what you did was wrong and you won’t do that by just simply dying. :eyes::sparkles:


Well maybe whilst you’re having a tea party with satan you could look up and be like
“ Ah, so that’s why I was killed ”


Exactly, while I understand it is not profitable to sentence criminals to life in prison, they absolutely do not deserve to be given an “easy” escape by giving them the death penalty. If it was up to me, they’d rot in prison until they die for commiting a crime that would even qualify them to be sentanced to death.


I think that it depends. I’m all for people living but for people who have escaped prison, are serial killers and will NEVER have ANY remorse for what they did wrong Ted Bundy yeah they really have to die.
Did you guys know that most lifers in prison actually get treated BETTER than other inmates because they’re there for life?

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I don’t really believe in the death penalty. I believe criminals should pay their time and think about what they did and suffer in prison. However seen people just deserve to die and are a threat to society. Like Ted Bundy. He escaped numerous times if he didn’t get lethal injection he would escaped again and gone on a rampage

damn, really?

Probably not ALL prisons but yeah, they get kinda treated better at least by inmates. They also have other belongings that other prisoners might not have because they’ve been there so long… More people stay out of their way because they don’t want to mess with someone who’s going to be in there forever and wouldn’t regret doing something to them to make them stay longer.

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Depends on the crime that they did, but it would be better to put them in jail for life, living with that regret and quilt. (if they have any regret and guilt…)

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Okay if Prison break has taught me anything it’s that the death penalty is bad and shouldn’t be brought back.

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Well what has Prison Break taught you?

Have you watched the show?
Well anyway if not it’s basically about this man gets put on the death penalty for something he didn’t do and nobody cares because some very powerful people wanted him dead. Which then ultimately made his brother break him out of jail which ruined his life also the guy who was meant to get the death penalty has a son and his life was ruined too.

So it taught me that yes criminals are bad and maybe the worst of the worst should get the death penalty. But 1) What if they were falsely accused? And 2) Isn’t it too easy? I mean prison is prison. Okay it’s bad!!! Surrounded by criminals so wouldn’t it be more justice if the really bad criminals got killed by another inmate and not just being dead by a chair?


So you’d want an innocent man to rot and suffer in prison, rather than the easy way out?

The show is fictional and I’m sure that has possibly happened, but proving somebody innocent is a lot easier than expected if you have the right equipment.

That wouldn’t solve anything, that would just put more time on the inmate who killed them. Murder is murder and they should pay. What is the justice in that?

I see what you’re saying; the criminal should feel the pain they enforced on another, but don’t call it justice 'cause it isn’t!

And the electric chair hasn’t been in use in a long time. They use lethal injection which - essentially- stops the muscles from working. It’s quick and painless.

I see where you’re coming from.
But all my point was that i don’t agree with the death penalty and i wouldn’t want it to be brought back.
It’s just my opinion :woman_shrugging:
And yes murder is murder and it’s not okay.
And they should stay in prison for the amount of time they got given not get “the easy way out”
So again i just don’t like it and these are just my opinions.

I was literally watching a bunch of videos about the death penalty. What a coincidence lolll.
I don’t think it should be allowed though, I think life sentence is enough.

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I really don’t think death penalty due to way back then. As much as the other way they kill people way as well as long time ago. Terrible.

No one does anything that is even with how bad death is.

Oh yeah, do you know for some muslim countries (like Iran) people’ll receive a death penalty if they got caught being gay? I’m being serious.