The Order of the Forsaken RP - official RP thread (name subject to change)

Everyone has magic inside them. Some have more than others.

In the world there are 3 major powers all fighting for more land and resources. (The Kingdom of Remnant, No one knows what happened to the 4th biggest power the Nocturne kingdom. they disappeared like they never existed.

The Kingdom of Remnant

The ones that have the most magic are referred to as the “Royals” under them are the people commonly referred to as “the nobles” at the bottom of the heap are the “peasants” or the forsaken ones. people with little magic and only barely managed to get by from day to day.

The royals consists of 4 Royal houses:
Clover - the current king ruling the kingdom of Remnant

The kingdom of remnant has 2 kings. one from the royal houses chosen by election amongst the royal houses. the other is the witch king. chosen amongst the kingdoms best magic knight captains.

Magic knights are an order of the kingdoms best magic users. once a year they hold auditions to see if there are any new talented people able to protect the kingdom of Remnant. There are 8 magic knight squads. they each have their own values and specialities. every year the squads are ranked by who many golden heart they have. Hearts are given to the squads by the wizard king. It’s not known how the king knows exactly what happened on the squads missions to award the hearts.

  1. The Silver horses - A royal and noble only squad the captain is from the heart royal family
  2. The golden wolf - A royal and noble only squad though they are willing to look past a person’s station in life if they have powerful magic, though this rarely happens. the captain is a mysterious person. not much is known about their background.
  3. The blazing phoenixes - Made up of mainly noble fire magic users. the captain in from the Spade royal family. They are more welcoming of non noble members. thought they still tend to pick nobles first. they will try to save as many people as they can.
  4. Gray mantis - any collateral damage is allowed. if the black dragon squad didn’t exist they would be considered the worst by the people. Every year in the squad ranking they tend to stay in the middle of the pack.
  5. White snake squad. - an artistic squad they tend to be the most unpredictable.
  6. Blue rose knights - a squad made up mostly of women. They adore their leader. She is a noble by birth.
    • A mysterious squad. Not much is known about their inner workings some says they run the kingdoms criminal underground.
  7. The black dragon squad- A squad of “failures” and outcasts. Will do anything to protect the people of the kingdom of Remnant. They even will try to save their fallen enemies. Its their belief that most of them were only following orders.

The Kingdom of Nocturne

They were a nomadic people. They lived in a very dense forest. the lived almost in tune with their surroundings. Now only a small patch of their old kingdom remains. neither the kingdom of Remnant or the kingdom of Drucuria can get past a barrier protecting the last remaining land belonging to the nocturne kingdom. Rumour has it that the people of the nocturne kingdom fled their home for an unknown reason and are hiding out in the mountains of the kingdom of remnant and the desert region of the kingdom of Drucuria

Not much is know about the people of the nocturne kingdom. Some say they could control day and night with their magic.

They receive grimoires at 16 like the kingdoms of Remnant and Stora.

The kingdom of Drucuria

Power is everything. those with out strong magic don’t deserve to live. they say the weaker citizens are used for human experiments. They are a very military focused. The kingdom is run by a dictator who calls himself a king. He has survived many coup attempts. There are 6 generals who are loyal to the “king” or at least given him no reason to doubt their loyalty to him. all the generals want to be the kings favourite wither that be his lover or his right hand man/woman. No one can easily leave the kingdom. defectors are hunted down by the assassins guild. little of the kingdoms inner working are known by outsiders. they have no allies only enemies. Resources are few and far between. everything is rationed. how much you get is dependent on your position in the kingdom

Grimoires are given to kids at the age of 10. So they can train to be disposal soldiers for the kingdom.

The Stora Kingdom

Their nation may look small but not all is what it seems. most of their kingdom is under the ocean. They worship the sea goddess and the son god. The name kingdom is a bit misleading. They like to have elections to chose their leaders. the high priest/priestess and the president.

They are a very spiritual people. like the kingdom of Remnant they to get to be called adult and get their grimoire on the solstice after their 16th birthday.

They were very good allies with the nocturne kingdom. they have a working relationship with the kingdom of Remnant.

They receive grimoires at 16 like the kingdoms of Remnant and Nocturne

The Order of the Forsaken

A group of people fed up with the fighting amongst the 3 kingdoms.

everyone has been wronged the kingdoms. they say the members have memories from a past life. some say they are devils or elves out for blood.

Total members unknown
Ultimate goal unknown


Once loved by mana /magic now they have been wiped out they like the kingdom of nocturne live in tune with the mana around them. they had blonde almost white hair and point ears. The history books say they were wiped out on a day that was meant to be a happy occasion. The historians cant agree which kingdom was responsible for wiping them out since all the kingdoms many centuries ago were one big kingdom. Though they can agree that it was after the fall of the elves the 4 kingdoms were born.


A book that contains all the spells they can use. I can be big,small, only have one page. They start of with a few spells a person can use the rest of the book is blank. Waiting for either the person’s skill at using magic to grow or their belief change and will is so string they unlock a new spell.

Grimoire ceremony

Kingdom of Remnant

Every summer and winter solstice the Kid who have recently turned 16 go to their local grimoire tower. The Forsaken area residents go to the tower in the very centre of the Forsaken area. Nobles go to the tower just out side the capital.

The Stora kingdom

In the under water temple to their Gods is a special room filled with grimoires. Every time a child has turned 16 they and their closest relatives and friends goto the temple and make a big day of it. The ceremony is run by the high priest or priestess.

The kingdom of Drucuria

For the people it is a day of dread. Many people don’t want to get their grimiores or see their kids be taken away for the experiments the kingdom may have planed for them. When the child turns 10 the kingdoms soldiers come to the house and drag the child and their family to their grimoire storage room. The child is then asked to use a bit of their magic to see which grimoire come to them. If they child is deemed weak they are taken from their families. If they are strong they can stay with their families for a few more years before being forced to join the military.

Creatures of the world:

there are vampires, werewolves etc though they aren’t like normal ones they have no sense of their humanity they are fully the monsters they are meant to be. they tend to live in strong magic areas. though they say some people with the right spell can make or ever control them, possibly even cure them ( give them their lost humanity back). will do anything to protect their grimiores from when they were human.

the creature with their humanity back are call the lost souls. since they turned in to the monsters the world fears the most they lost their place in normal society. they can live long and normal lives though they can still be some what beast like if pushed to far. they can no longer use the magic from the grimoires they once had.they keep hold of them in the hopes if they find an excepting partner they can pass on their forgotten magic though their own blood like. Hybrids do exist but they aren’t heard of appearing that much. (1 monster parent and 1 human parent)

Hybrids has magic from both parents can only use 1 at a time their grimoires glow change depending on what magic type they are using.


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Sophie, Raven :eagle:, Luna :wolf: and Astra :star: (the 4 sisters)
// Rural village of Freyshield

On the outskirts of a rural village of the kingdom of Remnant lived 4 sisters. The eldest sister was 17. The second and third sisters were twins aged 15. The youngest was 8 years old. They lived in a wooden cabin. It has three bedrooms. The twins each have their own room. The eldest shared with the youngest. The cabin’s interior was simple and open plan. The sisters all had a different look of them despite having the same parents. The eldest has auburn straight hair with natural purple highlights. Her eyes were turquoise or icy blue. The eldest sister loved having her hair up in a high ponytail. She hated getting hair in her face. The eldest twin had raven hair with a blonde streak through her hair. Her eyes were forever changing between a bright yellow to a crimson red. Her hair was curly that went down to her shoulders. The younger twin had blonde hair with a natural green streak. Her eyes were just a mysterious colour change like her twin. Her eyes changed between a sliver colour to an olive green. The youngest had a rather plain hair colour when compared to her sisters, her hair was chestnut brown. She had one eye that was a smokey grey, the other was as described by the sisters as snow white.

You’re probably wondering what happened to the sister’s parents and you would be in the same boat as the sisters. They suddenly disappeared late one night when the youngest sister was only 4 years old. Since then sisters had to quickly learn to fend for themselves. The villagers never really liked the sisters even before their parents left them. The village mayor or elder took pity on the sisters at first by helping them get clothes and food. He soon came to care for the sisters. He likes to check on them at least once a week. ”Sophie, Raven, Luna and Astra. Guess what I have for the birthday girls?” the elder’s voice echoed around the cabin, thanks to the elder’s wind magic. Sophie, the eldest sister was the first to see the elder and his lime green glowing grimoire. The sisters don’t exactly have a normal education. They know the basics of survival and whatever the elder tells them. Sophie has a secret she has been keeping from her sisters. She was meant to get her grimoire last year but decided not to go to the grimoire receiving ceremony. She fears what grimoire she will get. Her magic ability seems to fluctuate from day to night or with the phases of the moon. Now that the twins were going to be 16 at 2 pm in a few hours, Sophie could no longer hide her fear or why she hasn’t got her grimoire. Luna couldn’t wait to get hers. Raven couldn’t care less about hers, she knows it will be just for her. Luna was the flirty one of the twins. Raven was more aggressive than luna but cross luna and you will pay dearly.

Sophie calmly opened the door to the cabin. ”Hi elder” Sophie spoke softly to the hooded figure outside the cabin door. The figure calmly took down his hood, showing his face to Sophie. The elder’s face was free of wrinkles which was strange for someone his age. He had black eyes. He had grey, buzz-cut and thick bushy eyebrows. His skin was rather youthful-looking. “Sophie I told you to call me Kevin.” the elder said to Sophie. He was saddened a bit by her choice to keep some distance between them, even after the 4 years he has known her. “I know. It’s just what I am comfortable with.” Sophie replied in a small voice. The elder decided to drop the issue as he always does.

Astra was the next sister to greet the elder. “Hey Kevin”, Astra said jumping up into the elders’ arms. Astra loves the elder, he loves to spoil her every time he comes over. “Hey, Little one. Have you been a good girl for your sisters?” Kevin said. Astra nodded her head a lot. Sophie and Kevin both laughed. Kevin soon got out a cloth pouch he had tied to his belt. Astra’s eye lit up, waiting for Kevin to reveal what was inside." guess what’s inside Astra" Kevin teased.

“I don’t know,” Astra said with a pout on her face. Kevin just smiled at the child. Kevin carefully took out the contents of the bag. He delicately placed a wooden wolf figure in the palm of his hand. Astra kept repeating as she grabbed the figure and pulled it into a tight hug “Love it. Thank you, Kevin”. Raven and Luna both seemed to drag themselves reluctantly into the living room. Luna’s normally tame straight hair was now all puffy like an afro. Luna’s mood seemed to reflect the hairstyle change. Ravens hair was straight for the first time in her life. “KEVIN, IT’S TOO EARLY FOR YOUR POOP”, the twins yelled at the same time. Astra covered her ears after hearing the word poop. Probably because when the twins say poop other swear words tend to follow close behind. “Not today girls, please. It’s a special day” Sophie tried to reason with the twins. “Fine” the twins huffed. Noticed the room was unusually quiet after the twins yelling Astra uncovered her ears. “No more bad words?” Astra asked in a small voice. The twins shouting often scared her. Everyone nodded in response to Astra’s question. “Today girls, you are able to become part of a grown-up society. You both are lucky it’s your birthday today and not tomorrow or you would have to wait 6 months to go to the grimoire claiming ceremony” Kevin explained much to Sophie’s annoyance.

Both the twins seemed to be confused by Kevin’s explanation. “Surely if that was true then Sophie would have gotten hers last year too.” The twins shared a thought. “Kevin I thought we talked about the ceremony last year” Sophie whispered in Kevin’s ear.

”Sophie sweetheart you can’t let your fear stop them from growing up and it’s not good for you either. Your grimoire will help with your magic issue.” he responded in an equally quiet voice, though his tone left Sophie with no room to answer back. . Astra and the twins looked confused by the quiet exchange between the pair of them. Kevin walked out of the little cabin and grabbed 3 large dress boxes and one smaller one for Astra. He placed them on the table closest to the kitchen. He gave Astra the small box, the twins got the next set of boxes and Sophie had the last one. “Go on, open them. They are gifts from me and Masie.` Kevin said, noticing the girls usually reluctance to open gifts. This happens every time he and Maisie did this. They never pressed the girls to tell them why. Sophie was the first to open her present. Inside the box was a beautiful looking outfit complete with lovely black leather boots. Sophie almost dropped the box once she got a good look at its contents. The box had a white knee length dress with a ruched bodice. The bodice had a brown leather strap that criss crossed from under the bust down to the hips.

Seeing the look on Sophie’s face, made all of Astra’s hesitation disappear. She was curious to see what made Sophie so shocked and happy. Astra thought Sophie was happy. Astra’s box contained a nice pale green cape that went down to the back of Astra’s knees with a cute pink dress that had a pretty white flower on the v shaped neckline. The neckline was lined with a pale green colour. The rest of the dress was white that faded into a bright green. The box also had a simple pair of white boots for astra to wear with green flowers stitched on the side of them. The dress went down to astra’s knees. Astra dropped the box and gave Kevin a big hug.

Ravens outfit was a long fit and flare purple dress with sheer lace halter top. The dress was shorter at the front/ with gold lighting accents. She had a gold garter that was made to go diagonally across her thigh. The shoes were gold. One was a knee high gladiator sandal the other was a simple pump.

Luna was the last of the sisters to open her box. It was fitting since she was the stubborn one. Luna’s box was the lightest out of the 3 older girls. Its contents were just what Luna needed to be herself. She was a bit flirtatious and loved to show off her body. There was a simple gray dress that barely covered her bottom. There was a see through fishnet sleeve that went over her left shoulder. The right side had a thin spaghetti strap. The dress had a sweetheart neckline to show off her full chest. The box also had a gold necklace with her and her sister’s initials carved into the back of it the gold coin charm. There was a simple pair of gray high heeled shoes in there for her to wear. Luna was a bit confused how Kevin knew about this side of her when her sisters didn’t often see this side of her and they are with her a lot more than he is.

Once the sisters had all changed into their new outfits they were all ready to go to the grand grimoire tower in the forsaken zone. Not that the inhabitants like to call the area the forsaken zone. Since it was so full of life despite that lack of magical ability. It would take them a good few hours to walk to the tower at Astra’s pace. The sisters always walked places at the slowest person’s pace to make them all feel safer or at least that’s what they told Astra. It was more to keep her distracted from the villagers’ words and looks.

The journey to the Grimoire tower was very uneventful. Astra was just thrilled to see all the different wild life. Raven and Luna couldn’t wait to see what their grimoire would look like or which of them had the better one. Sophie was just dreading the whole thing. Kevin and maisie knew how she was feeling but there was nothing they could say that would make her feel any better. To be honest they knew she needed this push to get past her fear. They would be damned if they saw her fear stop the twins from growing up and learning new spells, maybe even join the magic knights one day.

The town of Fearstar was small and yet so lively. Sophie thought it was because of the ceremony that would most likely start once the sun went down. The twins and Astra couldn’t stop themselves from being in awe at all the people, the smell of the local market, the lack of hushed whispers from the locals. They seemed to relax more here than they did in their own home town. Sophie on the other hand was waiting for the whispers to start or someone to come and try and hurt the sisters. It happened before and it was the day Sophie first learnt that she could trust Kevin. She was grateful he nad /maisie never spoke of that day to her sisters.

The tower was rather unspectacular from the outside. The inside was another matter. There was a large bookshelf going all around the room. It was filled with all kinds of books you couldn’t really tell what they all were. There was a large circular stage, that stood roughly 5 meters above the ground. The sisters and elder Kevin and Masie weren’t even late and the tower was filled with young people waiting to get their grimoires. There were very few parents or other adults for that matter. Even kids close to Astra’s age were pretty non-existent there. You could feel the mana flow all around. It was like you could even taste it with how thick the atmosphere was.

Kevin told Sophie,Luna and Raven to go stand near the stage, he and Maisie would keep Astra with them. Reluctantly the 3 girls did as they were asked. All the sisters had to do was wait for the towers librarian to come out and start the ceremony.


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Gwane Spade // Royal capital of Legio (Kingdom of Remnant)

”Today was the day,” Gawne thought to himself. Today he was going to get his own grimoire. He suspected his grimoire would be water-based since that’s what magic seems to respond the best to him, though he struggles with his control when it comes to casting any magic. His silver hair was freshly cut and washed. His father reluctantly gave him a new outfit for the ceremony in the noble grimoire tower. The outfit was unusually decorated and flashy for Gwane. Honesty, he was beginning suspecting that his father or siblings were trying to set him up for an arranged marriage so he wasn’t their problem any more.

Grimoire tower outside the city of Nurisa

There isn’t much physical difference from the forsaken realms grimoire tower. Its location was closer to the royal capital than any other city. The whole day was a big deal for noble families. It showed off the power of each new generation and allowed them to make strategic marriages. It was also a great chance to get a peek at the potential king of the kingdom since the royals would go to the noble realms tower over the forsaken one.

Gwane was the dark horse of his family. They haven’t liked him for as long as he can remember. He can only come to the conclusion that they hate him because their mother died when he was born. Gwane is a lonely soul if he had to tell anyone. Not that any of the other Royal families talk to let alone his 2 older siblings. His only hope was getting a really good grimoire. That would shut this family up. He could only hope. The Noble Grimoire Tower was known to give birth to the kingdom’s greatest magic users. Gwane thought it was best to stay out of the middle of the crowd. After all, he hated people trying to get close to him just because of his position in the kingdom. Now he, like everyone else in the room, had to wait for the tower librarian to start the ceremony.


Gwane’s outfit

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Today was the day she would get the Grimoire spell right. Lorna thought to herself. She was starting to lose hope that she would ever get it right. Everyone of her seniors thinks song magic is easy. In a way they were right. Learning the songs was easy. Channelling her magic into her vocal cords was hard. Sure she had an abundance of mana. She struggled to get it to do what she wanted to. So far she could cast a simple sleep spell and a healing melody. None of which her senior trainees acknowledge. Some days she wished she could go back and live a normal life with her parents and not work in the temple to the sea goddess and the sun god. That was not what fate had planned for her. She was stuck living this life for now. Lorna was dressed in a simple flowing dress that was tied with a purple belt that had a musical note cut off of the end. It was to show her magic and her position to the visitor of the temple. It was after sun down the high priestess wanted her in the grimoire room for her first ever ceremony.

Lorna tried to sing the song. There was a small buzz of magic in the air but nothing that was even close to was needed for the ceremony later on. Lorna made a silent prayer that someone would come and offer her advice on controlling her magic enough for the ceremony.


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The sun had finally set. It was now the perfect time for Anemis to wake up. The sun for some unknown reason really hurts his eyes. It’s been like this for as long as he can remember. He is just happy he has managed to keep it from the other generals or any other soldier he trained with. He was just grateful for his strong Blood magic. He thought about telling his fellow generals but he doesn’t really trust any of them not to try and take advantage of his apparent weakness. And who wouldn’t in a kingdom where strength is everything. The only person that knew about his weakness was his mother. She is now missing or maybe even dead. She was the kingdoms best warrior before she was pregnant with Anemis. His father was never in the picture. His mother’s name was Maisie. Anemis opened up the curtains that covered his large bay window. He loved the night sky and offered him solace after his mother’s death. All the generals lived in the kings castle. Each of them had free reign to do what they wanted with their rooms. Anemis kept his simple just a king size bed that looked at the large day window.

That evening all the generals were gathering to discuss attacking The Stora Kingdom. If Anemis had to say which of the 6 generals who was the most powerful out of them all he would either say himself or Lorelai Mordo . Though Lorelai beat him to the youngest ever general title by a few months he was the newest one. He joined the generals a few months back. He has yet to prove himself to them. This was his first planning meeting. Sure he has led small attacks but nothing on this scale. This would be his best chance to do just that.


Mentioned Lorelai Mordo @Owertym


:dagger: Lorelai Mordo

It was like other usual day for me. In the morning I went to the tavern and took a few drinks. I don’t really remember how I ended up with some girl in the bed. Though it wasn’t really surprising to me anymore, everytime it was either some guy or girl.

I get out of the bed and left the room. It was already an evening and I was suppossed to be meeting other generals to discuss attacking the Stora kingdom.

I walked into the meeting room, there was just one of the generals inside for now. He was new, so I haven’t even remember his name yet. Probably he was here early because he wanted to impress other or something like that.

Though I came here second, so when others will enter they will see that two youngest general arrived first. I slighty nodded at him and sat down and waited for others to arrive.

@Luna - Anemis



So lorelai was the next to enter the room. It was like she was leaking mana. Anemis noted it felt like it was coming off her in waves or was that just her normal aura. He couldn’t say which. Lorelai seemed to not want to talk and just sat down in what he could only guess was her chair. “Hello” He felt he had to address his senior in the room, he needed all the allies he could get in this meeting. Being close to her in age made him all the more confident in gaining some of her trust. Not that he could completely trust her. After all to get here, he himself had to play dirty.


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