The topic of Hot Topic

An Elmerch

It’s made out of a really nice material, super good quality



Thanks! I’ll get that one, then.

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Oooh Hot Topic. I don’t shop at there much, but there is some really cool stuff there. (I shop more at the related store, BoxLunch.)

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I love it. What the difference between the two stores?

The best description of BoxLunch would be like Hot Topic, (since Hot Topic is the parent company) but on the lighter side. BoxLunch doesn’t really have the band merch and darker type stuff. There’s a ton of Disney merchandise, anime stuff, Marvel stuff, Harry Potter stuff, and assorted stuff related to other movies/tv shows/video games.

My aunt got me clothes!

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God, I need to shop for BNHA things now.

Ahhh, still need to. And Demon Slayer.

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