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Channah Santos :hibiscus:

Channah was a little frustrated with how less Dianna seemed to care, it was specifically Dianna but she was used to always being the center of attention and right here, it felt like she wasn’t the person everyone was interested and liked anymore. She felt a little overshadowed by it. Lost in these thoughts she nodded but had barely heard what Dianna has said until she said what about you? that was the cue for Channah to look in Dianna’s direction and pay attention. She didn’t want to get on the wrong foot with Dianna cause she would be some serious competition. She calmly answered ‘Uhm, it’s a little complicated,’ she didn’t want to sound too childish and as if she just was here because her mom had convinced her ‘my mom started the conversation about it but I really wanted to go as well, I mean I love some drama and who knows, maybe this is my true shot at love after a couple of failed relationships’ scared her reply would end up in an awkward conversation she added: 'but let’s focus on the now, did you get to chat with the price already? she wondered out loud.

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Abigail Martin :snowflake:

D- destiny the girl said, and before Abigail could reply to that Destiny had hugged her. Abigail felt a little sorry for her, she seemed genuinely sad and Abigail just wanted to make sure she was feeling better before she had a chance to talk to the price, after all, she saw this girl really had a lot of potential in her. ‘Destiny, that’s a pretty name,’ she said looking at her with a smile on her face after the hug had finished ‘I’m Abbie. But that’s not important now’ I said after which I made some eye contact with one of my maids ‘Please, could you get me a glass of water and some tissues?’ I said with a slight smile. ‘Of course Miss Abigail’ Cassie said. Abigail could have gotten it herself but she felt like it was more important to stay with Destiny and comfort her now. Not even a minute later in Cassie returned with the glass of water and some tissues. ‘Here you go Miss Abigail, anything else I can do for you?’ while she gave it to Abigail. ‘No, thank you, oh, and please just call me Abbie’ Abigail replied after which Cassie left. ‘Here, drink something’ she said while she gave the glass to Destiny.



Anagene Wellington

As the Prince helped her up from the floor, Anagene was frozen from embarrassment. She couldn’t believe she’d done that, and in front of the Prince, no less. But as he knelt beside her and helped her up, he didn’t seem to mind at all. He was gentle and kind, and spoke to her like she was fragile as glass, with a quiet warmth in his voice. He looked into her eyes with those deep, deep pools of green, and Ana could almost lose herself in them. And the way he called her “Little Rose”… Her heart fluttered.

“I’m A-Anagene. Anagene Wellington.” She stuttered as they both got up. “But you can call me Ana. I mean, I guess you can call me whatever you want, since you’re the Prince, right?” She joked. “I’m so sorry about that.” She added, nodding to the spot where she’d fallen. “Usually I’m firm as an old oak. Thank the gods you were there, though, right?”



:football: Payton :football:

Meredith. Must be her name. “That sounds wonderful. Paisley will love that.” I said smiling happily. Paisley had a few friends, but non that she was close to. That’s just the way it is being homeschooled and not in any sports. I mean all my friends were guys on the football team. I always had a girl that lived next door, but she was a little too stuck up for my liking. But Paisley was going to go out for lacrosse this summer though, so maybe she could find friends there.

She laughed. I just smiled back. She told me where it was, and right then and there I made a mental note that I would go there with Braylen when she was out of this place. But then the nurse said something that caught my attention. She hardly ever goes up stairs? “Wait where do you sleep then?” I asked curiously. “And you can’t even go places on like lunch break or when it’s not your shift?” I asked again. That seemed cruel in my opinion. These people took care of other people and worked just as hard as some other people, but yet those other people get to go around the palace while people down here don’t?! Why? “I didn’t embarrass him the whooolllleee time. Just the first few seconds.” I said smiling. But then she said I’d have to be pretty Hugh on his list. My eyes went wide and I blushed. I wasn’t. I knew that. But what if I was? That made me even more curious about him.



Austen Frinton-Smith & Jasmine Gold

He observed the girl as her cheeks flushed. He gave her a cheeky little smile to hide his embarrassment and tried to push away the thought so he wouldn’t become overwhelmed again.
‘Yes, reading is one of my favourite things to do actually.’ He gave a little smile. They had something in common and that was nice. Some of these girls didn’t have anything in common with him and that didn’t help with connection really. Though I guess reading wasn’t too much of a useful skill. ‘I just love it. It makes me feel like I’m in a different world, like I can put all of my worries behind me.’ She added on with a little smile plastered across her face. “Exactly.” He said not wanting to add too much to let her see through him. But reading did make him feel disconnected from the real world sometimes. It was nice to not have to think about being the Prince for a bit and just be Austen.
‘I know this may seem kind of weird, but I like fighting. I practice karate almost every day, it’s actually fun.’ He crooked his face a little. “So are you telling me that I should stay away if youre mad?” He joked around a little. It was pretty cool that she knew how to defend herself, but would that come in handy with the rebels or just make her want to protect people? He brushed the thought aside and places his arms on the table in front of him. “All jokes aside, that’s pretty neat. Not something many girls would do. Shows bravery” He gave her a little smile before leaning back in his chair.
She started talking about food which led to her talking about cooking. How many of these girls could cook? It’s not like the skill would ever come in handy. “Well the chefs here in the castle are quite amazing and the food they make is so delicious” He gave her a little grin. “Though I would love to, there is no real reason for me to ever learn how to cook because I have the amazing chefs” He said a bit apologetically. He didn’t want to let her down but he also didn’t want to learn something that would not be useful to him.
She changed the subject and he pondered the question for a second. “To be honest with you, it’s quite overwhelming. Meeting 35 girls in 1 day and expecting to think about that they may be my wife is quite scary.” He decided to leave the show that happened out of the sentence. “What about you peanut? How are you enjoying your morning so far?” He asks. A couple of the girls looked tired and liked they just wanted to sleep, which was almost how he was feeling. And a couple of the girls looked extremely excited to meet him. And some… were still in shock of what happened, but he didn’t blame them. Scary was one way to put it.


Austen Frinton-Smith & Kendall Rosetta

He watched as the girl got a little upset again. He couldn’t blame her, but she did need to learn and it seemed like she was getting at that. He was glad that she understood on how she needed to act, but he still wasn’t quite sure if that’s how she would be in the future.
“You’ve eaten snails? Is that a normal thing? I didn’t know some people ate them!” He couldn’t help but chuckle at the girl sitting in front of him. She seemed really grossed out, and he was too. “Actually, a lot of people eat them. I just had to be polite, so I ate it. Never eating that again” He said with a little laugh and shook his head. That was one food he refused to eat. He leaned back in seat again.
He smiled as she talked about her 13th birthday party. He could barely remember his. The few things he could remember were just someone telling him about the new duties that he’d need to start doing. He wasn’t even too sure if his father congratulated him for making it to 13. He was pretty sure, however, that one of the chefs made him an astonishing cake. It had small designs and patterns such as little crowns, a fox, and it was all different shades of blue. He didn’t want to bore her with his little story so instead he says, “That’s so cool. Your mother must really love you, and I’m sure she loves you as well. Do you have any siblings?”


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𝕸𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖑𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊 𝕮𝖔𝖑𝖊:

“…I’ve had a few bits and bobs here and there, but nothing serious,” I explained. “What about you guys?”

As Ava stated these words – though seemingly inconsequential – Madelaine couldn’t help her mind from wandering to the past, a history she had wanted to forget… though would sadly always be engrained within her mind.

Flashback (two years ago):

“Yes, yes I will you idiot,” Madelaine whispered, her face covered by her hand as she held back tears of joy. It only took her a second to jump on the man, her lips meeting his before she could even give the goofball the chance to slip the ring on her finger.

“I love you Madelaine Belle Cole – and I will continue to love you for the rest of your life”


Shaking herself out of her own mind, she tried to forget the memory – for what came after wasn’t necessarily as blissful as it was that day. Though before she continued to reminisce – she heard Alaia’s response – a slight smile reaching her features as Alaia uttered all my guy friends are just really annoying, so I guess I didn’t notice if they liked me or not.”

With this, Madelaine shot Ava a knowing look, laughter meeting her lips as she turned back towards the other girl. “Well, now that you’re in The Selection – it seems you’ve quickly friend-zoned all of them in one quick move,” Maddie joked, teasing the girl slightly. Madelaine knew that men and women could be friends – in all honesty, whoever had told any girl/guy friend that was impossible was completely and utterly wrong – take herself, she had quite a few friends that were completely platonic. Though, she simply enjoyed the teasing – though, as Madelaine found the girls looking at her, awaiting her response, a slight sigh left her lips.

“I had a fiancé once,” Maddie revealed, a sad smile gracing her lips. She could lie – after all, she had been seemingly doing it the whole time the three had been together, though, she wanted to feel connected to these girls and that required she tell some of her woes, “Though, before our wedding – I found him in bed with my former best friend. He thought I wouldn’t be back for another few days from a trip.” As Maddie uttered the last words, her voice became slightly silent. It had happened only a few months prior – causing her to (in a spur of the moment decision) sign up for The Selection. Though, it still was a sore subject for her.

When Alaia begin speaking about her friends, she turned towards her with a smile – “What would you be doing with them if you weren’t here right now?” she asked with slight curiosity – happy that the girls had changed the subject. Maddie also turned towards Ava, listening to her response with a smile – “Tell us a little more about your brother? Does he annoy the hell out of you or is he one of those “cool” brothers that,” Madelaine asked with a slight laugh.

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When Gemma arrived at the castle she was greeted by the three maids assigned to her, Audrey, Zara, and Sarynn. They spent the evening getting to know Gemma so they could better dress and help her. Then once the morning came, they woke Gemma to prepare her.

“The green dress will compliment her hair nicely Sarynn.” Zara said.

“I’ve heard that our prince has a fondness for blue though. Isn’t the goal for her to please the prince if she is to become his bride?” Sarynn argued as Audrey stayed out of the argument to begin getting Gemma ready. She made sure Gemma was bathed with her nails all clipped to the same length, and even trimmed off a small amount of her hair to eliminate any split ends. “You look lovely Gemma. The prince will be in a great place if he picks you. And you will look amazing in either of the dresses my sisters made.”

“Thanks Audrey. I appreciate it, even if I’m still nervous. And if either dress will be nice, why not flip a coin? Then it’s just up to chance so they don’t have to argue.”

“Well, the two of them will always find a reason to argue, but I’ll flip a coin to decide for them. And trust me, you’re a great girl. You will do so much better than you think. The prince would be blind if he couldn’t see how great you are and at least see you as a possibility.” Gemma smiled at Audrey’s encouraging words, before Audrey flipped a coin to determine that Gemma would wear the blue dress that Sarynn had laid out for her.

“I told you she would look gorgeous in my dress.” Sarynn said with a slight smirk as she lightly put a small amount of makeup on Gemma to help highlight her eyes.

“You were actually right this time Sarynn. Gemma looks great in the blue, even if she would have looked great in the green as well.”

Audrey sighed as she pulled back the sides of Gemma’s hair. “It doesn’t matter which dress it is, as long as it works for Gemma. She looks beautiful, perfect for meeting the prince. Show him who you are Gemma, and let him know exactly why you’re the best girl for him.”

As soon as they had Gemma ready, they gave her a few more words of encouragement before sending her on her way to wait for her turn to meet the prince. Gemma stayed to the edge of the room, too nervous to talk to any of the other girls. She had to focus on composing herself and calming her nerves to make a good impression on her meeting with the prince.

Then as the lights turned off and came back on, a girl came in, and she was clearly not like the rest of the girls there. The girl announced herself as Kandy, then started singing and doing things to the other girls. Everything ranging from throwing confetti on girls, to slapping, and dumping water on a girl. Then, Kandy grabbed books off of shelves, and threw them at some of the girls, Gemma included. Gemma was very surprised by the entirety of Kandy’s actions, but especially that. Gemma was hit more than once due to being in closer proximity to where Kandy was at the time. Gemma was never the strongest person anyway, she wasn’t as frail as she was when she was younger, but she definitely was weaker and more prone to injury or sickness. She already knew she would soon have clear bruises due to the size and thickness of the books. That was before Kandy had terrorized even more girls, especially the girl with the prince at the time, before climbing onto him and forcibly kissing him. From there, the prince settled the issue, and gave the statement that the new queen would be the one to decide her fate. In that moment a majority of the girls, Gemma included, would likely have desired a harsher punishment, but only time would tell. Kandy was delusional, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t one day become something better to society. However, nobody could be sure what could happen. She would remain in the castle, so what would stop her from trying something again later into the selection.

Thanks to Kandy, Gemma was already feeling like she was off to a bad start, and she was likely not alone in that feeling. That was when the girls’ maids began to arrive. The prince had sent a guard to send in each of the girls’ maids, so Sarynn soon entered. “We heard what happened. Audrey is helping Zara make another dress, so it’s just me.” She looked Gemma over, assessing how to help, and noticing the way Gemma had her arm held. “Do you need a nurse?”

Gemma just shook her head. “No Sarynn, I’m fine. Just shaken up mainly.” Gemma didn’t want to mess anything up with her chance to meet the prince. You only get one first impression. By the look on Sarynn’s face, Gemma knew Sarynn saw straight through her saying she was fine.

“At least let me check your arm, and fix your hair before you meet the prince then. You’ll make a good impression on him for sure.” Sarynn first fixed Gemma’s hair back as nicely as it was before, then looked over where her arm was hit by the books. There wasn’t much she could do about it, but she could take a small amount of a cotton gauze that she had to at least partially wrap Gemma’s wrist. “I keep this handy for when Audrey helps sew.” The wrap just went around her wrist and the palm of her hand a couple times, but it was just enough to provide a small amount of protection temporarily, to get her at least through meeting the prince. “Go get em tiger. Once it’s your turn, just be your wonderful, genuine self. As much as I wish I could be the one in your shoes, I will do everything in my power to help you win his heart, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to earn it.”

“Thank you, Sarynn. I really appreciate it.” Sarynn smiled at Gemma, before heading back out of the room.

A while after the Kandy incident, and shortly after Sarynn’s encouragement, over half of the other girls had gotten their chance to meet the prince, but it was finally her turn, and Gemma couldn’t help but still feel nervous. For all she knew he could take one look at her and choose to send her back home, but on the other hand it could be the moment she first meets her future husband. She walked over to where she was supposed to and gave a curtsy with a small smile. She was careful to make sure not to bump her sore arm, which was already beginning to develop a bruise, against anything. “Buongiorno your highness. I’m Gemma Romano, from Carolina. It’s an honor to have this opportunity.” She truly didn’t know what to say to him. She had never dated anyone before, or anything remotely similar that she could draw from. She took a deep breath as everything her father, Zara, Audrey, and Sarynn had said went through her mind. I can do this. Just be yourself, let him see who you are. “This whole thing is kind of crazy isn’t it? I’m sure it must be for you, especially after what happened earlier. But this is definitely out of my normal a thousand percent.”



:musical_keyboard: Kendall :musical_keyboard:

I still couldn’t believe he actually ate snails. “How can you even- just- thats- ew. I’m sorry but.” I laughed. How did people eat those slimy gooey things?

“Ahh yes. She loves me a lot. I’m very blessed.” I then remembered his mother wasn’t here. I think everyone needed a mom. Dads were great, but they needed someone to clean up their scrape and put a band-aid on it. Someone that’s there for them emotionally. I decided to not bring this up though. “Yes. I have a sister that’s in her 20s.” I said. I loved my sister. All the late nights we spent gossiping about Jeremiah and all my stupid girl drama. I then looked at the clock. Times up I looked back to him and said “Our time is up. I just hope you can forgive me. It was lovely talking to you.” and ended it with a smile. I stood up and took one last look at his gorgeous face with his blonde hair falling perfectly over his forehead. What I would do to run my fingers through that hair. KENDALL. Jesus. I was a mess. I walked back to Lia. Oh Jesse she would flip once I told her what I’d done. I just sighed as I sat down.

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Austen Frinton-Smith & Anagene Wellington

Austen watched in genuine curiosity as the girl before him uttered her name: a slight frown meeting his features though disappearing just as quickly as he caught her stammer. This wasn’t the first time Austen had met someone who seemed indisputably afraid of speaking to him. From his public meeting him through charity sessions, or if he was just walking around town (after sneaking out of the palace) – many had, in his presence, reacted in a similar way as the girl. In the broad sense – Austen understood the nerves. For someone likely never being around royalty until this moment, it was a shocking occurrence. Though, Austen truly wanted to be treated – at least in conversations– as an equal to these girls. After all, one of these 35 women was going to be his future wife and if they could barely speak to him, he couldn’t very well imagine how their future would progress. Though, he gave the girl the benefit of the doubt. It was her first time meeting him – and hopefully, he could show her through this conversation that he was just like everyone else - a person.
“How about I call you by what you want to be called by Ana?” he questioned, laughing slightly as he settled into his seat.
“I’m so sorry about that… Usually, I’m firm as old oak. Thank the gods you were there, though, right?”
“That’s what I’m here for! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – I might even say it’s a hobby of mine to catch someone off their feet,” he stated with a wink – hoping a little flirting would allow her to loosen up. “So, little rose, tell me about yourself. Tell me, if a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish?” he asked – attempting to make the daunting question of ‘tell me about yourself’ slightly easier with the extra addition.

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Anagene Wellington

Even though he laughed at her joke and flirted a bit with her- Which, of course, made her blush furiously- She could tell by the tiny frown at the corner of his lips that something was bothering him. Before she could ask, though, he hit her with a question.

"Tell me, if a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish?” He asked. “How creative of you!” Ana noted. “I haven’t heard an icebreaker like that before. Let’s see…” She thought for a good, long, moment, before a smile of pure bliss crossed her face. She sighed and answered; “First, I would wish for all the time in the world, so I could spend it all in the sunshine and fresh air and never have to worry about a thing. Second, I’d wish for the biggest, grandest ranch in the world, with every breed of horse imagineable, so I could care for them and ride around all day in endless, amber fields.” She looked up at the Prince and ran her fingers through her hair. “And Third, I’d wish to get to know more about you.” She tried to think up something as creative as the three wishes idea. “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?” She asked, secretly knowing that he wouldn’t be able to top her.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Jasmine :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

‘How do you feel about all of this? You know, being the centre of attention?’ I asked.
‘To be honest with you, it’s quite overwhelming. Meeting 35 girls in 1 day and expecting to think about that they may be my wife is quite scary.’ He responded.
I couldn’t relate but I understood him. It is quite scary having to meet 35 girls and choose one of them to marry. He must be feeling so pressured.

‘What about you peanut? How are you enjoying your morning so far?’ He asked.

‘I don’t know… I’m lowkey kind of tired but I mean, that’s life, even if you don’t want to do something you just have to suck it up and bear with it.’ I responded.
‘Sorry…That was a little…off-topic hehe.’
‘But anyways, I’m fine, my morning’s never been better.’ I said awkwardly.

‘Well…What do you think is the most important quality in a person?’ I asked.


𝒜𝓂𝑒𝓁𝒾𝒶 𝐵𝓁𝒶𝓀𝑒:

Lia watched as Kendall made her way to where she herself had been sitting only a few minutes earlier – well, before the Kandy fiasco and the Prince’s outburst. Though Amelia was slightly upset, it seemed that her friend Kendall exemplified her views – though she could only hope that it wouldn’t impede her from speaking to the prince. She watched intently for a few moments, Kendall making her way towards where the Prince was sitting, although quickly became distracted as her maids entered to room.

“So, we heard there was a party and we weren’t invited?”

These words brought a laugh to Amelia’s lips, she really loved her maids – easily resonating with her own personality. “It was a rave – I can’t believe you two missed the party of the century?”

Shaking their heads, her maids brought out a rack of a few outfit changes for Amelia as her dress had been damaged moments earlier. Though after a few minutes of looking at one after another “extravagant dress”, Lia grabbed a creme floor-length gown. “I’ll be right back,” Amelia yelled as she ran off to the bathroom, leaving the maids behind.

As she entered the bathroom, she slipped out of the damaged dress and into a new one. Although, as she looked in the mirror – a sigh left her lips. The girl she found looking back at her wasn’t… well… her. However, at that moment, an idea entered her head. She slowly moved her right hand towards her left shoulder, where the elegant sleeve of her dress begun. With one swift motion, Amelia Blake pulled the sleeve clean off. With that, Lia’s smile grew and she continued – pulling the right sleeve off and then, ripping the bottom of her dress – making it shorter than it was earlier.

After a few more minutes of unsolicited adjustments, Amelia looked in the mirror once more – a grin now accompanying her features as she gathered the scattered items and cloth and made her way back to her maids. As she entered the room, Lia swore her maid’s mouth dropped wide open. “Thank you girls, your help was much appreciated” Lia squealed as she handed one of the girls the discarded pieces.

“Amelia… you are really something else” one of the maids laughed before they all made their exit.

As Amelia took a seat, she found Kendall walking back towards her. Quickly, a grin made its way onto her lips – “Kendall!” Lia laughed, “So how did everything go? And how do you like my new outfit?” She questioned, quickly getting up and doing a turn around so she could see the full extent of her dress.


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:musical_keyboard: Kendall :musical_keyboard:

She had a new dress on. I hardly even noticed it though because I was replaying the events that had just occurred. It made me sad knowing my friendship with Lia would be coming to an end soon. I looked as she twirled around with grace and I smiled at her. It was gorgeous. She was gorgeous. Why couldn’t I look like that? A mystery I will never solve.

“You look amazing.” I said as she sat back down. “White and cream are really your colors.” I added smiling. But she asked how it went. I felt it. No. I couldn’t cry. I wouldn’t not here. Not now. Not where the Prince could glance over and see me. Not where any of the girls could see me (besides Lia) and call me weak. But it was bound to happen as soon as we left this room. “It… I’ll tell you later just-“ I said not knowing what to say. I wasn’t making eye contact with Lia though. I tried to hide my sadness, although I knew it was showing anyways. I should leave.

That’s when I remembered. Music room. Lia and I had made plans to go to the music room after we spoke with Austen. That was the best possible thing for me right now. Putting my sadness and madness at myself of the keys and strings and putting it to words. I finally made eye contact with her as I said, “Let’s go to the music room.” I was going whether she was coming or not. I figured she would come, but who knows. It would be nice to talk to someone right now about my stupidness.


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The Nurse
“Paisley, you know that’s a lovely name. I’m sure her personality and beauty are just as lovely.” Gene smiled. “Your parents didn’t purposely name you Payton and Paisley so you two would match, did they?” She asked curiously, perhaps it was pure accident, perhaps it was on purpose, there may have been no way of knowing.

“Wait where do you sleep then?” This brought a kind smile at Gene’s face as she gently laughed at Payton’s question, clearly most girls here didn’t understand the workings of living in the place you worked. “You see we are in the basement floor, a floor just as large as every other floor in the castle. It mostly consists of where we work, medical wing, storage, kitchen. It also has out living quarters. A giant area full of rooms about half the size of this room we are currently in, about 3 of us live in each room. And beside it are the guard’s chambers, mostly the same thing, but for guards.” She shrugged. “We have rights still, Payton.” she chuckled, “We are allowed up usually when it’s not busy, something like the selection we have been ordered to remain down here unless an emergency. They can have maids and guards walking around, but it would likely ruin the magic of everything is housekeepers, cooks and medical staff walking around. We have a small lounge down here for lunchbreaks and what not, and there is a secret staircase for us to be able to get fresh air.” she explained with a shrug, casual about near slavery, just slavery with good pay.

“Ohh, someones blushing. You already like the prince a bit, don’t you?” She smirked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestivly as she leaned forwards.



Austen Frinton-Smith & Gemma Romano

Austen watched as a girl with red hair approached him. She was wearing a blue dress, the same color blue that happened to be his favourite.
“Buongiorno your highness. I’m Gemma Romano, from Carolina. It’s an honor to have this opportunity.”
He smiled as she spoke Italian. Well, she could have just been saying the single word in Italian that she knew. “Please, the honor’s all mine. Of course, you already know who I am, but if you don’t; I’m Austen Frinton-Smith, son of King Clarkson Smith, from Angeles.” He was trying to be funny, but he wasn’t sure if it came of that way.
“This whole thing is kind of crazy isn’t it?"
He was a bit confused, but he kept a smile on his face. “Well, yeah. That’s what happens when you have 35 girls all competing for the same guy. You’re going to have at least one crazy person. So, Gemma, what do you do in your free time?”

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Austen Frinton-Smith & Jasmine Gold

“I don’t know… I’m lowkey kind of tired but I mean, that’s life, even if you don’t want to do something you just have to suck it up and bear with it.”
He rubbed the back of his neck out of embarrassment. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t realise that all of the other girls would have to get up so early. I thought it was only me.” He let the disappointment show on his face. “You kind of get used to doing stuff you don’t want to.” He laughed, he had been a Prince way to long. All of the responsibilities started piling up.
“Well…What do you think is the most important quality in a person?”
He had to think about it for a few moments. “I’m not too sure. I guess whoever would be the best queen for Illea.” He didn’t really get to choose a most important quality in a person. He just kind of went along with however people acted, because who was he to say anything? “What do you look for in a suitable partner?” It was along the lines of the question she just asked.

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Austen Frinton-Smith & Anagene Wellington

“First, I would wish for all the time in the world,"
He nodded. “Yes, that would be pretty awesome. But wouldn’t you get bored?”
“biggest, grandest ranch in the world, with every breed of horse imaginable,”
He smiled, “I don’t know if we have every breed of horse, but we do have a lot of horses in the stables. Maybe I could show them to you?”
“And Third, I’d wish to get to know more about you.”
“I think that there is a very big possibility of that happening.”
“What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”
He looked down at his feet, let out a deep breath, and said, “I was just starting archery, and my trainer was standing right beside me. I had my bow, with an arrow, I accidentally aimed down, and shot him in the foot. I’m not too sure what happened to him, but I got a new trainer immediately after so, I assume he didn’t want to be anywhere near me.” He looked up at her. “But now you’ve piqued my interest. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”

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:football: Payton :football:

“She’s a lot to take in, but I love her so much.” I said just thinking about her running around the house barking orders at everybody. It made me smile. “Not so we would match necessarily. They really liked the name Paisley along with other names, but they picked it because it started with a P like my name so… kinda?” I said. Sometimes I wished I had Paisley’s name. It was so pretty. And it wasn’t known as a “boy’s name.” I mean almost every person I met said “isn’t that a boy’s name?” or thought it. I could tell by their faces.

Why did she laugh at my question? Was it that simple to understand that it shouldn’t even be a question? She said they had living quarters half the size of this room. How was that fair. How could they give a person a room the size of this one? I mean, us of the Selected got huge rooms?! There are 3 of us living in each room. My mouth dropped. 3?!?! That was just- “At least you aren’t completely stuck down here.” I said. I didn’t know what else to say. Was that a normal thing? A normal thing that 3 people sleep in a room that is hardly big enough to hold one person and their belongings? I couldn’t see how that would be. If anything, that’s the treatment the Selected should be getting.

I blushed even harder. I just smiled at the ground. “Maybe…” I said quietly while keeping my smile. “But I don’t want to like him!” I said louder and looking at her. I really didn’t want to fall for him. One because I didn’t want to be seen as some sort of object of his or the palace’s. And two because I didn’t deserve to be princess or one day queen. Braylen did. I wouldn’t know what to do! I wasn’t raised to be a leader! I wouldn’t be a good partner for him either…



Destiny Harthbrooke

Shakedly, (not sure if that’s a word lmao) I took the glass of water slowly sipping it. The clear liquid was ice cold against my throat which was becoming sore, maybe it was because of the crying or maybe i was becoming ill. I honestly didn’t know.

The girl said her name was Abbie. She seemed really nice. I decided I wanted to be friends with her. “T- thank you.” I said, my tears finally slowing down. Tear stains were on the neck of my dress and my grey cardigan. I tried to wipe my eyes with the corner of my sleeve. My nose was running and blocked. It wasn’t very comfortable. I felt like I was ill but how could I be sure?

I mean, that happens when you cry but you don’t usually get a sore throat do you? It’s probably nothing. I took another sip of water. Besides, I can’t call in sick before I talk to the prince can I?


𝒜𝓂𝑒𝓁𝒾𝒶 𝐵𝓁𝒶𝓀𝑒:

Lia watched as Kendall turned herself away from Amelia, though just for a moment, Lia knew something was wrong. Amelia had been known to have a sixth sense for people’s emotions – even if they were hiding it well. And at that moment in the pit of her stomach, Amelia knew something was off. This thought was confirmed as she heard the girl’s next murmur:

“It… I’ll tell you later just- “

With that, Amelia had already subconsciously begin figuring out what in the hell she could do to make the girl sitting before her feel better – or, at the very least, get her mind off what ever had her feeling such away. When the girl offered to go to the music room, a grin grew upon her features as she jumped up off the seat and looped Kendall’s arm within her own before making their way to the coveted music room they had only seen a glance of the day before.

On the walk there, Amelia didn’t dare say anything. She knew Kendall would likely prefer the silence to mull over whatever had occurred and wanted to giver her slight room to breathe – though as they entered the music room once more, Lia’s smile grew.

“Alright, Kendall…” She whispered bringing her over to the grand piano and sitting her down on the bench. “Play it out,” explained. For Amelia – she knew whenever emotions clouded her mind, the only thing that helped her was music – allowing those emotions to come out through her voice or melodies. Although she wasn’t sure if the girl shared the same sentiments, it didn’t hurt to try.



Azura Cole

I smiled as he said that he liked chess and suspected I did too. "Yeah it’s one of my favorite games maybe we should play it sometime. " I say smiling as I think about how fun it would be to get to play chess with him not just to get to know him better but to get to do something we both enjoyed together. I leaned back in my seat as he talked about how he viewed the one. “I mean I agree with you that love is something that has to grow between people. It isnt just something that magically happens.” I leaned in when he began to laugh at what I had asked him. “A few of the other contestants told me that.” I said a bit confused that he was laughing. I was shocked when he asked me if I wanted to go home. “No I have no intentions of going home. Especially now you seem really nice and I would like to get to know you better.” As I say this I see a guard walking towards us and know I have to leave now. I nod smiling at him and stand up. “Hopefully I will see you again soon Austen.” I wave and then walk away with the guard



:musical_keyboard: Kendall :musical_keyboard:

I could see her searching my face for things that could’ve just happened. But she didn’t question me. She was nice like that. Instead, she picked me up out of my seat and almost drug me to the music room. Once again I saw the glory of it that I had only seen once before. I don’t think anything else in the whole world could be as beautiful and astonishing as this very room. And I was lucky enough to be in it. She sat me down on the piano for me to play. I looked at the piano first, taking in its glory. Black and so shiny, and obviously recently polished.

I then looked back at her for a second while I thought of what to play. But it came to me quick. I motioned first her to either sit on top of the piano or right beside me. I took a deep breath, let my fingers fall onto the clean, shiny keys and let them play the song that I had played millions of times before. The words had no connection to my situation, but the emotion did. I just was closing my eyes as I let my vocal chords and fingers play by muscle memory. That was something I loved about music. You didn’t have to think. You could just let the rest of the world melt away for a few minutes. And that was what I needed right now. Some might say it’s dramatic, but what was being dramatic anyways? Dramatic is being over the top, but what if those ‘over the top’ actions are just the authentic ones?



Gemma Romano

Gemma chuckled a little at the prince introducing himself as if she didn’t know who he was. She looked him over with a smile, he was attractive, and from the little she knew he did seem to be nice. “Well, it’s not every day that a girl gets to meet the prince of her kingdom, any girl would be lucky to have this opportunity. I don’t imagine most would feel lucky to speak with a girl like me.” Many wouldn’t feel like there was anything special about speaking with a poor five who had poor health throughout her childhood, and some may not even like the thought of speaking with a girl that had been born to an eight. “I guess you’re right. Odds are at least one of 35 girls will be very extreme. Hopefully for everyone’s sake, and especially yours, the rest of us are all genuine.” Gemma did hope that prince Austen would choose to be with her at the end of The Selection. She didn’t think he actually would, but she at least hoped that whoever he fell in love with would love him deeply in return and be a good queen alongside him. She didn’t know Austen, but all of Illea deserved a king and queen who loved each other and would do right by their kingdom. “Well, I don’t usually have much free time. When I’m not in school, I’m usually doing any little odd job someone will pay me for. Otherwise, I’m with my dad. Either helping him with poetry or a performance, or just spending time together. I do like listening to music, reading, and any type of theatre, but I don’t get much time for it. What sort of things do you do whenever you have time free, or well what would you rather do or where would you rather be right now?”