The Spring Exchange (a spring secret santa) Sign Ups

:hibiscus: :tulip: :blossom: TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! :hibiscus: :tulip: :blossom:

Since I love spring so much and it makes me so happy, I would like to pass my happiness onto you guys.

So, since I love secret Santa and spring, I decided to create the spring exchange! The template I will be using was created by @fraud on episode, so I hope he/she is ok with this.

How it will work...
  1. Comment one thing you like about spring and you will be automatically entered. It doesn’t matter what day you enter, as long as you follow rule 2. Also, tag me!

  2. You will be placed in a group of four people. You, and three other friends can join as a group! You can’t be entered until there are four people…

  3. I will PM you the name of the person you are giving a gift to. Please keep it a secret. You are always welcome to clarify with me if you don’t know who you got. I won’t tell you who has you, though. I can also tell you if the person who you got has asked for anything specific.

  4. It is encouraged to comment down below your character deets, stuff you like etc. Though, I can’t promise you will get exactly what you want…

  5. The gift does not have to be an extravagant piece of art, you know… It can be a poem, it can even be a coded scene of your choice. So please, make someone else happy, too.

  1. You must submit the gift on time.
  2. BE KIND!!!
  3. No bullying
  4. Most of all, have a happy spring!!

The codeword is an emoji: :coconut:




Sorry, guys…
@Rose @AMagic @Danielle318 @Victoriaecs @The-Queen-of-Kit-Kat @Samantha79 @_haruka @Jas.K @LoneWolf @Aesthetic_epyy @unicornio @euphoriaa @UnwantedGhost @Hanna1

DUE DATE IS THE 1st OF MAY!! (It’s on a Friday) You have plenty of time!

I would really appreciate it if this wasn’t a flop lmao…


Sounds cool but I’m too stressed to join right now :crying_cat_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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Ok. That’s fine.

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  1. The weather in Spring is amazing.
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Sees this and thinks, maybe I can take part as I only draw sticks figures…

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There’s kind of the same thing going on… @WolfGamerGirl37 is doing a Easter Exchange…


But anyways I’m in!

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Ok! Sounds good, but we’re going to need two more people to join before I can make an official group…

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@CiCe, @chococarmela, @duck, @Dying_Dreams, any of you wanna join?


I love going outside in the spring after the cold winter. :grin::cold_face::coconut:



I think this is already a thing lol.

You know what they say, the more, the merrier.

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Great! Now we just need one more person to have one official group!

Can I join?

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Ofc u can! Just read the “How to” and the rules at the top!

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I just love the rain. :cloud_with_rain:

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You’re explaining this much better than I did :laughing:. I don’t mind at all.

And as you said, the more the merrier. We had two Secret Santa topics on the other forum and that worked great since they weren’t exactly the same. :wink: Mine was better though (jk).

I’m not able to enter because I don’t think I have time. :sleepy:

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This is a good concept for spring. Like @SilverKittrn said we have one for Easter as well. Hope this goes well for you too! I might join depending on how much time I have.


@Annasilveroriginal you are totally safe to keep this going! It won’t interfere at all with the Easter one since it’s due date is Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.



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