The funniest Episode story you've ever read?

I mean intentionally funny, not stories that are so bad they’re hilarious. But stories where the writer’s objective is actually to make people laugh.
For me, it’s probably Flashback Friday or Galactic Game.

Galactic Game was pretty funny, and Aunt Flo Comes to Town (I think that was the title) made me actually laugh too.

oh my god I can’t remember the name of the story but it was about a spoiled rich girl going to camp and pretty much how dramatic she was.

It was so random that it was funny

There was this writer that I really loved on there. (Until I read one of her stories and it was kinda like 16+ if you get what I mean lol and I noped the heck out of there). She had characters you kinda fell in love with and her coding was the best I’d seen at the time. I still remember this one scene where she had the sun setting and two characters were talking while in the background you could see a character literally jumping on a hill- through the whole convo. No explanation. Cracks me up.

The life of a toddler and Times Square. Both two of my favorites

Ah yes, Times Square!! That’s another one I like a lot.

And how could I forget The Pregnancy Curse?? That one is HILARIOUS. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Sounds like Dirty Sassy Teenagers! It’s in INK and the MC’s name is Bella Ellington, right?

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yeah! that one!

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That one story i have read, its called seasonal spirits or something, and all the quotes are so hilarious, bro i was laughing at 2 am while reading it.

The B-team by MeMyselfandI is hilarious, but the author didn’t continue writing it. The story is written in the Classic Spotlight style, but the dialogue cracks me up every time. Plus, all the main characters in the story are actually funny. It’s like reading a sitcom visual novel.

Other stories that I find genuinely funny are Villain Rehab by Caitoriri and Cupid’s Arrow: Curmudgeon by Kate Island.