The Love Nikki Thread


I’m very obssesd with ittt

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Now with the Nail shop update I got… I am obsessed with it XD

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The nail shop has so much to do :sob: I can barely do anything else in game lmao

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I have a hard time getting ticks from my clothing so I jus vibe around the nail shop since im F2P and I get mentally punched by the rlly good outfits and its rolls XD

But I looooooove it, nail shop is where I get wild and do questionable designs… and ofc, they love it XD

but what rlly surprised me is that even guys go there… melts my stone heart :’)

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Omg yess I’m also f2p and the events are impossible to complete- the ssr ones cost like 14k+ and I can’t afford that unless i skip everything :sob: and the 35k URs… Hahaha…

Oh, i just go for what gives me the highest score since I don’t have a lot of cool items yet. But i like giving them one nail with leopard print, polka dot and that one pearl, when they asked for the whole hand

And yess i swear most of my customers were guys

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Hell yeah, I’ve played all the available levels

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They are, the beach one… I got one article of clothing XD and its the swimsuit XD But like honeslty those events are hard to get by cuz ill never be able to get those articles of clothing unless i pay up, but hey… i let to have 10 tickets once in a while and BOOM a lot of new clothing and at least 1 or 2 URs

leopard print ftw XD

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Fjjdjdkd not the beach one :sob: I got those weird sunglasses- They looked cool at first but then i noticed the stars above them
There are cost guides online, I use them to save up for suits. Now I’m saving up for the UR events since they’re better. Basically, just skip anything you don’t 100% want :pensive:

I hate ittt

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