The Green Ribbon

I know a long time ago, I made a thread about this on the Episode Forum but I think I’ll bring it here because this is related to books.

Do you all remember this dark twisted story about the girl who had a green ribon? Oh man, that was definitely dark. This story came from the book: In A Dark, Dark Room and other Scary Stories.


Ooh I onc played this game called “Wolf among us” which is set in a modern world where Fables and fairytales have to hide from the human kind . A couple characters had such ribbons on their neck to avoid telling the truth about a murder or else their head would fall off.:eyes:


Yesssss! So creepy!

There’s also a version in this great/interesting collection of short stories called Her Body and Other Stories by Carmen Maria Machado.

Here’s a link to read her version of the story for free online: The Husband Stitch

If you read it, tell me what you think! I have other favorites from that collection that are creepy and weird too.

Edit: re-reading and it is a bit sexual, so avoid if that’s not your thing. Like not smut smut, but literary imagery is used…


Just read that and well…that killed my innocent mind.

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Sorry, yeah, I forgot how explicit it was!

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Not your fault. It felt like reading that trashy book I can’t stand :joy::joy::joy:

Oh no! It didn’t feel trashy to me, it wasn’t like a bodice-ripper that’s supposed to make you feel sexy, I think it was more clinical almost.

One of my favorite parts of the story is this:

“The moral of that story, I think, is that being poor will kill you. Or perhaps the moral is that brides never fare well in stories, and one should avoid either being a bride, or being in a story. After all, stories can sense happiness and snuff it out like a candle.”


Sorry if I’m being stupid but what does that mean?

That quote was very interesting when I was reading that.

Basically, it wasn’t as horrific as The Green Ribbon.

Since I am completely clueless about the story, I had to google what exactly is a Husband Stitch. Ughh my poor innocent mind :sob: :sob: :sob:


Oh no worries, if you’re not a fan of romance, it probably wouldn’t come up, but bodice-rippers are usually like really sexual novels that have a main heroine (usually in a historic period of time) being seduced by someone. I think it became a term because her dress would have like a bodice and it would be ripped off by her lover haha

I thought it was more horrific, personally! The worst parts of being a woman rolled into one - painful memories of adolescence, not being believed, the physicality of the husband stitch (which is so horrific and possibly still being done), and then the betrayal of her husband who is one of the good ones.


Ahh so basically set in the different times like 1920s and below that? Hence the term bodice-ripper. Eureka!!

Now reading about that made me squirm in discomfort. That sounds like the surgeon stitching up the hymen. I’m scared now! I’m gonna need holy water.


Wow… The husband stitch was a crazy story…


:rofl: I didn’t know this story exist until this very day so I had to google it.

Lol, it’s mindblowing but ok.

Whoever the writer is, you’re super creative.

please don’t tell me this is a children’s book



Apparently it is a children’s book. A lot of kids were aware of that story when they were little.

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Lol tell me about it! That’s so weird. I had no clue that it was a kid’s book. But in the adult world, it’s a cautionary tale.


I finally found something that beats the dark origins of nursery rhymes.

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Oh man, these nursery rhymes we all loved became dark af as soon as we got older :sweat_smile:


Should I create a forum escape room but with The Green Ribbon as the theme? :thinking:


Sounds creepy but perfect for the spooky season (aka now) so why not?


I just started playing this and the juxtaposition between the guy’s voice and the music is already creeping me out.

Omg wth is that supposed to be for kids?! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!