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"I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into…"

The kingdom of Atalesta has fallen sick to a deadly disease. Not much is known about it, other than that it primarily affects those with magic running in their veins. The residents of the kingdom are in panic, as the disease has shown terrible symptoms that to lead to death.

News have spread around town like wildfire. King Jare has shown symptoms as well, raising the panic in the kingdom. He had tried all he could, but alas, the disease has rendered him unable to help any further. However, he left a clue. The fall of the magicians could be traced back to the rival kingdom Vatarik.

When all hope seemed lost, an underground organization was formed, aiming to restore Atalesta to its former glory. They refused to let any more of the residents die out, and those who did shall not be left in vain. Since the king couldn’t help, the citizens took it in their hands.

"…This quest is a death wish…"

And today, the bravest of the organization’s members have volunteered to make a trip to Vatarik, aiming to find the cause of this deadly disease. They had to be brave and with strong will, because this could be their last trip ever.

"…However, we cannot let this be the fall of Atalesta. I wish you all the best on your journey." the leader continued. "The future of our kingdom is in your hands now." They finished their speech, gesturing to the people standing at the doorway. "Are you ready?"


A Shadow

Played by idiot.exe

24 | Female | ???
Kingdom of Atalesta | ???

Darlyne is cold and distant, keeping to herself often and finding it hard to trust others.

A Cheerful Spirit

Played by idiot.exe

20 | Male | Herbalist
Kingdom of Atalesta | Forests

Floris is upbeat and social, with an optimistic worldview and a goal to help everyone. He uses his knowledge of plants and herbs to aid illnesses and injuries in others.



??? | ??? | ???

A Talent in Solitary

Played by Nil


27 | Female | Alchemistn’t
Kingdom of Atalesta | Mountains
Vala is one mysterious girl, isolated from the rest of Atalesta. In fact, people only know her for one thing, and it is spread just for that purpose as well. Despite the unstable magic in her blood, she pursued a magical career and was actually successful for it, often known by grandparents as a healer for her products.

A Traveler From Distant Lands

Played by idiot.exe

27 | Female | Alchemist, Inventor
Kingdom of Quithorn | Coastline

Voleria is charismatic and confident, never hesitating in showing her ideas to the world. She’s aims to become the greatest inventor ever known, with an invention that will change the course of history.


Ruler of Atalesta


36 | Male

The virtuous king of Atalesta, Jare (Ja-reh) is dear to the hearts of his people—always present and active to satisfy the needs of his kingdom; however, he has unfortunately fallen gravely ill to the disease sent by his enemy, Queen Lethia of Vatarik, and can only rely on who are left of his people to bring justice to Atalesta.

Ruler of Vatarik


38 | Female

Queen Lethia, a ruthless and powerful ruler with little remorse. Her people are like her servants, working days and nights to fulfill unreachable goals. She’s the person responsible for starting the spread of the disease in Atalesta, with a hatred for the magic users.

Ruler of Quithorn


??? | ???

Not much is known about the ruler of Quithorn.

Ruler of ???


??? | ???


Ruler of ???


??? | ???


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The group, which started off as twelve reduced to four, had spent tireless uncounted days to reach Atalesta’s nearest yet most infamous enemy. Some of their comrades sacrificed their life on the journey, though some just turned out to be complete selfish, cowardly traitors. Vala was one of those to stick to the plan; even though she didn’t really have the best life there, she wasn’t going to let her motherland fall into ruins because of a dirty trick served to them by Vatarik.

And of course their solution would be to confront that kingdom—push them to redo the misery set upon Atalesta. Would that work? No one knows. They have to try though. Or at least they think they can.

“We should’ve expected this,” Vala muttered with her small voice. Days of journey, and this is where they were now—sitting not so far away from their intended destination. What were they even thinking when they came up to the gates, home distinguishable with their clothing? “How do we enter now?”

Although her focus was in the group, her amber eyes were set frozen on the gigantic gates of Vatarik. This image enhanced her perception of the kingdom—a heated fort whose dwellers, children or elder, needed to work all hours of the day and whose ruler was the only one capable of a breathable life. How cruel. And if she were to guess by this perception, achieving their goal wasn’t going to be a nice experience.



It had truly been a long journey, days and days of walking to reach their destination. The sun had already begun to set. Floris looked around his group, eyes wandering from one member to another, as he scanned the remaining four. He could see the exhaustion in their eyes from such a long trip, but he knew they had to keep going forward.

“Hey, guys,” he started, a smile across his face. “We’re gonna make it, I know it!” he then clenched his fists, ready to give a speech. “I know that these days have been–” and just then, he was interrupted by a palm on his mouth.

Vol was not feeling up to listening to a long motivational speech, especially not after they’d fail to enter the gate and the guards had their eyes on them for a while. “Don’t speak too soon, kid.” Vol responded, to which Floris could only give an annoyed glare. He was a bit shorter than her, though, so she couldn’t notice. “Before you give us a motivational speech, we need a plan that would actually guarantee we can pass through.” she continued. Then, she paused for a second to ponder, letting Floris go.

“You could’ve said so politely…” Floris frowned.

“Well, it’s almost sundown,” she spoke, completely ignoring him. “I say we act at night. Any ideas?” Although, Vol did have a few ideas of her own, she figured hearing the others out would be a good plan.

After carefully observing in silence, Darlyne thought it was time she’d give her own opinion. She’d heard enough of what the others thought. “We kill the guards.” she responded, unmoved. To which, she was only met with confused glares, as this was the first time she had uttered a full sentence on this day long trip.



Vala wasn’t really the type of person who could generate a number of ideas. Instead, a blockage would be presented—just like now, when the question was posed, and she couldn’t help but bite her lips. She looked at Voleria, who was just silent after her question, and then to Floris. She waited for them to speak up, and maybe she could generate an idea that way.

But then someone else did. Someone else she frequently forgot was with them—can you blame her, though? Their whole journey, Vala had not seen her speaking. She doesn’t even know her name; at least she doesn’t remember. Anyway, she should be happy, right? Well…

Her brows furrowed and her lips parted, caught off guard by the girl’s suggestion. She paused for a second in disbelief of her suggestion. While Vatarik wasn’t kind to them, Vala didn’t really want to resort to what they’ve done to her people. At least not for now. “No,” she disagreed, “let’s do something else.”

She looked around her as if to search for something. She didn’t notice the sky was getting darker. Normally, at this point of time, she’d start closing her cabin and secure no one was going to be able to break in while she sleep. She can’t do that in this situation, though. Sleep… I want that. Wait… sleep! Without hesitation, she reached for her bag and rummage through, letting out a bottle of whatever.

“Let’s use this,” she said, extending her palm with the bottle. “It has a strong fragrance.”



“I agree with Vala, wouldn’t wanna add more dead bodies to our list of people to bury.” she laughed, as Floris gave her a horrified look. Though, the joke had some truth to it, despite being so dark. Murdering a bunch of guards would only make it harder for them to bypass the gate. They would be executed, or worse, thrown in prison. As much as Vol was curious to see what a prison cell looks like, she didn’t want to risk her freedom that much.

Vala had presented a bottle that seemed to hold some sort of liquid. Judging by the shape of the container, Vol’s first thought was a potion. As an alchemist, she was used to experimenting with different kinds of potions and making her own. But, to avoid jumping to conclusions – “What’s that bottle contain?” she asked, walking closer to examine the item.

Darlyne furrowed her brows, not taking too kindly to her suggestion being dismissed. If the queen of Vatarik and her people could support killing the entirety of magicians in Atalesta, then why should their group hesitate with some common guards? They were under direct order of the queen and Darlyne was sure they had some part in spreading the disease.

“What, perfume?” she crossed her arms. “What are going to do, seduce them?” Darlyne was getting very impatient with the group. This woman would kill them if she tried that. She hated having to speak for so long, but hopefully this would be dealt with fast. If not, she’d take matters into her own hands. Problem is though, how would she take down professionally trained guards?



Ah,” A small smile out of awkwardness formed in Vala’s lips. She was excited about a certain feature in this product that she forgot to tell what it was. “It is a-” Her speech was cut off when she heard a not so kind assumption from beside. She furrowed her brows, but relaxed them as she remembered: it was probably her fault. She only said how strong its fragrance was and never what it does. Well, lesson learned for her, at least.

“It’s a potion for one to sleep,” she said, looking at her bottle. Although she wasn’t grinning, excitement and pride were clear in her eyes. This white liquid was what helped her get through the sleepless nights, which came to become apparently normal for her, and seeing the opportunity that it will be useful for other things made her all giddy inside.



Darlyne’s assumption was far from the truth, at least from Vol’s observation. Though, it could’ve been some form of love potion, which would explain the seducing. But what would that girl know? She didn’t exactly seem like an alchemist, though life can have surprises.

Vol then smirked at Vala’s answer. “A potion? So I was right!” she said, although she never let the others hear her thought process about the potion, so this sounded a bit of the blue. “That’s a great idea, but how would you give it to them?” she asked. The guards wouldn’t exactly accept to drink a random bottle, but Vol had hopes that Vala had a plan for it. A sleep potion would be great, having them pass through without causing a commotion. Now, Vol just hoped that the potion worked, and that they won’t be attacked. Not that she wasn’t prepared, it would just be an inconvenience losing more people.



Yes, as I’ve said before, it has a strong fragrance.” Vala proudly said. She found that drinking a potion every night was too inconvenient—it took too much work and resources, and so she chose to devise the liquid that’s on her hand right now. “All that’s need to be done is for this to reach their noses.”

Her eyes began to scan each faces in her group, hoping to hear their suggestions about it. Vala herself really doesn’t have any idea how to have the guards smell the fragrance too, and she hoped they wouldn’t question her about it. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing.

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“Good thinking with the potion!” he smiled. “This way, nobody gets hurt, right?” Although Vatarik were the ones to harm the magicians of Atalesta, the innocent guards weren’t to blame. They were only doing what the queen had ordered them, and they most likely didn’t even have a choice in the matter. Vatarik seemed like a prison, where everyone is merely a puppet for the ruthless queen. As he felt himself getting sad, Floris immediately put a smile on. He put a hand on his chin, trying to think of a way to help out.

A few seconds passed, as he tried to think of a solution. Going up to the guards wouldn’t work, they already saw us try to enter… If we were to walk up to them with a suspicious bottle, there’s no way they’ll believe us, no matter the lie. With nothing coming to mind, he was starting to get a bit frustrated. Then, he took a deep breath, making sure to keep his emotions under control, focusing on the group.

“…Maybe we just… Throw it at them from afar?” he shrugged. No other solution came to mind, although this one was a bit risky. “How long does it take for the potion to take effect?” he asked, just in case the guards were to start chasing after them. As time passed, he started getting more anxious about the plan. If they were caught throwing a sleep potion, who knows what the queen would do? “What do you think, though?” he added, trying to distract himself. Maybe someone else would have a better solution.


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Throw the potion? Vala blinked, not knowing what to think of the suggestion. Although it would be a good idea, she wasn’t sure if it would be effective—she has never thrown this potion before. Aside from that… she’d lose her ability to sleep during the night. Oh… she thought, a bit disappointed how this came to be. But if it is for Atalesta…

“Well… it always takes effect shorter than a minute in my experience,” she said, now sounding partly unenthusiastic about what’s to happen. She was happy to share, but not to the extent where there’s nothing left for her. And so, she fell silent, biting her lips again as she tried to come up with an alternative solution. To be honest, though, throwing the potion and hoping it’d be spread enough for people to smell was the best idea.

“It is dark. Perhaps we can sneak behind and force the scent to their noses?” Vala suggested, ready for if anyone in the group criticized it. “Or knock down a guard and pour some of the potion onto them, rely on their heat to intensify the scent?” She really didn’t know what she was speaking about. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if her words were plausible… she isn’t really used to sharing, after all. She looked at each of her comrades with head lowered, slowly succumbing into shame.

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According to Vala, it was shorter than a minute, but still too long. If they were to throw the potion, the guards would easily catch them. Floris was never really good at coming up with ideas, he was only good at following instructions from the book. And now he had nothing. He looked up, noticing the sun had already set and the stars had come out. A forced smile formed on his lips. Despite this plan possibly failing and leading to their doom, at least the sky was still beautiful.

But enough being tragic.

Hearing Vala’s plan gave him hope after all. Though, overthinking as usual, he thought of many different ways that could go wrong. “Great plan!” he smiled, ignoring whatever could go wrong. He couldn’t hold them back, not when they’ve come this far. “But, how do we knock out an armed guard?”

Vol took a moment to listen in to the conversation, trying to think of a solution of her own. However, Vala seemed to have the best plan. “I like the second plan better,” she spoke. “in case someone spots us and comes after us, the potion on the guard will take care of them for us.” she explained. “But, I doubt we’d go on unnoticed for too long. We gotta move fast.” she continued, reaching for her belt. She let out a sigh of relief, seeing at least one dagger remained there.

Vol then looked over at the guards on the gate. There were too many around it, but it was dark. Only the ones closest would spot them, hopefully. Either way, this was the best they had. After pondering for a moment, Vol continued. “To answer your question, Finn,” she turned to Floris. “we need to get a guard alone, get them to look at some ‘issue’.” she started. “Once the guard follows, we’ll knock them out and pour a bit of the potion. We’ll alert the other guards to come, and then they’ll all go down.” she smirked. “How’s that sound?” she turned to the group for an answer.

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Seeing that others agreed to her suggestion, she let out an unnoticeable sigh of relief—she was able to save her potion, and definitely her life while we’re at it. She looked at the bottle again, fingers fidgeting at the wire that secured its mouth. She really hoped that everything would work as they’re planning; otherwise, devastation would not only befall on them, but to many more.

She turned to Vol again, who was adding more to their plan. Arching her brows, she nodded to her every words. Needless to say, the woman was no amateur to this job—it was indeed their fortune to have her here. “It sounds like a plan,” she said, beginning to carefully unwrap the wire. “Where?”

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Vol smirked “A plan, yes, but not a perfect one. Many things can go wrong.” she added. “One or two of us walk over to a guard, lure them behing those trees and all–” she looked around, making sure no guards had their eyes on them, but she couldn’t see too well. “–So, who wants to volunteer? All you have to do is warn a guard about some danger and make sure they follow.”

Hearing Vol’s explanation, Floris started to calm down a bit. He wanted to help, though he hesitated. The plan didn’t seem too complicated, though it was the fact that it could go wrong that scared him. The others seemed so calm, especially Vol, yet he was freaking out. Maybe they were just used to being in life or death situations, but to Floris it was completely foreign.

He took a deep breath, trying not to have others notice. “I’ll do it.” he clenched his fists, making sure his hands don’t shake. “I want to help the people of Atalesta - and Vatarik at that, no matter what.” he put on a fake smile, trying to seem brave. It’s been a long journey, he should be able to handle another encounter, right?

“But hey!” he continued. “If anyone else wants to come with, feel free!” he shrugged, laughing uncomfortably.

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After some exchanges of words, the group had finally decided on a plan to invade Vatarik. Though, to execute that, there needed to be people to separate from them. And that certainly wouldn’t be Vala—she carried the potion and, to look back, the Vatarik guards wouldn’t probably be kind to her clothes. Other than that, she didn’t know how to face and act like a troubled outsider.

She admired Floris’s dedication and compassion, things she wished she could stand on firm and brave against whatever. But Vala wasn’t that kind of person. Although she did manage to reach where they were right now, which only happened because of having no choice and also the fact that they were many people anyway, she was and always will be that one person to hide in isolation if she could. When he asked if anyone liked to come with him, she looked at Vol, seeing if she’d come too. Half of her wished she would so that she didn’t have to, while half of her didn’t too—she didn’t want to be left alone. What if she might fail about the potion later?

“Um…” she muttered, “Good luck.”

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He looked around his team, hoping that at least one of them would come help. But to no surprise, Vol shook her head, and not a word was heard from Darlyne. Floris took a deep breath, smiling at Vala. He thanked her for wishing him good luck, before turning to walk to the gate.

It was time he looked for the victim of their plan. Although he felt bad, at least they wouldn’t get hurt. This was for the greater good, and they had to make sacrifices. Walking up to the gate, his eyes landed on a certain guard, who was wearing a cloak unlike the rest.

“For the last time sir, you can’t wear a cloak!” a distant argument was heard.

“Excuse me–” Floris walked up to them once more. “I’m sorry for interrupting you, I know you said we’re not allowed in.” he started speaking, getting a little anxious. “But, there’s somebody in dire need of help…” he paused, trying to think of an excuse. He was panicking, but he couldn’t let his team down. “They seem to be injured and covered in blood! We need a guard to help…” Although he felt bad lying, he had to keep up the act.

“I’ll do it.” stated the cloaked guard. “I’m one of the best here.” he firmly added, walking away before anyone can deny that clearly false fact. A fact so false, you can see it from the moon. But don’t crush his ego just yet.

The plan seemed to be working, and it was a bit too easy. But either way, they had no other choice. Floris asked the guard to follow him to the rest of the group, as he led him in the woods, where the rest of the team was hiding.

“Friends, I’m back!” he waved, now getting even more nervous about the plan. This was a guard they were dealing with, hopefully they’d be able to handle him.

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Vala’s eyes widened as anxiety began to fill her. She looked at the rest of her teammates, who were also alarmed at the nearing of Floris and a guard. Her fingers began to fidget around the vial, awaiting their arrival.

As she did, she now wondered how she’d manage to get the potion up to the guard’s nose—who, apparently fortunately, wasn’t looking that suspicious of their teammate. Will one of them strike this one knocked on the ground? Or does she have to do it alone? Vala opened her lips, but closed it again as she heard Floris’s voice. “Friends, I’m back!” It was almost involuntary when she came up to them, opening the potion bottle and extended it towards the guard, holding her breath. It took immediate effect; the guard fell on the ground.

Vala immediately covered the potion with her hand, looking up to her comrades with unsure gaze. She awkwardly chuckled, hoping they didn’t notice her awkward little movements. On top of that, she just realized this might not be what Vol had in mind. She squinted her eyes, slightly shaking her head. Stop stop stop!

She forced herself to recover quickly, looking at the deeply asleep guard. Wait, that was… too easy, she thought, not quite convinced of how things turned out for them. She thought dealing with the guards would be difficult, and that they’d need a Plan B. Seems like the Queen of Vatarik isn’t as clever as she thought she’d be.

“Cover your noses,” Without further hindrance, Vala held her breath again, pouring some of the potion on the guard’s clothing. She also wiped the hand she used to cover earlier on the face before closing the vial. Standing up, she placed it inside her bag with one hand, making sure not to contaminate anything with the other. She looked up at Vol, “What’s next?”

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Seeing Floris return, Vol couldn’t help but smirk. It was time for the plan to be set in motion. Her gaze following Vala’s actions, her eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t expect her to do it immediately, didn’t really seem like the brave type. However, it was a pleasant surprise.

“Great work.” she crossed her arms. “Now’s time for the fun part–” she smiled. “–As planned, one of us alerts the rest of the guards, saying that the guard in question has been harmed.” she started. “We need to make it look like there’s a serious threat, without risking any of us being framed as murderers. Maybe blame a plant or animal, anything as long as they’re curious enough to come.”

She then covered her nose, taking out the dagger with her other hand. She kneeled, swiftly stabbing the guard, enough to have visible wounds. She got up, backing away from the body, as she continued speaking. “Now, who wants to alert them of the danger?” she laughed.



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