The Reading Raffle

Hi all!

So, I’m excited to announce the Reading Raffle! :smiley:

For those of you who were on the VC yesterday, you will be aware of what that means!

Basically, people on the Forums can purchase or win raffle tickets. These raffle tickets will be added to the Forums Box. I put their username and the name of their story they want us to read on it.

Then, every week, I will choose a raffle ticket and the ticket winner gets a chapter of their story read out by our very own @ChaoticDeluge! This will be read in public and you can opt for the reading of your story to be recorded and posted on the ShanniiWrites Twitch channel! I will also add a 5 min review of the story in video form on the Patreon page!

Every month, the winners will be added to the ShanniiWrites Newsletters with links to their stories provided.

This is a great way to get some extra advertisement for your stories! They will be posted on the Vimeo with YouTube and Instagram clips (if you want) and you will get a star rating out of 5!

Also, if you’re a reader and not a writer, it is a great way to find stories that might be up your alley! If you like the story, you can follow our links to continue reading!

Note: You have to be an active member of the Forums for at least a week before you can claim tickets!

So, how do you get these raffle tickets? There are a few different ways.

  1. Being a Patron on Patreon! One raffle ticket for every tier, then an extra raffle ticket for each dollar of your tier! For example, if you donate $1 a month, you will get 2 tickets! If you donate $6 a month, you will get 7 tickets!

  2. Being a Staff Member! Each leader gets 1 raffle ticket when they start with us. They get one if they are promoted to Moderator. Then, you get an extra ticket for each year you serve with us! If you’re chosen for Staff Member of the Month, you get another one!

  3. Winning Forum User of the Month! Users of the Month will get 1 raffle ticket added to the box!

  4. Buying Tickets on Ko-Fi! You can buy a ticket for a one-off £1 price or (with the add-on enabled) 3 tickets for £2!

  5. Having Your Art Chosen For the Merch Store! If you submit art for the merch store and it’s chosen by @ChaoticDeluge, you will get 1 ticket per piece!

  6. Being Active! People who have 300+ Days Visited by 31st December of every year will get an extra ticket! Plus, if you get the 365 consecutive days badge, you will get an extra ticket at that time, too!

  7. Buying Merch! For every $5 you spend on ShanniiWrites Forums merch, you get one raffle ticket! We just need proof of what you bought and we can add that to your tickets!

  8. Following the Twitch Channel! Following ShanniiWrites on Twitch will get you one extra raffle ticket! Just make sure to DM us on here to confirm!

  9. Being a Discord Booster Boosting our server on Discord will get you 1 ticket per boost!

  10. Write Blog Posts! If you get your blog post approved and featured on the front page of the ShanniiWrites Website, you will get a raffle ticket! One per blog post!

We always need permission to read out a story. When you are contacting me about which story you would like submitted, please make sure to give me written permission for us to read out your story! This is for copyright reasons. A simple “I am happy to have my story read out on ShanniiWrites” will suffice. If you are happy for us to record it, too, please let us know.

Yes, you can buy raffle tickets for other users, or use your Patreon or Staff raffle tickets on other users! Just remember that they will be using up your tickets, then! Also, we will need their permission to read out their story. They will have to let us know if they are ok for us to record it.

Patreon tickets reset every year. Your old tickets stay in the box, but you can add extra!

This might not sound like a lot, but the tickets do stay in the box! We won’t be taking them out unless they have been read already, so the chances are that your story will be read eventually! It’s more a matter of when.

Also, it is up to you how many stories you submit! One raffle ticket per story! So, if you have multiple tickets, you can submit multiple stories or you can up your chances on a single story. If the same story gets chosen twice, we will read the next chapter.

Yes, tickets build up. Say you’re a leader (for less than a year), a $6 Patron and you won Forum User of the Month once, you will have 9 tickets added to the box!

I hope this makes sense! I will be making a Reading Raffle thread for users in the Patrons’ Lounge soon for people to submit their stories!

Claim your Reading Raffle tickets below once @Eleanor_W-15 has confirmed how many you have!

To check if you have unclaimed tickets or to claim tickets, please visit Claim Your Reading Raffle Tickets Here!

To see which tickets have been claimed already, please see the Reading Raffle Claimed Tickets Thread!



If this goes well, I will do a NSFW version! Obviously, this would be on the Restricted Section of the Discord Server, as NSFW stories would violate Twitch guidelines!


@Announcements yes, past Users of the Month can contact me to have their story added!


Ooh! I’m gonna add another way you can get on! Getting your art on the March Store!


Okay guys I’m tagging people with unclaimed tickets but since my brain isn’t working I’m gonna do this in installments :sunglasses:


there are so much more than this it’s just my brain


If you wanna know how many tickets you have, El is your dude! If she’s not around, you can come to one of the other @Heads!


In all honesty all the @ForumStaff have unclaimed tickets except for Shanos and Loogie


What kind of post apocalyptic world would that be? :thinking:


Sleepy El World! :3


Ah yes bedland



We are adding some End of Year prizes!

If you have 300 days visited or more by 31st December every year, you will get an extra ticket! People who get the 365 days consecutive badge will also get a ticket at the end of the year!


We have over 2 years of tickets waiting to be claimed xD

Although we will be doing The Twelve Days of Chaotic during the Christmastime where Loogie reads a story chapter per day! :smiley:



@CrazyCaliope will like this :stuck_out_tongue: ^


I do, very much so. Though I may not be able to come on VC, sadly. (cries)


We can set up a good time for everyone!


I’m only able to do three days a week though. So that’s not fair on others. Wait, I just read the OP again and realised I didn’t see a duration. How long will each session last?


Rad :eyes::eyes:

I should rewrite duck love hexagon for this, so Deluge can read it :star_struck::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


So do the stories have to be in English? :eyes::eyes:


They’ll last the length of the chapter I’m reading :joy:


:thinking: I’d butcher any other language