The Health Ranting Thread

So we have several ranting threads but I wanted to create one specifically for health rants…

Anyway here’s mine:

I’ve been so tired lately and it’s frustrating. Like, whenever I’m not at school or out doing something all I want to do is sleep all day, no matter how much sleep I get!

Now, I am on a medication that might enhance this, but I think I’ve been this way for a while, but only really noticed it now because I’ve been trying to fix my sleep schedule. (Sidenote: this medication also causes me to practically black out whenever I stand up, and I can get dizzy easily.)

Even if I exercise or do something of that nature, yeah that helps for a while but afterwards I still end up feeling really tired. My mom suggested that it could be that I’m not eating enough or not eating food that gives me energy… and that’s probably it.

I’d like to make my own meals because most often I don’t like the stuff my parents make, however, I can’t drive to get ingredients, and even if I could I wouldn’t exactly know how. Like, I wouldn’t want to deal with getting the meat off of chicken and dealing with that. And sometimes I don’t want to make stuff purely because I really don’t want to clean up.


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I hope your tiredness situation gets worked out soon

Not much of a rant, but I had an allergic reaction to something earlier (idk what) and the right side of my face broke out in hives, as well as my right elbow. I’m still a bit itchy, but I think it’ll be fine in a few hours or tomorrow.

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Oof yeah I’ve dealt with that kind of thing before! I had no idea what it was but my legs and arms just broke out!

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I’ve been getting headaches often for the past 3 weeks because on February 14th, I went to get my car tire fixed and sat out in the sun for 20 minutes. So ever since that day, I’ve been waking up with cluster headaches in the middle of the night. They usually last an hour or so, and are excruciatingly painful. I’ve experienced this since 2007. I usually stop having them after 2 months, and they disappear for years, then come back if I’ve been in the sun.

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I have random hives on the side of my face. I ate something a while back. Took some allergy medicine and put on ointment. But it gets really dry and itchy… and I don’t know what I ate to cause it!

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There’s a chance I might miss both graduation and senior prank/lock-in (where we spend the night at the school) cuz I might have covid. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I’ve been looking forward to both of those for four years now… And I’ve known about senior pranks for a while actually so maybe even longer… it’s something I’ve been excited about doing and ugh covid is the worst :sob::sob::sob:

Please help me in hoping/praying I’m healthy!!!

I’m having only minor symptoms but i was around my friend who had it and the only reason he went to school is because at first he had a false positive and was sure it was allergies… now I’m afraid of the same thing myself :pleading_face::sob::cold_sweat:

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Everything hurts.

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Oh yeah, I never gave an update on that allergic reaction I had some months ago. Apparently I had an allergic reaction to the “Gain” laundry detergent I had used to wash my clothes, so yeah… Now I stick to “Arm & Hammer” detergent.

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