The Hermione Granger Curse: Misplaced Good Intentions

Originally published at: The Hermione Granger Curse: Misplaced Good Intentions - ShanniiWrites

J.K. Rowling created a social justice warrior before that was even a thing. And like many social justice warriors today, sometimes her ideals get in the way of understanding the situation.


This has been one of my favourite blog posts of yours for a while Shannii! When I was reading the book I had pretty similar thoughts but I didn’t apply them to real life the same way you did! It really is true that Hermione (while meaning well) didn’t approach S.P.E.W very well.

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It’s that time again, @Bloggers. Time for Shani’s fourth blog post. Whether you’ve read the books or not, this blog will give you an interesting insight into Harry Potter’s fictional universe and values, and real life. Has it changed the way you see SJWs now?

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