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The International Song Contest

“Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, it is finally time for this year’s annual International Song Contest!”

The world watched as the ad intruded on every channel and every social media platform there was. Interrupting everyone who had just been lazily looking at the screen before Crystal Dlamini, Hyun Young, and William Watts appeared in their flamboyant costumes.

The International Song Contest had been an annual occurrence for almost ninety years and was at this point one of the most prestigious contests you could win, guaranteeing you great success and, of course, the one million dollar cash prize. The three smiling people on the screen were good examples of where this competition could take you if you won. They had all been contestants some years ago and were now global superstars with more money than they would ever be able to spend in a lifetime.

The thought of winning was a pipe dream for most people around the world, since it was incredibly hard to even get chosen to be one of the contestants - and it was nearly impossible to win.

But somehow … you managed to become one of the lucky few contestants.

You get a free plane ticket over to Paris, where the contest is held this year, and you also get a room at one of the city’s most luxurious hotels - The Viridian. All of the other contestants will be living there as well, making you constantly aware of your competition.

At the beginning of every week, you will be given a theme. It’s then up to you to find a song that fits the theme and create your performance of the week. You have to decide what the stage will look like, your back-up dancers’ choreography, what you’ll wear - everything.

During the week, you will also be visited by journalists, talk-show hosts, fans, and so on. Then, you will be able to convey what you’re like in real life.

At the end of the week, you will perform your song in one of the world’s largest arenas, as well as the billions of people watching on their TVs. The three judges (Crystal Dlamini, Hyun Young, and William Watts) will then critique not only your singing, but also your behavior during that week, as well as your over-all image. They’re not only looking for the world’s best singer - they’re looking for the world’s next superstar that’s got it all!

The judges then pick the two contestants they feel have been the least charismatic and/or talented during that week and let the viewers at home vote on who should get thrown out of the competition. This is where your likeability comes in. The viewers are much more likely to want someone they like to stay.

Do you have what it takes to win? And what price are you willing to pay to be the world’s next superstar?

  • You will write your posts in the past tense and in the third person’s perspective.
  • You will not get angry if you get eliminated - it’s a risk you take if you want to be a part of this roleplay!
  • Two (or more) characters can only be from the same country if they’re in the same group.
  • You are not allowed to godmod journalists/talk-show hosts/fans reactions to your character.
  • You are allowed to sign up as a maximum of two characters, but they have to be two different genders.
  • Two characters cannot have the same voice.
  • You are not allowed to make time-skips without my permission!
  • Judges cannot roleplay as contestants.
  • I will probably add more rules later on.



  • @benitz786 - Hyun Young - South Korea - Jennie from BLACKPINK
  • @cuteswede - William Watts - England - The Weeknd
  • @cuteswede - Crystal Dlamini - South Africa - Beyoncé

Female Characters:

  • @CerealKiller - Eleanor Hardy - England - Halsey
  • @Kbail - Pricilla Newman - Canada - Tori Kelly
  • @WhiteBlossom - Mia Jansen - The Netherlands - Suzan Stortelder
  • @Yomama - Noémie Lambert - Belgium- Billie Eilish

Male Characters:

  • @WhiteBlossom - Thomas Peters - The Netherlands - Freek Rikkerink
  • @Madilnel - Arkiham “Arki” Bosate - Wales - Blackbear
  • @Kbail - Samiel Amadi - Ethiopia - Khalid
  • @CerealKiller - Damian Russell - Australia - Ed Sheeran


Here, you can find information about all parts of the roleplay. If you have any further questions, please ask them in the Sign-Ups!

The Viridian

The hotel consists of 10 floors:

1st floor: Lobby, a press conference room, and the hotel’s restaurant.
2nd floor: Cheap hotel rooms, two dance studios, and one music studio.
3rd floor: Medium priced hotel rooms.
4th floor: Expensive hotel rooms (where the contestants live).
5th floor: Expensive hotel rooms.
6th floor: Expensive hotel rooms.
7th floor: Hotel bar & dance floor.
8th floor: Expensive hotel rooms.
9th floor: The most expensive hotel suites (where the judges live).
10th floor: Rooftop pool & bar.

The Characters’ Rooms

Each contestant gets a luxurious room in The Viridian, and each judge gets one of the hotel’s suites. They include a king-sized bed, a walk-in closet, and an ensuite bathroom. All the contestants’ rooms are on the 4th floor and the judges’ suites are on the 9th floor.

Your Character’s Free Time

When your characters aren’t rehearsing, getting interviewed, or preforming - they’re free to do whatever they want! Get to know your competitors and the judges, explore Paris! Just make sure to be back at the hotel by midnight (which is everyone’s curfew)!


At the start of each week, a theme will be announced. The contestants then have to find a song that fits this theme and rehearse it. But how?

There are four different places the contestants can rehearse their songs. The two dance studios, the music studio and the contestant’s hotel room, if the three first places are occupied. In these places, the contestant gathers the people necessary for perfecting the performance and informs them of how they want it to be.

For example, if you’re planning on singing a ballad, you might only need a music producer to help you record backing vocals and a stage technician to help you plan what the stage will look like during your performance. But if you’re singing an upbeat song, you would need a few dancers as well as a music producer and stage technician.

The contestants have to share the studios and make sure their time in them is divided equally. This, however, can prove to be tricky and might lead to some drama.

When writing the “scenes” where your characters are rehearsing, you can just write a short summary of what happens during the rehearsal (simplified example: "Y/N taught the dancers a slow modern dance and decided that the background would be a video of a tree shedding its leaves). And then move on with the character’s day. You need to make sure that your character rehearses at least twice during the week, or they will be seen as underprepared and not perform as well.

Press conferences

When it’s time for the press conferences, all the contestants will gather in the press conference room on the first floor of the hotel and sit down at a long table, facing an audience of cameramen, fans and reporters. The judges will also sit in the audience, making sure to pay attention to their behaviors.

Leah Jones, Susan Wainwright, and Paul Rottenberg will all be present and will ask the contestants an array of questions. Their answers don’t need to be truthful, as long as they leave a lasting impression since that is what affects the character’s place in the competition. I would advise you to give them some “spicy” answers sometimes, no one likes a boring Mary-Sue!


These work similarly to the press conferences, since they’re all about the reporters, the judges, and the fans getting a better understanding of what the contestants are like as people.

A contestant will get called to a place where they will sit down with either Leah, Susan, or Paul and in some cases a cameraman, too. The contestant will then get asked questions that they are then supposed to answer as authentically as possible.

People’s Opinions of the Contestants

After each interview and/or press conference, an SG-post will be made where Leah, Susan, or Paul evaluates their opinions on the contestants. Since their fans like different things, it will take different qualities in each contestant to please them. For example, someone Paul Rottenberg and his fans likes, might not be as popular with Leah Jones and her fans.

The Judges Relationships with the Contestants

The judges are supposed to make their way around the hotel, making sure to examine every contestants’ growth as both a performer and a person. Their views on this will then determine whether or not a contestant ends up in the bottom two who risk elimination.

Judges are, for the most part, impartial and are not allowed to interfere with the way a contestant is doing in the competition. However, they are allowed to push them in the “right” direction (provided that they try to help every contestant, and not just one). They can do this by for example advising someone to be a bit more “real” in their interviews, or to dress in a certain way that might be more popular with their target audience.

Romantic relationships between judges and contestants are officially forbidden, (since that would mean that the contestants would be treated unfairly) but it has occurred in the past.

The Performances

Every Saturday night, the contestants and the judges are picked up in a limousine and taken to the TISC Arena in Paris (one of the largest in the world). And every Saturday night, everything happens in this order:

  1. The contestants and judges are immediately put in hair, makeup, and costumes.
  2. They are given some free time to do whatever they want while thousands of fans fill the arena. However, they are not allowed to leave the building.
  3. The cameras turn on, and the three judges welcome the audience, as well as the fans watching at home, to the show in an SG-post.
  4. The order in which the characters will perform is presented.
  5. The contestants then perform one by one, while the others wait in the green room.
  6. Once all the performances are over, the judges give their final opinions on how everyone has performed during the week in an SG-post. They also reveal which two contestants are in the bottom in this same post.
  7. A poll is made in the sign-ups thread where anyone can vote anonymously on who they think should stay in the competition.
  8. The polls stay up for 24 hours (only about two hours in the RP). While they wait for the results, the characters are free to do whatever they want.
  9. When the polls have reached a result, this is then announced, and the character who has gotten eliminated is given a choice between staying as a background singer to the contestants who are still in the competition, or to leave the contest (and the RP) forever.
  10. The contestants are taken back to the hotel.

Having trouble writing about your character’s performance? Try to answer these questions while writing your post!:

  • What are the dancers doing (if there are any)? You can try to explain the movements of an already existing choreography, or simply post a link to it if you find it too hard to describe. Example: “The dancers waved their hands around gracefully while leaping around”.

  • What is your character singing, and what do the lyrics mean to them? Example: " “I thought I saw a man brought to life” Y/N sang, and thought about the many times men had lied to her in the past". You don’t need to post the entire song, of course, just the parts you think are important!

  • How do the things that have happened to your character during the week affect their performance? Example: “The mean things Paul Rottenberg had written about her had made Y/N very unsure of herself. It made her singing much more pitchy than it usually was”.

  • What does the stage look like? If you find this too difficult to describe, you can just post a link to what you think it would look like, like I showed you with the dancers. Example: “The stage was lit up by yellow spotlights and the screen showed close-ups of her face”.

What happens if your character gets eliminated?

If your character gets voted out of the competition - don’t fret! You can still stay in the RP. Like I said before, your character will be given a choice between becoming a back-up singer for the remaining contestants, or to just leave.

If you choose to stay as a back-up singer, you are moved to one of the cheap hotel rooms on the 2nd floor of the Viridian. There, you only get a twin-bed and have to share a bathroom with the entire floor. You also have to share the room with other eliminated contestants who choose to become back-up singers.

Even though this might seem like a sad place to end up, being a back-up singer has its perks! The rules you had to follow as a normal contestant don’t apply to you anymore. You’re allowed to date a judge if you feel like it, and you could also … sabotage your former competitors’ performances. Just try to make sure you don’t get caught! It might not be against the rules, but it is very much frowned upon by the audience!


Click HERE.


Your characters have been taken in limousines to The Viridian, and are about to arrive with all their luggage. They will be welcomed by the hotel’s staff and offered champagne. The judges will eventually greet them and give them the keys to their rooms, but until then … get acquainted with each other!

Feeling lost? Read this, and find out more about how this roleplay will work!


Hyun Young:

Excitement filled her features as her limo pulled up to the side of the hotel - a few hours before any of the contestants were supposed to arrive. In all honesty, if she had any say in the matter, Hyun Young probably would have just taken the bus. She had never really enjoyed all of this over the top stuff that the studio had sent her along with her contract to be a judge on the “International Song Contest” this year. Though, despite the unnecessary buttering up - there was something about going on a new adventure that always excited her - mimicking the feeling she had years ago when she decided to make it as a solo artist and leave south Korea to pursue it. There was the essence of going into the unknown that intrigued her and she could feel it starting up again as she exited the limo and made her way to the hotel - fully booked for the contest. The girl smiled at a few fans standing outside, making sure to take photos and sign autographs to everyone who was there. It was a part of stardom that not many people understood - if you chose the path to fame, you have to give back to those who got you there. In other words, give back to the fans who likely waited hours to get even a glimpse of you in person - though, Hyun Young would never truly understand the excitement in meeting her. After all, she was just yet another clumsy girl who somehow got lucky.

Once she had gotten signed in, the girl made her way to the holding room where she found the other judges waiting, smiling as she entered the room and waved. “I’m guessing the party started without me then?” she questioned with a laugh, taking a seat on the couch as she introduced herself to the other two individuals - discussing passing topics as all three of them awaited the arrival of the contestants.


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William Watts

William had didn’t bother to stand up to greet the young girl that had just entered the room. He simply shook her hand and then went back to scrolling through Instagram, which in reality wasn’t really that much more interesting than speaking to his co-judges. William supposed he ought to socialize a bit more, since the three of them were supposed to be seen as friends. A team. But they weren’t. He had heard of them both, of course. Who hadn’t? And he assumed they’d heard of him, too. But they weren’t friends or even friendly. He couldn’t understand why the production had waited so long to introduce them to one another. He had expected that they’d go on some kind of trip to bond before the contest started - but no. Maybe the two others had been too busy. Hyun probably was. She seemed to be in the prime of her career. William would expect her to be busy. That’s the way it should be. It wasn’t the production’s fault that he was a washed-up, bitter, man with nothing better to do than become a judge in the competition he once dominated. But it was what he had to do to get back everything he once had, and he had decided long ago that he would do it with a smile on his face. Well, at least when the cameras were turned on.

Crystal Dlamini

Thank god someone else finally arrived! Crystal had exhausted herself trying to strike up a conversation with the cameraman and William Watts, which were the only other two people in the room. The cameraman started to blush and giggle every time she addressed him, something she had gotten used to over the years, but still found somewhat uncomfortable, and William was either really grumpy or extremely hungover. Perhaps both.

“Hi, sweetie! How are you doing?” Crystal exclaimed while catapulting out of her chair and hugging Hyun. They had never met before, but at this point, Crystal considered anyone that wasn’t the two men in the room, her new best friend. Hence, the overly excited welcome. She wondered what this year’s contest would be like. It wasn’t her first time being a judge, and it seemed like the contest changed drastically every year. Usually for the better. But who really knew? The production sure had picked out an interesting selection of judges this year, that was for sure.


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Thomas Peters

Thomas was sitting in the limousine. He was ticking with his foot, he was excited for this chance but already felt out of place. He had never been someone dreaming of being in the music industry. It felt like this was Mia’s world, not his. He looked at his hand shaking on his legs. Just breathe, he tried to remind himself. At that moment the limousine arrived at the hotel they would be staying at, looking out of the window he saw a huge building. After the doors opened he walked towards the lobby of the hotel.

Mia Jansen

‘T-than-nk y-ou-ou’ Mia said to the driver as he opened the door. She felt as if she was a kid in a candy store, she didn’t know where to look or how to act, this was the first time she had even left the Netherlands. Mia couldn’t wait for what was coming up, sharing her passion with other people, that was the reason she wanted to do this. She smiled at Thomas when she had catched up with him. Together they walked through the doors of the hotel.

Orp: I hope I’m allowed to post this already, and both are approachable.


without the hat

I remember the day I got the call about being chosen to the international song contest.
And honestly I wouldn’t be lying if I said it was one of (if not the) happiest days of my life.
It was something I knew I wanted for years now, but I never thought I’ll actually get accepted.
The plane and limo ride were not quite long, I haven’t been in a limo before, it was rather fancy but I lowkey liked it.
We got to the hotel front, I thanked the driver and insisted to take my own luggage. I’m not the queen of England, I can take my own luggage out of a trunk. I’m just a simple guy.
I walked into the hotel, it was huge and so very fancy, looked like a building from some fairytale or a royalty film. I was greeted by hotel staff and they offered me some champagne, I thanked them and took the glass lightly sipping it, while looking around.



Priscilla had packed her bags and before she knew it, she was sitting in a limo. It was a little surreal for her but she was trying to keep calm and not freak out. The limo stopped and she got out while feeling like there was butterflies fluttering around in her chest. She carried her suitcases into the hotel lobby, feeling slightly out of place. She made sure to keep a smile on her face to make sure that she didn’t look mean. She stood against the wall while watching everyone enter.




After being on the plane, he entered the Limo at the airport. He sort of felt strange doing this since he wasn’t used to enjoying fancy things. The limo driver finally arrived at the hotel and Samuel looked out the window. He noticed how beautiful and tall the structure was and he was in Awe. The limo driver helped him get his luggage out of the trunk. Samuel then walked towards the hotel and pushed open the hotels double doors. The first thing he saw was a bar that had champagne in it. He stood by it, not knowing whether he should drink or not. His parents wouldn’t be happy about that. He saw a girl drinking champagne next to him. He decided to move over to the wall by the bar, glancing over the drinks from time to time.


@CerealKiller Eleanor Hardy Mentioned



Hyun Young:

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. It was something that was immediately noticeable the moment she walked in, especially as the man known as the William Watts practically ignored her after shaking her hand. “Tough crowd,” Hyun mumbled slightly. Oddly enough, she used to be a big fan of Mr. Watts’ music years ago only concern was a career in dance - though as many know, that aspect of her life changed drastically when she returned back to South Korea and changed paths. Not to say she wasn’t still a fan of his music, though it came out less frequently now then it had ten years ago. The girl was almost happy when someone else broke the tension in the room with a hug - bringing a bright smile to her face. At least someone was welcoming.

“Hi, sweetie! How are you doing?”

A laugh escaped her lips as she smiled up at the women, one immediately recognizable s Crystal Dlamini - a woman who’s work could speak for itself, though Hyun was glad Crystal’s attitude was better than her previous experience with the other man in the room. “I am excited, nervous, I have a knot in my stomach, though I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve never judged before and I’m anxious orrrr the cheeseburger I ate 20 minutes ago… and I know what you’re going to say, ‘how in the world did I find a cheeseburger in Paris’ - trust me, it’s possible but with the feelings, it’s giving me, I doubt either of you want any,” Hyan revealed with a slight glimmer in her eyes, allowing her quirky self to come through. Laughter met her lips once more as she took a seat on the couch beside Crystal with a grin. “Though, that’s just me. And how are you two holding up? Any tips for us newbies? Namely me?” Hyan questioned, attempting to lower the slight awkwardness in all of them meeting for the first time.



Excited? No, not really. I guess it was supposed to be exciting, this whole competition and such but for some reason, I didn’t feel anything at the moment. Not scared. Not happy. Not even anxious, surprisingly. I had been to Paris once before but don’t remember any of the trip. I know it was for three nights and somehow I ended up back at my temporary home in LA with pink hair. I leaned my forehead against the window of the limo. Looking intently at everything we passed until we stopped in front of a large hotel. I got out and there were lines of people and paparazzi. I put on a hat and some sunglasses over my eyes as I got out of the limo. It was loud from mostly teenage girls wanting autographs and taking a selfie. I wondered how many of these people were actually my fans. That was until I saw a sign with my name on it being held by what looked like a couple I assumed. I pulled my sunglasses off my face and handed them to the guy. He looked to be probably 16 or 17. I wasn’t big on taking pictures or that type of thing with fans. I would rather just talk to them but I didn’t have much time for that right now so I hoped that would suffice and make his day. Who knows what he is going through, maybe he will sell them for money or treasure them forever. His choice.

I felt out of place in this fancy hotel. I didn’t dress up. Rarely do I ever. Why should I? What to make a good impression on my opponents. Who cares. I got offered a glass of champagne and had to turn down the offer even though I wanted to gulp it down quickly. Old, bad habits. I didn’t want to talk to anyone but I figured I should. Didn’t want to come off as a loner yet. I saw another guy alone, sipping slowly from the flute of champagne. I walked over to him. He had lighter brown hair and some very white shoes which caused me to look at my own and realize mine were pretty opposite of that. “Hey, I guess I should try and make friends here so I’m Arki.” I said to the guy and extended my hand, that was covered in tattoos but I didn’t really have any expression on my face.




Damian looked around the hotel lobby, and if he was being honest with himself, it felt very weird, He didn’t feel like he belong there. It was too fancy, people that come here are probably aristocrats and top tier rich people and celebrities that send to privets schools and tell one of the three hundred maids in their mansion to fetch them a glass of champagne and some caviar on a cracker, which he wasn’t, not even close.
He watched the people that come in, some looked a bit fancier than the others, some looked a lot more down to earth which was good.
He noticed a guy come in, and after looking around and all, he came over to him.
Hey, I guess I should try and make friends here so I’m Arki
Damian looked at him, he seemed quite down to earth unlike some others, he was dressed casually and was covered in tattoos.
“Damian” he said, introducing himself with his British accent that is yet to fade even after living in Australia for years. “Nice to meet you Arki” he said with a light smile


Crystal Dlamini

Crystal giggled at the young girl’s bubbly answer. She remembered how nervous she had been when she was a judge for the first time. The fear of somehow making the wrong choices, and how that might affect her own career, had been really hard to deal with. Now, Crystal never really cared about what the public would think about her decisions. She knew her fanbase was strong and loyal. The people who questioned her rarely had the experience in the business she had. Therefore, their opinions were irrelevant to her.

"Though, that’s just me. And how are you two holding up? Any tips for us newbies? Namely me?”

She looked at William for a couple of seconds, giving him the opportunity to give Hyun an answer if he wanted to. He didn’t even seem to be listening, which wasn’t very surprising at this point. Letting out a disappointed sigh, Crystal shifted her attention back to Hyun. “Honey, all you really need to do is be yourself. Your personality and talent are what gave you this job in the first place. Stay true to who you are, and people will like you. That’s the number one thing I’ve learned from my twenty-three years in the business” she replied. Crystal always liked sneaking in the fact that she had been around for a long time when speaking to others in the same field as her. She found that, especially these new-comers, rarely gave her the respect someone like her deserved. Of course, she had no idea what Hyun was like yet. For all she knew, she could be very respectful. But Crystal just wanted to make sure everyone knew where their places were in this trio.


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Noémie was staring intently out the window and was in awe. Paris was the epitome of romantic and everything she thought it was, was an understatement, it was magnificent. She had her face pressed up to the side of the Limo and was watching with childish amusement and amazement.

As the Limo pulled up to the hotel her face lit up even more. The Viridian. It was amazing and it reminded her of the Belgian Palace back in Brussels but the Viridian couldn’t match up to the grandeur of the Royal Palace, it was simply insurmountable.

As she stepped into the hotel, she was shocked. Yes, it wasn’t as grand as the Royal Palace but it was grand and it deserved credit. She looked around in awe and when she brought her attention back to reality, she was being offered a bottle of champagne. Terror. Smoke. Lack of oxygen. Infinite darkness. Cries of Horror in the background. She shook her head vehemently and when the Pinot Noir was taken away she inhaled a lot of oxygen and felt relieved when the suffocating feeling left her.

She was told when she experienced those type of “sensations” she was supposed to interact with people and get rid of any crippling bad thoughts. Who did she know here? She looked around the lobby until she found two people who didn’t look snobbish but rather down to Earth. She flashed her best smile and walked up to them.

“Hello! I’m Noémie,” she said, her thick Belgian accent permeating through her voice. “I was rather bored and I have no intention of standing here all by myself, so what are your names?”


@CerealKiller @Madilnel


When the boy spoke to tell me his name I could hear the slight accent in his tone. I had forgotten after all this time I had an accent. After living in the US for so long now, it had diminished a bit but being back in Wales for the past couple months has made it start to come back a bit more. I suppose my accent can be compared to an Italian one now and then and most people think that’s where I’m from when they first hear me speak. I’ve been told my accent is very musical and rhythmic but maybe people just told me that to get on my good side.

Soon a girl was now staring with us. Another accent. “Well, as I just said, I am Arki.” I told her with a raise of my brow. She was dressed pretty casual also and it made me feel less out of place in this situation. “So neither of you are American I can tell.” I said with a little shrug and a low chuckle escaped my lips following my words. I actually really enjoyed America and that’s why I chose to live there full time for the past couple years.
@CerealKiller @Yomama



Their conversation was soon cut by a girl approaching, also dressed casually and seemed nice, just by one look he could sense she’s an interesting person. She was also very pretty.
Hello! I’m Noémie, I was rather bored and I have no intention of standing here all by myself, so what are your names?
He listened to her speak, she had some kind of thick accent, European for sure.
Arki introduced himself as well, “I’m Damian” he said introducing himself with a light smile and sipped what was left of my champagne
So neither of you are American I can tell.
I smiled lightly at his comment “not that I know” I said “I’m from Australia. My accent is British though” I explained
@Madilnel @Yomama



The plane to France wasn’t too long, about an hour an a half or even less. Eleanor sat the whole way looking out the window, imagining what’s ahead. She has been to Paris before, but this time it’s different. As she arrived at the airport she was greeted by a limousine at the entrance, She smiled and after her luggage was taken care of, they headed off to the Viridian. As they got there she thanked the driver and blew him a kiss before heading in, She turned to face the hotel and the first and only word her mouth could form at that moment was “Wow.” Just wow. It was magnificent. Eleanor walked into the lobby and looked around, it was equally as gorgeous on the inside. The staff offered her champagne, and she never says no to champagne so she took it and smiled at them with a thank you *this is going to be fun* she smirked to herself and sipped her champagne A guy came in, and went with his drink to stand on his own by the wall, so she decided to go talk to him. She took her glass and headed over to the guy’s direction. Also leaning against the wall the looked at the same direction the guy was looking at and smiled lightly “Hey stranger” she said with her noticeable british accent “How’s the world from back here?” I said with a light smirk and looked around




When he was thinking about walking away, the girl that he noticed was drinking champagne next to him earlier addressed him. He turned to face her and noticed that she had a British accent and how well dressed she was. He started wondering if all of the contestants had more money than him. He also hadn’t met many British people so he was intrigued. “Ya know, just trying to decide if I should drink this or not, my parents might kill me though.” He said while scratching his neck. " Oh, I’m Samiel. You?" he asked her.

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Ya know, just trying to decide if I should drink this or not, my parents might kill me though.
Him saying that made her wonder how old he was. He was obviously at least 18 because there are never minors on TISC
“What your parents don’t know can’t hurt them” she said with a light smirk.
Oh, I’m Samiel. You?
“Eleanor” she introduced herself and sipped her drink “where are you from?” she asked since she couldn’t identify an accent

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“What your parents don’t know can’t hurt them” Samiel nodded his head and smirked. "It sure can't huh?" He said while crossing his arms. His first impression of her was that she seemed to have a nice personality. He thought everyone would be stuck up or too hyper.

“Eleanor. where are you from?”
“Beautiful name. I’m from Ethiopia. I haven’t really left the place that I am from, so it’s all been an adjustment for me.” He poured some of the champagne in a glass. “but i had to take this chance and come here. I have big dreams.”

@CerealKiller Eleanor

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They both have accents, she noted. One was British and the other she was unsure. “Hi Arki!” she replied before turning to Damian and nodding, “Hello to you too.” She turned her attention to the drink in his hand and froze. Champagne. She took a few steps to stand beside Arki and asked, “Is t-that Cha-ampagn-ne?”

Alcohol was not her forte and she didn’t think she would grow into it any time soon. She tried to swallow her fear and look composed; she couldn’t let her opponents know it was a weakness of hers. When Arki spoke up she turned her attention to him and nodded. “Born and Bred in Brussels, Belgium,” she replied primly. If she took her attention away from the Pinot Noir as she turned back to Damian. “I’m guessing you lived in England, yeah? My geography is terrible” she said smiling lightly.

“How long have both of you been singing see as we’re all here for the same competition? Unless you guys are simple hotel occupants and I’ve just embarrassed myself?”

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It sure can’t huh?
“I doubt it can” she smiled lightly “also you’re not a child anymore either way” she added with a light shrug, which was true. Even when she was younger, she was always an independent person, she was never the one to stay glued to her parents household because it was more comfortable or anything of sort.
Eleanor. where are you from?
“Usually the accent gives it away” she chuckled lightly “I’m from Britain” she explained “you?”
Beautiful name. I’m from Ethiopia. I haven’t really left the place that I am from, so it’s all been an adjustment for me. but i had to take this chance and come here. I have big dreams.
“Ethiopia?” She raised a brow “wow that is so cool! I’ve never been to Africa but I always wanted to!” She said with a light smile “I bet France would treat you well, it’s quite an awesome country” she added

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