The Group Tag Promotion Thread

Hello everyone! (@Announcements)

@WolfGamerGirl37 had the rad idea of promoting different group tags each month so we decided to make this thread for it, here is a guide to all of the group tags on the forums.

What will happen is each month we will promote 3 different tags :blush: (they are picked via a wheel)

This month is:

Owned by @WolfGamerGirl37
β€œIt will be used to tag those who want to see the reviews and make choices in the story for the Voltage Inc Otome games that I play.”

Owned by @Eleanor_W-15
β€œA group for people interested in episode the app!”

Owned by @ShanniiWrites
β€œThis is our designated ShanniiWrites study group! Join if you either need help with your homework or would like to help others with theirs. Maybe you want both!”


This is a good way to get the tags more recognition then they do get. New users please check here for monthly for the tags.