The Rap & Hip-Hop Thread

I wished we had a thread to talk about rap so I’m speaking it into existence!

I recently found that rap and hip-hop aren’t the same thing. Hip-hop is a culture and rap is about rhymes. So 1991 by Azealia Banks for example is rap but not hip-hop (it uses house beats).

The rappers I listen to the most are:

Lil’ Kim

Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks I know she’s problematic but her music is so good

RAY BLK She mostly sings but I wish she rapped more because she’s great

& Tierra Whack

Some of my favourite bars:

“Giving y’all my old clothes, old flows like hand-me-downs” - Lil’ Kim Took Us A Break

“When it comes to stealin’ flows these birds is fluent but stutter when get asked 'bout the queen’s influence” - Nicki Minaj, Barbie Tingz

“Don’t reject me or make records to disrespect me, blatant or indirectly” - Nas, Ether

“Here get some haterade, get your thirst quenched” - Nicki Minaj, Chun-Li

“I don’t want to work it out so cancel our gym membership” - Tierra Whack, Only Child

“I’m not comin’ at you, I’m comin’ at your ghostwriters” - Lil’ Kim, Quiet

“You broke honey, and they call me Banks 'cause I can loan money” - Azealia Banks, Ice Princess

“Tattoos, but you can’t see ‘em. Ice cold, yeah I’m goin’ skiin’” - Tierra Whack, Unemployed

And last but not least, my unpopular opinions:

  • I don’t think it’s right how loads of rappers have done messy things and get away with it but Azealia Banks doesn’t
  • Lil’ Kim doesn’t get the credit she deserves
  • Female rappers have to work harder than male rappers to succeed

Which rappers do you listen to?
What are your favourite bars?
Favourite rap songs?

Btw here’s the “schedule” for this thread:

  • Reviews/Recommendations - Give stuff to review! - currently paused but I could pick it up again
  • Updates - Whenever anything happens so daily/weekly/biweekly
  • Polls - Monthly
  • UOs - Biweekly or at least once a month
  • Wiki/Playlist - Can do this whenever . Might put it in the OP so it doesn’t get lost with the other stuff.



People love comparing female rappers for some reason

Most female rappers are sexualized (especially if they’re not white)


Okay, I really have a love hate relationship with rap, one day I don’t want to listen to anything else, but the following week I can’t listen to it at all :confused:


Yeah. This always happens this female artists especially in alternative-pop too

It’s a shame because female rappers have to use their bodies to get attention because their audiences will pay more attention to that than more serious songs. It’s sad because Kim and Nicki especially do have songs where they rap/sing about their struggles but they’re overshadowed by their bigger songs.


I didn’t know that… Stupid patriarchy

So did Salt-n-Pepa, but their sexualized songs are more famous too.


Yeah I agree with this, women do get judged more but also keep in mind when you’re put to a higher standard or position, you’ll get judged for every action so of course they will, same with male artists.


True, but for males it’s almost a good thing, whereas for females, it’s like a competition. A cutthroat one


It’s a competition for males too. It’s just more dramatic when people do it to women.

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Ah, ok. Thanks for informing me

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I don’t know to be honest. I don’t really have a favourite rapper though I do listen to Korean rappers like Jessi, Yezi, Kitty B, Tymee and Gilme as they’re pretty good. Their rapping is good as Lil Kim. I admire their confidences as well.

I’d say that this is my favourite rap song:

My favourite line in the song: I don’t need to be aggressive cause I already am aggressive

I know right! She got flow.

That’s so true. A lot of female rappers seem to be sexualised


I know most of you don’t care much about Korean rappers but if you have heard of this show called Unpretty Rapstar where they get all the female rappers to compete with each other. Trust me, they look like they’re going at each other’s throats.

For example:

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YASS finally some hip-hop loveee :heart:

I listen to everything and I was raised on a lot of this lol
But I think the hip-hop culture is gone(exept for some rappers are still making it) most of it is like trap music.
I love reggeaton also, latin rap is good.

I love old school hip- hop rappers like ll, jay z, slick rick and the list goes on…


as a Danish person its mandatory that I post this song

also this is the real Loki ( at least for Danish people)

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Facts :pensive:


Anyone checked out Doja Cat? What are your opinions on her? :eyes:


I remember that stupid song called B***h I’m A Cow and thought it was annoying. I was grossed out when she put fries :fries: in her nose :face_vomiting: and I don’t really like her because I think she’s on the same level as annoying as these non-rappers like Ariana Grande and Camilla Cabello.

She has better songs now :sweat_smile:


I think she’s really talented and I think she’d make a good YouTuber because her videos and stories on instagram are funny :joy:

Doja explained on Genius that she was just messing around when she made that song because she thinks that sometimes music artists take music too seriously and I kinda agree. I don’t think she’s like Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello because she’s quite unique (we don’t have a lot of quirky female rappers - the only ones I can name are her, Rico Nasty and Tierra Whack).

Also I think it’s impressive that she made a song literally about cows and it still stands out more than most pop-girls’ music I’d rather listen to MOOO! than Senorita tbh


Sexism at its highest in the industry.