The School Winter Holidays Thread ✨

Discuss anything related to your winter holidays here! :eyes::sparkles:
Has your winter break already started?
Do you have any plans?


I don’t really have a break :stuck_out_tongue:
We will be free for one week but even they we’ll have to do stuff because as soon as we get back we have to finish our projects and start learning for our exams
When you’re in college here, you don’t have breaks

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My winter break started last week, and I don’t really have any particular plans although I definitely need to buy people stuff for Christmas

yup. it started on the 18th

nope. not like i have much freedom anyways :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No, it starts on the 24th

Tbh not really, I’m probably just going to chill, relax, and catch up on work lol.

Mine started Today and normally I would go out of state but yk so I’m just on vc on discord with an online friend for a few days straight listening to stories or music

Winter break is on Wednesday the 23rd


I’m actually really excited for winter break this year. Since none of my classes have exams in December, my break technically starts on December 4th. I have zero idea what I’m going to do but I’ve never had a winter break that long before.

@Students - Talk about your winter break plans!

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