⚔ The Ultimate Forum Battle! ⚔

throws sparkles at LHT :eyes::sparkles:

Makes everyone faint with one punch.

throws megalodons at everyone

goes to hell to live with my demon friends

sends cat army to attack you

befriends the demons and turns them against Sophia :eyes::sparkles:

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Hugs the cat army and throws fire on you.

dodges the fire and throws snowballs at you

Sophia is safe in Hell

Surrounds you with a snowstorm and a tornado.

throws the entire Earth at you

throws Sophia out of hell and attacks her with eyes and befriended demons :eyes::sparkles:

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Throws the whole of Space at you.

Dies and goes to heaven

flees to my private universe

follows Rose and attacks her with sparkles :eyes::sparkles:

attacks Hanna with pink tulip soup pizzas

catches pizzas and uses them to feed her uni-swan army
Attacks with more sparkles :eyes::sparkles:

dodges the sparkles and throws tomatoes at Hanna

feeds tomatoes to her uni-swan army:eyes::sparkles: