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The Selection

Illea was built on the ashes of the former United States, which was destroyed after losing World War III to China. The resulting country (the American State of China) rebuffed an invasion from Russia which led the entire area of North America to be led by one man: George Illea. George declared himself king and Illea was born. Illea spans from the bottom tip of Central America all the way up to the northernmost parts of Canada. It is cut up into 35 provinces, some named after their old names (ex. Carolina is named after South and North Carolina) and some are more difficult to figure out.

After the war, a society was formed putting people in castes. Castes are what separates the different kinds of people and your social ranking in the world. Illea is divided up into 8 different castes. Once you are born into your caste, you are destined to your caste and the only way you can move is through marriage or through the selection.


Ones: Royalty and Religious Figures

Twos: Celebrities, Athletes, Pop Stars, Politicians, and Military and Police Officers

Threes: Scientists, Doctors, Philosophers, Writers, and Other Educated Professionals

Fours: Business Owners and Managers

Fives: Performers

Sixes: Secretaries, Housekeepers, Seamstresses, Cooks and Clerks

Sevens: Manual Laborers

Eights: Homeless People, the Sick, and other Undesirables


Allens - @benitz786 (Second Character) :butterfly:
Angeles - @Xx_Alyssa_xX :butterfly:
Atlin - @fal.renet1398 :butterfly:
Baffin - @Aesthetic :butterfly:
Bankston - @Aesthetic_epyy :butterfly:
Belcourt - @BrookieK :butterfly:
Bonita - @benitz786 :butterfly:
Calgary - @Kat (Second Character) :butterfly:
Carolina - @Littlefeets
Clermont - @SageHeart :butterfly:
Columbia - @HyperKari :butterfly:
Dakota - @BlondeGlassesGirl :butterfly:
Denbeigh -
Dominica -
Fennley - @Madilnel :butterfly:
Hansport - @raviola :butterfly:
Honduragua - @WhiteBlossom (Second Character) :butterfly:
Hudson - @mira_bella (Third Character) :butterfly:
Kent - @Rose
Labrador - @TL_DR
Lakedon -@Xx_Alyssa_xX(second character) :butterfly:
Likely- @mira_bella :butterfly:
Midston - @mira_bella (Second Character) :butterfly:
Ottaro - @Caticorn :butterfly:
Paloma -
Panama - @BlondeGlassesGirl (Second Character) :butterfly:
Sonage - @SilverKittrn :butterfly:
Sota - @MeghanWrites :butterfly:
St. George - @GlitterFist (Second Character) :butterfly:
Sumner -
Tammins - @Kat :butterfly:
Waverly - @metanoia :butterfly:
Whites - @WhiteBlossom :butterfly:
Yukon - @GlitterFist :butterfly:
Zuni - @Etherwalker :butterfly:

Letter Sent Out To The Girls

The recent census has confirmed that a single woman between the ages of sixteen and twenty currently resides in your home. We would like to make you aware of an upcoming opportunity to honor the great nation of Illéa. Our beloved prince, Austen Frinton-Smith is coming of age this month. As he ventures into this new part of his life, he hopes to move forward with a partner, to marry a true Daughter of Illéa. If your eligible daughter, sister, or charge is interested in possibly becoming the bride of Austen Frinton-Smith and the adored princess of Illéa, please fill out the enclosed form and return it to your local Province Services Office. One woman from each province will be drawn at random to meet the prince. Participants will be housed at the lovely Illéa Palace in Angeles for the duration of their stay. The families of each participant will be generously compensated for their service to the royal family.

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@TL_DR @Aesthetic_epyy @BrookieK @Rose @Littlefeets @MeghanWrites @Samantha79 @lb15 @Etherwalker @Xx_Alyssa_xX @fal.renet1398 @SkyWalker @metanoia @sunflower.flow @SageHeart @AtlasFlameAi @duck


At least three sentences per post.
Anything after clothes will fade to black. (Unless you want to take over from there (as in @Megan you)
Censor swear words.
You may only have one character per person, for now. If you wish to have more than one character, let us know and we can tag you if we accept more than one character per person.
Please post all ORP’s on the sign up form.
No drama, please.
No god modding.
All standard role playing rules apply.
You can not request an audience with the Prince, he will request you.
All of your characters rooms are on the second floor. Anyone caught on the third floor (royal chambers) will be sent home immediately.
No violence or sabotaging others. You will get kicked out, if caught .
If your character is sent home, please do not hate @Skyler2. She’s trying to make it as fair as possible and has nothing against you or your character.
If you are not able to be online and need time please PM me or Skyler otherwise after 3 days or so your character will be put up for adoption or removed from the competition

If you have questions about anything please PM me or @Skyler2



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Stop joining!

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Moved to sign ups :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


What happens if two people apply from the same province?

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For now, one person can be reserved from each province… If there are two of the same, either me or @Skyler2 will PM you and ask you to choose another one


Can I reserve a female from Labrador?


Sure thing!

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Can I reserve Sota?

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Are we allowed to reserve multiple characters?

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Not for now, one character only since there are already 17 people who are interested… after we have at least 15 sign ups, then a second character can be made but it is first come first serve

For sure


:+1:t2: makes sense.

Can I reserve a girl from Carolina?


It’s just easier that way, otherwise there may too many characters

U sure can

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Please make sure you read the rules and go through everything before you sign up!

@RPers - In case you would like to sign up


I’m confused.

Why would you want @Aesthetic_epyy to not join?

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Can I reserve a character for the province Columbia or Dominica?

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Which one lmao?


Can I reserve a female from Ottaro?

Dominica then. :blush: