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The Selection

Years ago, after the Third World War, the nation of Illea was founded. The country was formed from what was once the United States, and encompassed the remainder of North America. With a new country ruled by a monarchy, a new society came to be. Illea was split into 35 provinces, and a caste system was initiated. The caste system defines the lives of everyone in Illea. What caste you are decides what you can do, what opportunities you’ll have, and how others will view you. At the top, there’s the Ones, the royal family themselves, leading all the way to the lowest caste, the Eights, the homeless and those considered to be a drain on society. Your caste is who you are, and there’s little hope for changing that, unless a female were to marry into her husband’s caste, or a man were to be drafted into the military. However, there’s another way that only comes once in a generation. The Selection.

When the prince of Illea comes of age, the Selection begins. One girl between the ages of 16 and 20 is randomly selected from each province to come to the palace where they will have the opportunity to win the prince’s heart and become his wife and the princess of Illea. The only question is, which girl will win?

Character Cloning
Alright everyone, to make this work out, there will often be situations requiring the cloning of characters.

For example, I will likely be responding for multiple interactions between the prince and the selected girls at the same time (ex. He may be on a date with one girl in one interaction, but I’m also posting for his interaction with a different girl at a different point in time.) For this reason, I request that if you have any specific plans your character may do that include the prince, please keep me in the loop in case other interactions may be impacted

With this consideration, you will also be allowed to clone your characters as needed. (Especially if its because of an interaction with the prince and having an interaction with other characters.) Just make sure the time of the interaction is noted. I recommend even on non-cloned characters/interactions to still have a note in the post of when the interaction takes place. (Ex. If the interaction is in the morning before breakfast in the ladies’ room, at the top of your post write something like, “Early Morning - Ladies’ Room” or “Before Breakfast - Ladies’ Room - with Character” or say if its an interaction in the garden at night with the prince, and I state the actual time, it can be something like “8:00pm - Gardens - with Prince Beckett”)

Additional Information

  • There is no Character limit. (I’m not saying go wild and make 10 girls in the selection. But I’ll allow 3 or so, and for more you can make palace staff)
  • Feel free to make plots among the maids and/or guards, and plan with the selected girls and their own maids (whether you make the maids characters yourself, or you let another RPer make the maids for your character, or the maids remain npcs)
  • Please feel free to start an interaction with the Queen and the Princess. Seriously, have your girls interact with the Queen, find out what it was like when she was the one trying to earn the heart of the prince. And get to know the princess, you never know, your character may find they have more of a spark with her than the prince
  • Both the Prince and Princess have a detailed list of likes and dislikes, but these will not be available for you to know when the RP begins. You will have to interact with them and find out more about them, and as you find something out, it will be added to the slides. This is to ensure that you don’t try to cater your character’s likes and dislikes to match theirs.
  • If you have an idea for an event/plot line/date with the prince/etc. please share it with me! I’m up for any ideas.
  • If you need/want an npc for any reason, let me now and I can help out however needed. I post for one, provide any information that might be needed, or anything else.

Note: Please Reserve before signing up. And reserve what province your character is from if they are in the selection. If you don’t reserve it, I can’t guarantee that someone else won’t take the province.

Province List

Map available in the general information slides

28/35 Selected Girls Reserved
21/35 Selected Girls Submitted

Faceclaims: Link
General Information: Link (Please Read - includes information on the castes, upcoming events, and more)

Signups: Link
Palace Staff Signups: Link

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Aaah yesss I’m innnnn finally I’m in the mood for a new rp lol

I'll be reserving 2 characters, these are the two provinces they'll come from


Okay I have a few questions before I reserve …

1.) You mentioned in the general informations that if a girl marries into a different caste than her own, she would become that caste. You also mentioned that if a girl from the selected marries the prince her family will all become ones.
My question is, is the family becoming a different caste in case one girl from the family marries just for the first caste or for other cases too? For instance, if a girl is in the seventh caste, to keep her family from poverty she decided to marry well and bring her family up at least one caste … Is that possible or is it just the girl changing castes in that situation?
2) Is there any difference between the Provinces? For instance is there a Province where the eights are more prominent? Do the poor or the rich live closer to the seas? Where in the Provinces do the royals live?
3) You said that we can only create either the women that are the Selcted or Palace Staff and Guards … Could we make some other male character? For instance, a character’s brother that sneaks into the palace every week to talk to his sister or just other people that would be found in the castle, like singers from the second caste that were brought to entertain the girls and maybe one of the girls falls for them, ect.
4) How many brances is there in the millitary? Like Navy, paratroopers, air force, etc etc. Also, do detectives, policemen, FBI, CIA also fall under millitary or do they belong to another caste?
5) You mentioned people from any caste could be drafted into the millitary. Does that include people from the Ones cast and does it include Rebels? Could there be a millitary branch that drafts caught Rebels and traitors as punishment for disobeying the law or murdering somebody as a Souther rebel? One that is more of a punishemnt and isn’t celebrated … Like ones that go into suicide missions and things like that.
6) Are there any other royal members but the family? Does the royal family not give awarding titles to people who deserve them? Do they not knight the brave heros that saved their lives and so on and so forth? So would there be dukes, duchesses, Knights, Lords, Ladies, ect ect …
7) Could we get a short history of the other winners who got to marry the prince in the past? Just to see which castes were chosen the most times …
8) Okay so if the prince has a younger brother, who won’t become king but is still part of the royal family and can marry whoever he wants, would a girl that marries him also be brought up to caste one, or is there a difference when you marry a future king?
9) Can we play and/or have romances with other parts of the royal family? For instance, if a girl is really into MILFs and wants to sleep with the Queen … Would actually doing that also be punishable by death if the Queen decides to spare her life?


Awesome! Sounds great, I’ll note those down!


Wait a minute @Littlefeets

I understand why there can’t be more than one girl in the selected from the same caste, there’s only one picked from each caste, but why do we need to reserve provinces? There can’t be more than one character from one of those provinces? Somebody could bond form being in the same province, that could be fun.

Also, I have an idea for a plot involving a guard and the prince, and one involving a rebel, … Could I PM you about it?


It is just the girl who would move to a new caste.
However, in her new caste she could still give her family money and do other things to help them out, make sure they weren’t struggling to survive, but the rest of her family would remain in their cast.

There’s multiple from each caste.
There’s only one girl from each province.

Go for it.

Btw how do you know what rank your character is?


Nvm I can’t read lol


I thought they started out with a rank lol


Oh so there’s like 35 contestants?

Can I reserve Bankston for a my girl?

Okay @Littlefeets you also mentioned that if a person loses their abillity to work they are brought down to the 8th caste. I have 2 questions for this …

Does that mean that most elderly people and cripples are in the 8th caste?

And two, does that mean if a woman marries a working man and is brought to his caste and she begins working, if he loses the abillity to work but she still has it, would he be brought down to 8th caste and then bring his wife with him? If the woman was brought down with the man in that case would the same happen to a man if his wife loses the abillity to work?

Also I haven’t see a way for a man to progess in a caste except if he joins a war. For a woman it’s possible, she just has to marry a man from the caste she wants to be in if she wants to become that caste, but if a man, who was born into the second caste to a millitary family wants to become a head chef because he has the talent for it and not for war … What would he have to do to bring himself down a few castes in order to be happy living his life to it’s full potential instead of sucking at his job?

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There’s going to be a mix of each of the castes in each province.
I’m not really certain where there may specifically be more or less of certain castes though. (only so much information on some of the provinces is given in the book series :sweat_smile:)

I’d prefer for characters to just be the selected girls, maids, or guards.

As far as a character’s brother sneaking in… sneaking into the palace wouldn’t be easy. And that would likely only even be possible if they would be from Angeles. However, you could say the brother became a palace guard.
As far as someone like a singer or other things like that, I’d rather them just be an NPC.

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I’m intrigued, but my brain just kinda melted…

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Sure thing!

Not necessarily.
Those with handicaps often become Eights, but the elderly would still be taken care of by their families.

He would not become an eight.
Really its if they no longer can take care of themselves or have anyone that can help them.
Eights are those who would be homeless, and truly have nothing.

A man’s caste wouldn’t change. He’s for the most part stuck with the caste he was born into. The exception being if he’s in a lower caste and goes into the military.

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Wow that sucks … I wouldn’t want to live in this world lol … You said the book didn’t mention some things? What book was this based on?

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Each character comes from a caste before the selection


The Selection.
Its a really good series and this link should be able to help answer a lot for you (its what I’m using as a quick reference myself)

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Is a woman not allowed into the millitary?

That I don’t know.
Police officers and stuff like that would be caste 2 as well though.
Anything military/police/even firefighters is part of caste 2.

It does not include ones. Ones are exempt from being drafted, as they are the royal family, or religious figures. As well as Eights are likely not drafted as well due to their status, being homeless and generally considered as a stain on society. As far as rebels, it depends on whether or not they live in society as normal (not necessarily actively doing anything to rebel, but supporting), as if they weren’t a rebel, or if they live with the rebel groups themselves.
Any rebels captured would be punished accordingly for their crimes, but not by being used in military operations.

Potentially they could give awarding titles, etc. but the only royals are the royal family.
The closest would be perhaps twos or threes, cause they would live a life without worry.

Cause twos and threes are basically the upper class. Fours are more of the upper end of the middle class, while fives are the lower end of the middle class. Sixes and sevens are very poor. (Fives and below often have large families and the children start working as soon as possible so the family can have enough income)

I don’t have a history of past winners in regards to this rp specifically (other than the queen, who grew up as a six, and she’d have probably been the only six who’s ever won, and there’s likely never been a seven to win)

But in the book series, the winners had previously been twos or threes already, but eventually there was a four, then a five. (Which in the books, previously there were few below caste four that were even chosen to participate in the selection.)

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send mine lol…