The McDonald triad

The McDonald triad is a trio of factors that may lead to violent tendencies and possibly the person being a serial killer. Please note that these factors are not concrete, and these aren’t the only behaviors that can lead to violence. Even the man who coined it, John Marshall McDonald, was unsure of the accuracy. Anyway, the three possible indicators are:

  1. Cruelty to animals
  2. Setting fires
  3. Bed wetting.
    What do you guys think? Do you know any signs that aren’t in the triad?
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Damn why did I thought of chicken when I saw McDonalds?! sighz! :weary:


I’ve heard about this before but never really understood how someone comes up with those three. I understand the first two, but the third one seems to be very inaccurate to me. There are so many other reasons for that, doesn’t really have to lead to violent tendencies.

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It has to do with shame. Bed wetting induces shame, and that makes the person angry and embarrassed, so they lash out. At least, that’s my interpretation. Another thing is home life. If a child had a bad home life, that abuse will warp their mind and they will project their anger on their victims.

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Me too, Tanaka…me too.

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Oop I thought this was to do with a new menu item at McDonalds or something 👩🏾‍🦯

But I liked setting things on fire when I was younger, does that mean imma be a serial killer- 🧍🏾‍♀️

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I’m so confused with this thread :sob:

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