The Six Tales - A Ninja RP (Small group RP)

The Six Tales - A Ninja RP

Basic Information

The RP will follow 2 sets of Ninja teams from different villages. One. the Village Hidden in The Stars, the other the Village Hidden in The Crystals. The teams are made up of 3 Genin and 1 Jounin level team leader or Sensei (Teacher).

The teams will be given various missions and tasks to carry out. Some more dangerous than others. At some point the 2 teams will come in contact with each other. the 2 villages are very different from each other. One hates all the other villages, the other strives of peace. Hopefully they will realise they aren’t so different after all.

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General RP rules apply
Feel free to read along and follow the story
It is on a public thread after all.
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If you want to join please message me or @Raven_Black or @Luna


Is this a sign up thread?

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So the official RP thread? Just checking so it can be placed in the right section.

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Already fixed the section part. sorry thought I did that before posting it. :sweat_smile:

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No problem! Enjoy the RPing :eyes:

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:wolf: :white_flower: Shadow of the Hidden Stars :wolf: :white_flower:

Today was the day Shadow had dreamed of many years ago. Today she was officially a ninja of the Hidden Stars Village. She may have only been a Genin but that didn’t matter to her. It was probably the same for her best friends Cleo and Raine. “Ice, You can come back inside now!” Shadow yelled out. Ice was a very considerate wolf when it came Shadow changing or needed to have a private conversation with people. To be fair Shadow had changed in front of Ice before but she was a lot younger than she was now, maybe its an age thing. Shadow really couldn’t say what it was. Shadow was wearing a variation of her normal outfit. This particular version showed of her of her skin, more on the arms than anywhere else.

Shadow’s apartment was fairly simple in layout. She had a small bathroom. The kitchen and the bedroom were the same room. The bed was pushed up against a wall so it was under the only window the apartment had. The bedroom/kitchen had a sink with a small stove next to the door leading to the bathroom. There was a small hallway that leaded to the main room. The hallway had a little step by the front door where Shadow left her shoes. She also expected her guests to take their shoes off their too. All Shadow had to do was put her shoes on and get to the 3rd training area to meet her teammates and Sensei.

Shadow suspected her teammates would be Cleo and Raine since the 3 of them balance each other out so well. But the Village chief is known for splitting up friends even if they would make a good team. No one knows how the teams are chosen. It apparently changes every year. The only thing the Genin’s know is where to meet up with their team. The star village has done it this way for as long as any one can remember.

~Skipped the journey to the 3rd training area~

Shadow was the first to arrive. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. Shadow had Ice with her as always. Ice was a large 6 ft Direwolf. His fur was was white as snow. Ice seemed to be on edge like there was someone watching them. He was in a defensive stance ready to attack any threat that came at them. “Ice, calm down. We are fine.” Shadow sighed.

:lizard: Raine of the Hidden Stars :spades:

Raine hated early mornings. If today wasn’t such an important day she would of slept in until the latest point possible. Raine was happy today she was officially a working member of the village, not the child that was abandoned all those years ago. She really only had her lizard companion, Atlas and best friends Shadow and Cleo. Raine decided to go with a simpler outfit than her normal style. She didn’t want to give her new team the wrong first impression. She would of loved to shown off some more colour but not many of the tean’s her age really don’t like the way she dresses. Cleo and Shadow are just as out land-dish with their clothing choices. Atlas wrapped himself around Raine’s shoulders to give her some comfort. Raine appreciated the effort but it wasn’t want she needed right now. she wanted the meet up over with. Raine hated her small appartment, she heated living near her loud and rude neighbours. It was proably a good thing she had a meeting today. Raine looked at her clock. “Cr@p!! I’m going to be late” She yelled before running all the way to the 3rd training area. She couldn’t see anyone when she entered through the left gated entrance. Just who would be her teammates.

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:eagle:Cleo of the Hidden Stars:fire:

Cleo was the first to arrive at the 3rd training area or at least she thought she was. She entered the training area about an hours before the meeting was supposed to take place. Air hated it when Cleo turns up to places late. Ari was pecking at her exposed feet when she was sleeping since the sun had risen. After about an hour of Ari’s pecking Cleo gave up and got dressed before heading out to the training area. She didn’t think of putting on a special outfit for her new teammates. who honestly cared if they disliked her. She certainly didn’t. Cleo had all the friends she wanted in Ari,Shadow,Ice,Raine and Atlas.

The training ground was unusually quite even if this was a meeting spot for the new teams today. Cleo had seem on many occasion of ANBU ninja training here before everyone woke up. There wasn’t even birds in the trees. “Ari, go scout out the place. Something seems off” Cleo said, her displeasure and worry would of been obvious to anyone around. Ari nodded her head before flying off to search the area.

Cleo kept walking forward hoping she would find what was making the area so quite. She was starting to think this was a bad idea but she was a real ninja now. “I could do this” Cleo kept telling herself over and over again. Cleo didn’t know how much time had pass when she came across a stand figure wearing a white mask with a red crescent moon painted on it sitting on a tree branch. The figure had really muscular arms. Cleo was starting to doubt her chances against this guy on her own. The figure seemed to be watching Cleo intensely as she got closer to him. Cleo was ready to take out some of her shuriken out. The figure jumped down from the branch like it was nothing. The figure came running forward towards Cleo, they were a lot after than she had expected. She threw a few shuriken at the the figure, they didn’t hit there mark. That wasn’t a surprise with how fast the figure was moving. The figure knocked Cleo over with a shoulder barg to the chest. Cleo landed hard and was struggling for breath. Cleo struggled to her feet. She got out a kunai from her weapons pouch. She was ready to us it as a small sword. The figure appeared to have the same idea. He lunged lunged forward, quickly sprinting towards Cleo and coming closer, then jabbing out their sword in attempt to stab Cleo , but this time Cleo’s reflex kicked in and she ducked forward, trying to cleave there legs. The figure noticed this at the last second and only got away with a small, bleeding slice to the ankle. They sprinted at Cleo again, but this time Cleo just raised my sword and the two blades clanged together, creating a rumbling echo through the forest section of the training area. The weight of their sword was dragging Cleo down, but Cleo soon recovered and pushed back hard thanks to a sudden burst of adrenaline . The figure was very strong, so Cleo jumped back and dashed off deeper into the woods to find better cover and maybe buy some time to come up with a better plan. Cleo hoped it was close to the meeting time for her team she could really use the helping fighting this figure.

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