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The Mysterious Works of Lady Society

An Alternative Early-Victorian RP



The year is 1816, in an alternate reality with fictional places and history, and the annual social season is soon to begin. As a young sir/lady attending the event, you are excited to make your debut into society and potentially find yourself a fine match, but more then that; you’re curious what the Mysterious Lady Society will think of you. Unlike any other city, in the capital Aryxddon, a peculiar tradition has emerged in the form of a free newsletter. The Mysterious Works of Lady Society. A pamphlet that records all the events of the social season, including the highs and lows, where no secret is safe and no scandal can hide. Considered the most popular piece of writing, The Mysterious Works of Lady Society has the power to make your debut heaven or hell, and can destroy a person’s reputation if it so wishes. As of yet, nobody knows who the writer is, besides their alias as ‘Lady Society’ but their perception of events seems second to none.
Regardless of all this, you have been invited to the capital to partake in this year’s social season. Bring your best outfits and put on your loveliest smile, because its going to be an interesting turn of events.

You will need to make a male and female to help keep the levels even. If you want to make only one character please find someone to make the other gender. This RP is set in an alternative world, so I will be making up new places and history, but it will be loosely based off Early English Victorian and mild Regency era. If you have any questions just ask.

I would ask that you reserve any characters that have noble titles, such as; Baron/Baroness, Duke/Duchess, Viscount/Viscountess, etc. I will NOT be accepting Royals unless you have a very strong story for them, in which case I will hear you out but please don’t assume I will accept them. Royals aren’t supposed to be easy to find or court, so I hope you can understand my reservations to include them. You don’t have to reserve to make a gentleman/gentlewoman, as these are just courtesy titles for the upper-class and I’m happy for people to have as many of these as they like.

The reservations are going of family, so you can have more than one character with that title so long as they are related/siblings.

Reserved Titles

Duke/Duchess - 2/2
@ForeverAngel & @theblugeek
Marquess/Marchioness - 2/2
@sunflower.flow & @averis
Earl/Countess - 3/3
@Acorn06, @astralis, @Kittenlove
Viscount/Viscountess - 3/3
@Secreterz, @Tellyg47, @ghostea
Baron/Baroness - 5/5
@unsungcheerio, @sunflower.flow, @astralis, @Meekepeek, @elysium
Gentry = :infinity:

Reserved Names

Orion Armstrong
Nicoli Almeida
Frey Narcisse
Ruvel Narcisse
Marcèlia D’Fleur
Caspian James
Virgil Behram Hawkmond
Nazrin Everly
Lillian Corrington
Diera Wakefield
Griffin Wakefield
Warren Wakefield
Genevieve Aster Louisa Courtenay
Diana Vivienne de Polignac

Sign-up Form

FC link: (Please ensure it is clear and themed/not modern)
Family Title/Social Rank:
Parents Names & Titles:
Full Name:
Short Bio:
Skills: NO MORE THAT 8
Likes: AT LEAST 5
Dislikes: AT LEAST 5
Fears: AT LEAST 5
Status: (Married/Single/Courting/ETC)


(I’ll be adding more info as I build this up, so don’t worry. Again, If you have any questions just ask :wink: )


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for this, are we reserving children of, so to speak? Or how does it work


So would children be allowed? I was thinking maybe a Sherlock Holmes kid…:crossed_fingers:

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moved to #role-plays-and-games:signups and added a couple tags

Can I reserve a baroness and like one normal person

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Reserve a female duchess and a normal male! Please, have a great idea for one~

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Could i reserve a Countess and a normal person?

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You can make children of, but your characters would be debuting in society so they would be at least 16 and no older than 25-ish

You can have a child of a sherlock Holmes-esq character but I wouldn’t say Sherlock Holmes exists in this world. I would let it be a work of fiction still though.


Reserve you mean XD
Of course!

You can Indeedy


ah, so my reserve of a countess would be young or a child of her…?

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It would likely be a child of an Earl or Countess, yes

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Ok, perfect thanks!

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reserve for a duke’s son and a gentlewoman please


ahhhh! I reserve a character for sure!

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A Baroness and a Marquess!

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I would liek to reserve a Viscountess and a gentleman pls uwu

ok so like what is the maxim chars to be reserve tho i wanna ask :eyes:

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Will take a Baron and a Countess if possible :eyes:



Also, for extra clarification will it be Art FC’s or Real ones?

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Can I reserve a duke and dutches that are siblings or does that count as individual roles?

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No problem!


No probs, and you can reserve as many as you like :wink:
The max reserves for titles are listed in the first post.


Real pictures, I’m turning them black and white to make them look like old photographs

You can reserve siblings, they count as one because I’m counting families not individuals, however I have reached the max reserves on Duke/Duchess. You can as the people who reserved if you want to share a family but otherwise you will need to pick another title


Do we have to reserve names?


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