The Roleplaying Groups and Tags

For any of the new people who joined this place cause of episode joining, we have different groups for roleplayers.

There are the @RP-Mentors and the @RP-Apprentices. If you are a roleplayer and want to join any of these groups you need one of the current people in it to vouce for you and you can join one of these groups.

Besides we are happy to announce the @RPers tag. If I’m correct this is opt in and for everyone who’s interested in RP to join or if you can’t let me know please and I will add you :purple_heart:


Just tap on the tag and then on join :smile_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:




I got recommended for the rp tag


This is an awesome tag idea

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Could you please add me to the RP tag? :sunglasses:

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Using the @RPers tag sparingly, please?!

It has come to attention that users/RPers/staff are overusing the @/RPers tag. Not only have I noticed this but a handful of people have mentioned this too. Please could you stop using this for your RPs, SGs, and sign-ups to gain more interest?! It is not needed, as we have the new ideas thread for before you create any thread and the advertising thread for after you have created a thread. These are what the threads are here for, to gain interest and collect users to tag, but if we just use the @/RPers then these threads are pointless.
So continuing to also respect and follow the tag guide, please only make sure you use the tag if it is to capture the attention of all RPers in RP-related threads (like chats).

Caliope (wink)