The Invite Links

So, you might wonder how the invite links exactly work?

You go to your profile where you find this tab and you push send an invite

Then you get this pop up:
2020-03-30 17_45_16-Profile - WhiteBlossom - ShanniiWrites Forums
After entering an email address you can either send an invite or copy the invite link.

If you send the invite the person you are inviting gets the following email:

If you push the Copy Invite Link button you get the following message:

Unfortunately this means in all cases to officially invite someone you should know their email address, at the moment there is no other way. However, I do hope this clarifies how it works a little bit.


polishes screen displaying 3 accepted invites-

Bump! If you want to increase your chances during the next staff applications, make sure to invite some people using this link! :star_struck::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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When is the next staff applications?

When we reach at least 750 users :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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Ouii yas I remembered using this feature :star_struck::brown_heart:


Yes. ;)

… oh sweetie

:relieved: you tried /j

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I already saw after I posted it.