The most demotivating thing you've been told about your writing

The most demotivating thing I’ve ever been told came from someone who never even read anything I wrote.
This woman actually told me that I didn’t have enough life experience to write a decent story. I was 23 at the time. It made me sad but I didn’t listen to her and kept on writing.

Have you ever been told anything demotivating about your writing?
Did it make you stop writing?
Did it motivate you to try harder?


Hmm, I’ve got told pretty bad things about my stories, but at no moment it made me demotivated, in fact it helped me to push through and become a better writer :woman_shrugging:


I got told by someone that I had “copied” an existing story.

I hadn’t.

I made up a random name. The character wasn’t in my book. Also made up random events and stuff and they responded with, yeah I think that was their name or yeah that happened.

It was all bs


That my story didn’t have content to enjoy. I got another one saying that it was. sh–tty. it did make me stop writing for a while on episode but I’m becoming more motivated to write again.


Hm… not yet, or at least from what I remember (I have a really bad memory). I’m not really one to share my works, and often when I do, I want real criticisms. I don’t know if I’d be demotivated, because I’m normally cool with people’s opinions lol, but if someone ever does… well, it’s only gonna make me want to do better. I will want to prove them wrong the second time they witness me telling a story.


“Your protagonist is one of those whiners who need to shut the f**k up.”

It actually made me laugh. I expected it from that person (he was a real selfish a-hole), so it was easy to just shrug at it. Then again, I still can’t forget it, so…

I remember getting feedback that while I appericiated it I just didn’t think I could fix it so I thought

Oh with this being the problem I’ll never be a good writer

Obviously this wasn’t true I just needed to look into methods of solving the problem and these days it’s not so bad!

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I hated writing when I was in high school, I hated it so much. Every year we would have to write 4 creative essays for my literature class and get grades on them. It was always so demotivating getting bad grades and that just made me hate that class and writing. I just didn’t want to get a grade for something I wrote.

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