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The train, designed by none other than Mr Weildson, contains the only survivors left on the planet, and circles around the world almost 3 times a year. It can never stop.

Within its precious walls are four social classes, divided by wealth:

  • Tailies

  • Third Class

  • Second Class

  • First Class

You are one of the lucky few that made it onboard.

The world was burning.

Global warming had reached unprecedented heights, and then a war broke out. World war 3, and the end of the world. As temperatures continued to rise, panicked humans fell into chaos. Eventually, scientists pulled together and released chemicals into the air, planning to reverse the damage they had made.

There was no room for error… And they made a huge one

Their chemicals were far too strong, freezing the Earth to its core. Everything was doomed; except for Mr Weildson. He opened his Train and accepted only those who could pay his price. And it was high.

Billionaires boarded first, many of them responsible for the planet’s doom. Then came second and third class passengers.

The train was attacked just before it left, by normal people hoping to stow away on board and survive the freeze. They were desperate, knowing full well that if they didn’t, they would all die. Many of them were killed in the process, but a bare minimum got onboard and managed to secure a spot in the back of the train.

The doors shut behind them, and the Train began its journey; never to stop.

RP Rules
  • Reserve: When reserving, please put in the character’s occupation and social class

  • Use TWs and CWs: Make sure you censor and adequately warn about sensitive topics. Just “TW” is not enough. Eg. - “TW - Gore” would be appropriate for a gorey scene. Make sure to blur the content as well, and do extensive research on any sensitive themes, so that you can portray them properly.

  • There are no absolute rules for post length: As much as I love and encourage you to write longer paragraphs, giving the other person lot’s to reply to, one liners are also ok in terms of a brief conversation - although I hope that they can be minimised if possible

  • Please post at least twice a week: This doesn’t mean for every character, but posting twice a week helps keep the rhythm going. However, I’m pretty easygoing - just lmk if you aren’t going to post for a period longer than a week. If i don’t get a notification and this happens, I’ll ping you a reminder. If there is no activity for four weeks without explanation, your characters are automatically put up for adoption.

  • Each character needs a unique name and FC: This is mostly to avoid confusion, as when too many characters have similar names people get mixed up. The rule includes different spellings. Only characters who are identical twins can share an FC.

  • No perfect characters: It’s so much more fun when your character has flaws and can be hurt. That being said, avoid “useless” characters also; ie - characters that have so many flaws they can barely function without having a mental breakdown, and are useless in terms of helping others, constantly needing help themselves.

  • No God-modding without permission: This goes without saying, but do not control someone else’s character, hurt them or kill them without their permission.

  • Implied sex is allowed: Fade to black after clothes come off please, describing actual sex will get you flagged. No sexual activities are to be implied between characters that are minors/characters that have not consented

  • Use good grammar: Slang and the like are fine, in dialogue. However, if it’s exceedingly difficult to understand the text I will ping you about it.

  • No ORP posts - these clog the thread. Put it in at the end of the post or move to the chat thread.

  • Mature Content: The show, Snowpiercer, contains a lot of Mature content, including but not limited to: Drugs, cannibalism and brutal punishments. These may be mentioned (with blurring and tws) in your character’s backstories, but none of these things will occur during the roleplay.

  • Have fun! - I’ve wanted to try this rp for a while, so feel free to add your own little subplots to keep things enjoyable. I do have to ask that you consult me, though, if you wish to create a plot that affects multiple characters/fundamental systems on The Train. Eg: Consult me before starting a revolution please :joy:

Rules of the Train
  • Theft earns you a punishment of a week to a year in The Drawers, depending on the value of the stolen goods and the desires of the victim.

  • Murder demotes you to the Tail - or in extreme cases, you could be thrown off the train.

  • Assault of any kind (bar verbal) will result in up to a year in the drawers

  • School: All children under the age of 16 must attend school.

  • Jobs: Once you leave school, you must transition into a job within a month - EXCEPT 1st Class

  • Transport: All passengers have a chip inserted in their fingertip that allows them to travel over the train. The doors that the chips open depend on the passenger’s job and social status. No chip is able to access the Tailie section. (Info about chips will be included in the faceclaims)

  • Drawers: No one is allowed to visit the drawers without authorisation from hospitality.

  • Weapons: Anyone below first class caught with a weapon that does not come with their job will be subjected to a full body search and all weapons will be confiscated.

  • Food: Each day, each passenger can receive a daily amount of food tokens, each one equivalent to 100 calories. Third class females received 18-20 tokens. Third class males received 24-25. Second class received 30. First class received 20/25 to begin, but they can get more whenever they like, compared to once a day like the other classes do. Tokens can be exchanged off-market for other items, such as a haircut or something of the like. Tokens are exchanged to the cooks’ tills for food, priced on calories.

  • Fire: Should a fire break out, everyone is to be evacuated from the carriage immediately, and security will be instructed to put it out. Construction workers will then fix the carriage before allowing passengers to return.

  • The Tribunal: Should someone commit a crime onboard the train, a Tribunal made up of four randomly selected passengers from first and second will judge whether they are guilty or not, and their fate - It’s like the Jury in Court. The rest of first and second are invited to watch. Third and Tail do not get to watch or get a seat on the Tribunal, even if one of their own is being judged.

  • Pregnancy: Second and Third Class have to win a baby lottery in order to get the privilege of having a child on the Train. To stop them from rebelling, the Train mixes their food with contraceptives, and the passenger is only allowed to have untainted food if they produce a baby lottery card. If the card is lost or stolen, then too bad. Should a baby be born without the passenger having won it on the lottery, the child would have to be hidden, or else it would be sent to the Tail, and they would not receive and education or any food tokens. They wouldn’t get any medical care, and they would be forced to live in hiding for their entire life.

Tailies are not protected by these rules. They have no rights onboard the train.

(More rules may be added as I think of them)


“Night, night.” They whispered. The little boy’s terrified whimpers were slowly rising in volume as he backed away, a small teddy bear clutched to his chest. Moments later, the bear fell to the ground, and silence reigned

The year is ATF-3, and the second murder in less than a month has occurred on The Train. Passengers are growing suspicious and Hospitality is finding it increasingly difficult to cover the tracks. They’ve already sent one person to the Drawers, but was it the right one? Or is this the same murderer back again, threatening to destroy everything they’ve worked for.

They need to act fast, preferably before the gossip wheel catches on to the truth. The question is, how?

More information on social classes


Requirement to get onboard:

  • Had to fight through security and board the train by force

Tailies are confined to one train car at the back of the train. They live on black protein bars, supplied by the crew. Their women have been sterilized, and there hasn’t been a child born in two years. The only way for them to escape this life is to become apprenticed to someone in the upper classes or to be found useful for a job - ie: someone desperately needs surgery, but the only surgeon specialized to do it is a tailie. The tailie would be removed from the cart and offered third class privileges in return for their service.

As the crew is steadily lessening their food supply, the Tailies are growing desperate. It will only take one spark for a revolt to be planned. The question is, could they ever possibly succeed?

|Third Class|

Requirement to get onboard:

  • Prove they have a valuable low-skilled job and earn a job onboard

Third Class citizens onboard the train have a pretty good life. They eat good food in the mess hall, work during the day and have their own places to sleep in dorm rooms. They have a limited amount of daily calories, but it is enough. There are different sections of dorm rooms, and they can move between them if they want, but only after requesting a move from hospitality. There’s a wide range of entertainment options for them also. Their children get free education, up until third level. At third level they must earn a scholarship, depending on the course. They do not get to take holidays. Children must be won in the baby lottery after the first child, which is ‘free’.

Should a child be orphaned, they will simply be given to another family to take care of. It does not matter whether or not the child is wanted.

Third class citizens can be upgraded to second class should they win in one of the regular fight night tournaments, which are very brutal.

Some third class citizens have seen how spoiled second and first are, and are jealous. Gangs can sometimes arise in third class, and the staff don’t often do much unless there’s an emergency, making much of the population feel unsafe. They also often die from preventable diseases, which first and second class get treated for. This causes a large amount of unrest in the ranks, but they have no choice in the matter. Unless they take time off, Third class passengers work 7 days a week with long hours, depending on their jobs

|Second Class|

Requirement to get onboard:

  • £12,000,000 ticket (limited supply) OR

  • Have a high skill set job and pay £500,000 per extra person

Second class citizens on the train live pretty luxuriously compared to the lower classes. They have a diverse, but fixed rate of daily calories. Their children get free access to third level education, and they can have up to two free children. After two, they must enter a baby lottery for an extra one, or adopt the child into a third class family. Should a second class child be orphaned, they will either be adopted into another second class family, or, if none want them, adopted into a third class family. There are an even wider range of entertainment services than in third class. They have access to most of the train, except from first class areas.

Second class passengers live in their own rooms or family rooms, depending on which applies to them better, and they work five days a week, unless they save up days to take bulk time off

|First Class|

Requirement to get onboard:

  • £10 billion ticket per person (limited supply) OR

  • Prove that they helped finance the train OR

  • Be a close relative to Mr Weildson (son, sister, cousin ect.)

First class passengers have an unlimited amount of daily calories, and have access to rare items such as alcohol from before the freeze. They can access any part of the train, and their children get free education of all levels. Should a first class child be orphaned, unless a first class family adopts them, they will be cared for by the crew and remain in first Class. Any dissent from a member of first class could lead to a member of staff being severely punished, as they are viewed as far above the rest of the social hierarchy. Most members of first class are partly responsible for the global warming disaster, but no one truly mentions this except for the lowest classes (third and tailies).

Each family has its own spacious double-decker car to themselves, they have unlimited reproductive rights and can bring pets and personal servants/bodyguards on board with them.

First class passengers don’t work


Third class jobs:

  • Janitors

  • Sanitation workers

  • Agriculture

  • Craftsmen

  • Security/Army

  • Police

  • Construction workers

  • Mechanics

  • Gardener

  • Stockbreeder (animal farmer)

  • Butcher (2)

  • Papermaker (1)

Second Class jobs:

  • Nurse

  • Doctor (1)

  • Surgeon (1)

  • Engineer

  • Hospitality

  • Head of Hospitality (1)

  • Agriculture Officer (1)

  • Head of security

  • Teachers|

Limited influencial Roles

Mr Weildson’s son (0/2)
Mr Weildson’s enby child - (1/1) - @Acorn06
Mr Weildson’s daughter - (0/2)

Head of Hospitality (holds a lot of power on the Train) - (0/1)

more may be added as I think about them

Reserves (Please check before reserving)



Try to keep this relatively even ^

Family members for characters needed (ping them for more details):

Reserved Jobs:

  • Science Teacher (1/1)

  • Agriculture (1)

  • Student (1)

  • Laundry (1)

Jobs needed:

  • Head of hospitality (second class)

  • Teachers (second class)

  • Construction (third class)

  • Sanitation (tailies) (1)

  • Janitors (third class)

  • Hospitality (second class)

  • Chefs (third class)

  • Cooks (third class)

  • Head of agriculture (second class)

  • Security (third class)

  • Jackboots (third class)

  • Engineers (second class)

  • Chief engineer (second class)

  • Mechanics (third class) (1)

  • Waiters (third class)

  • Maids (third class)

  • Agriculture workers (third class)

  • Laundry (third class)

  • Gardeners (third class)

  • Stockbreeders (third class)

  • Butchers (third class) (1)

  • Nurses (second class)

  • Doctors (second class) (1)

  • Surgeons (second class)

  • Night Car Singer (third class) (1)

  • Bartender (third class) (1)

  • Papermaker (third class)

  • Sound Car DJ (Third Class)

  • Food Processing (Third Class)

  • Sea life farmers (third class)

  • Beekeepers (Third Class)

  • Scientist in charge of the Drawers (Second class)

  • Tailie Teacher (Tailie)

Not all of these jobs will be taken of course, the remainder will be filled by NPCs

Please lmk if you would like your character to have a different job/if you have ideas for more jobs

(Unless there is this: (?/?), the number of those jobs available is unlimited)

Sign up Form





Social Class:


Sexual Orientation:

Romantic Orientation:




Extra Details (optional):

In bio please include:

  • Life before the Freeze

  • The Freeze

  • Boarding the Train

  • Life on the train

Advice for creating Tailies:

  • For the FC, avoid plus sized FCs or FCs with a lot of obvious makeup/jewellery. While representation is important, the Tail isn’t fed enough for any of the characters there to be plus sized, unless it’s something genetic. They also don’t have makeup or showers, so there’s no explanation for why they would have makeup on.

  • It is unlikely that any Tailie has a complete family onboard, considering that boarding was brutal and violent, and a lot of people were killed. However, small children may have been ‘adopted’ by adults, and relationships could have formed since

  • No Tailie child is below three years old, because of mandatory contraceptives that have been mixed in with their food.

  • Sometimes Tailies get pulled out temporarily to do jobs, ie: groups of three are regularly removed to do sanitation on the sewers. If the job is a permanent one, ie they need someone who is able to cook because one of the cooks passed away, then the Tailie would experience and upgrade from the Tail into first class.

  • A punishment for lack of cooperation in the Tail is the removal of an arm. This will not happen during the rp, but it may be threatened/you may put it in a character’s bio if you like

  • Tailies are incredibly close-nit and they all know each other. They work together a lot and if someone is moved up in classes, they usually retain contact with the Tail and help them out wherever possible.

Advice for creating third class passengers:

  • Thirdies (their nickname) are usually pretty unhappy with their current way of life, and love to show it by complaining to crew members or people of upper classes.

  • Thirdies view the tail with scorn, seeing them as dirty thieves who will happily murder others, who stowed away and got off scot free.

  • Members of third class have low-skillset jobs, which they must carry out to keep the train going. Failure to do their jobs would result in them being demoted to the tail, with a Tailie promoted to their place.

  • Plus sized FCs are acceptable for third class, but it is unlikely that they will wear makeup unless they are a worker in the Night Car.

  • Third class passengers have access to alcohol, but cheap beer types, rather than actual good drinks.

  • Thirdies didn’t pay a ticket to get onboard, rather they were lucky enough to be chosen by Mr Weildson. Because of this, they to not get a seat on the Tribunal when someone is being charged for a crime

  • If a third class passenger wants a baby, they have to enter the baby lottery, where the only real way to win is to have contacts up-train

Advice for creating second class passengers:

  • Second class passengers have high-skillset jobs, which they must carry out five days a week. They get to choose two days each week to take off, and if they work overtime, they can build up days off to be able to take a holiday. They can only take off a max of a week at a time, with at least three days of work in a row afterwards.

  • Second Class passengers get similar meals to third, however they get dessert every night, which thirdies don’t. They also have a more diverse selection of food available.

  • Second Class passengers also have to enter a baby lottery, but a separate one to the Thirdies, so due to their lesser numbers it is more likely that they may win.

  • These passengers are usually pretty content with their lives, if lonely. Their children get good educations and they get very good healthcare.

  • Second class passengers have the opportunity to sit on the Tribunal, something only they and first class passengers receive, as they are ticketed passengers.

Advice for creating first class passengers:

  • All first class passengers were previously in the top 1% of the world financially.

  • No firstie (their nickname) works

  • First class has extreme power over the rest of the train, as they are viewed as its ‘top dogs’ because they invested in it. They like to think themselves as above the law on the train, and quite often get away with crimes against the Third class because of their contacts in Second Class.

  • Firsties can take their pets and bodyguards on the train with them.

  • Firsties rarely come in contact with third class passengers except when interacting with staff members. They would rarely go down to places where thirdies live, viewing them as nothing more than filthy people living in poverty, without hygiene nor respect for other people.

  • First class children receive private tutoring


Girls FCs:

The Train - Girls - Google Slides

Boys FCs:

The Train - Boys - Google Slides

Non Binary FCs:

The Train - Enby Peeps - Google Slides

Adoption Slides:

The Train - Adoptions - Google Slides

NPC Slides:

NPC Slides - Google Slides

Extra links

Job Descriptions:

Jobs on The Train - Google Slides

Inside the Train:

Interior of the Train - Google Slides



@bpalmer @GlitterFist @elixr @raviola @Kbail @ForeverAngel

I plan to start this rp around June, lmk if there’s anything you would like me to add :]


Can you explain these jobs?


These are all jobs I’ve created characters with, basically the number is letting you know they’ve been taken
I’ve edited agriculture to stockbreeder, which is explained in the (incomplete) job slides


Oh okay

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What kind of family member do you need?

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Can I reserve a tallies please?

Smart third-class citizens would have led a revolt earlier and took over the train. Be a bunch of robin hoods.

What if my character was a Taile that was able to convince Mr.Weildson to let him work the ship in exchange for sleeping expenses

I have a bunch of characters that need family members (most of them will likely be filled by NPCs)

Soarti Jenkins - Tail - needs a little sister
Jonathan Asterky - 2nd Class - needs a fiance
Orion Coal - 1st Class - needs a wife
Jack Jackson - 3rd Class - needs parents and sibling(s)
Mason Cleary - 3rd Class - needs sibling
Maevis Green - 1st class - needs brother(s) and mother and father

Yup! What gender?

yea… no
They already have people who ‘work the ship’ being engineers, sry
however if something were to happen to an engineer, an apprentice would be selected from the Tail to train and then be transferred up to the engine

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I’d be interested in any of these!

Is there a specific surgeon who implants the chips into people’s fingers? Because I wouldn’t mind having that as a job for a character.

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Yea, that’s just be any doctor really, as the insertion thing is relatively low-skillsetted
So whatever doctor type you choose, I’ll just add that they’re in charge of chipping :]

I don’t mind which one you choose, Soarti is one of my more favourite characters definitely, but I have plans for all of them :D

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Okay, I’ll do Soarti’s little sister and a chip surgeon!

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Ok! :laughing: I’m excited lmao

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Sibster time heck ye

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what gender do u want ur surgeon to be?

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Female please

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Reserve a female Doctor!

Andd a male Bartender

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yay! They’re reserved :]

I don’t know why I giggled so hard at this-


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