The Realest Advice you have for life 🤧

I’m talking real advice. Not just “work hard to get to your dreams” or “don’t be a big meanie!”

Mine is:

  • Some people are idiots. They’re homophobic, sexist, racist, xenophobic, whatever. You’ll have to learn how deal with ignorant idiots like this.
  • Sometimes you’ll be accused of something you didn’t do and have to face the punishment even if it wasn’t you.
  • Life isn’t fair.
  • Somethings you’ll say will come out wrong and sound rude and ignorant. You’ll have to apologize even though your mouth has a brain of it’s own.
  • You’ll get rejected a lot, whether from a company, a person, a school, whatever. You have to learn how to deal with rejection and not be salty.
  • Sometimes you just have to laugh at your mistakes. Yourself. You’ll do stupid silly things, trust me.

@Discussions share your real life advice!


Lose the regrets.
Some things you do won’t have the best outcome but don’t regret them, learn from your mistakes and grow stronger for the future.
Regret won’t get you anywhere


If you have a valid opinion on how you view yourself, don’t give two f#cks about what others say


Don’t let others dictate who you can be. Only you can decide that.


Choose your friends wisely

I cannot stress this enough! People can say they care meanwhile they are slowly poisoning you. Do a background check before you let anyone in. Steer clear if ex convicts, guilty by association.

Do what you love not what you are told to love

This is the best advice anyone can give you. If you decide to be a doctor because you’re mama wants you to be one and you want to be a designer, then I’m sorry you’re gonna f-ck up. Do what you are capable of doing and are passionate about it.


When it comes to having and raising little monsters.

  • You what you think is right for your family unit.
  • Labour hurts. No matter what people say
  • You will most likely cr*p yourself during the delivery.
  • c section is not an easy way out.
  • You will be judged by other mothers by the way you delivered. It’s only because they are insecure.
  • You will lose sleep but you will adapt.
  • sleep when they sleep ( don’t worry if you don’t this advice doesn’t work if you have 2 monsters or want a semi normal sleep cycle. Don’t be afraid to not sleep when they sleep)
  • Kids can be a holes once they learn to walk or talk.
  • monsters are stronger than they look.

Stop worrying, you can control everything. Life is going to be full of ups, downs, saints and arseholes and you are not responsible for any of them. The only responsibility you hold is to yourself. If at the end of it all you are happy with the way you have acted that is what matters. No need worrying about spoilt milk in someone else’s fridge.


Don’t keep your feelings hidden, you’re sad- talk to someone, you have feelings for someone- tell them, show them, someone hurt you- let them know, something good happened to you- share the news with someone even if you don’t think anyone cares.
Be honest, with yourself and with others.