The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Great Plot

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Trying to write an amazing story? Here are the things that you need to think about if you want to make a great, interesting plot.


I’ll be saving this for later lol.
@ChaoticDeluge what are YOUR tips for writing a great plot- what are your preferences?


Yeah, Deluge! And what was the best tip you learnt from this list and why?


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I need to remember the time part! Sometimes I have to constantly remind myself about the time of the story and the setting.


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This is actually so helpful.

Strong beginnings in general and introducing things slowly aren’t really my strengths…I should work on that :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


It takes a lot of work! I know a lot of people who start in media res because they believe it’s the easiest. I disagree :eyes:


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If the plot isn’t the best, then your amazing characters will have nothing interesting to do .

True, or I don’t know. Some plots are very basic, veryyy, and still the story is interesting somehow probably because of the characters. But I guess a basic plot can be a good plot!

Yes, a strong start is important, because like you said, why would anyone keep reading it otherwise?

Oh, interesting… I haven’t read about recalling four things thingy. I know that I usually present information in 3s, but it’s not something I always still to.

Yes, characters. That is what makes people love the Marvel movies. We care about the characters and their friendships seems so real, they have their personalities we can relate to them.

Oh with settings, I love how they made use of it in Game of Thrones. How the location of their upbringing shaped the people and the cultures and it’s so realistic with how it is in our world. Northerners is a bit more cold and closed where people from warmer countries seem a bit more relaxed and friendly.

Oh, character arcs… Only make me think of Jamie Lannister (sorry, I’m reading GoT now so you’ll see me doing lots of GoT related comments HAHA)

Oh Forrest :pleading_face: So wholesome, so pure, really no need to change. It’s similar to Paddington, who makes the characters around him change. They might be a bit naive, seeing the good in everyone and not being judgmental, but it’s so heartwarming and also heartbreaking when/if they get betrayed :sob:.

I hate Smeagol’s character arc, I really wanted him to be good and from the movies it all was about a miscommunication and Smeagol not realizing that Frodo betrayed him to save his life.


Syster, I really love you for how hard-out you go on your post, it’s such a joy to read! (wink)

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Hehe thanks… I guess :see_no_evil: It’s mostly just so that I don’t have to count to 5 or 50 :laughing: Oh, and thanks for reading them :joy: :dizzy:

I’m not proof reading them lol. Saw that I started everything with “oh” because that was what my brain thought

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