The Username Scenario Fan-Fiction

So here’s a thread based on a a forum game, The Username Scenario Game.

I’m planning to take each of the scenarios that have been posted on this thread and write mini fan-fics based on users posts and mentions. So if you’ve posted at least one scenario on that thread then you’ll be receiving a tag when I have got around to creating/writing up yours. I will be trying to do all of them, so if you want to have a go then head to the thread and make sure you follow along with how it’s played. (wink)

If you wanna read and talk about it then that’s up to you. You’re more than welcome to have a chat about any of the little fan-fics I post. Totally don’t mind. (wink) Just please don’t rush me with writing or posting more?!

So here’s a list of the scenarios & therrso far…

Week one: The Seven Dwarfs Game & Fan-fic
Week two: Harry Potter Team Game & Fan-fic
Week three: Road Trip Game & Fan-fic
Week four: Zombie Apocalypse Team Game & Fan-fic
Week five: On a Rollercoaster Game & Fan-fic
Week six: The Yellow-Brick Road Game & Fan-fic
Week seven: Zoo Trip Game & Fan-fic
Week eight: Deserted Island Game & Fan-fic
Week nine: Nursing Home Friends Game & Fan-fic
Week ten: Disney Princess Film Game & Fan-fic
Week eleven: Horror Film Game & Fan-fic
Week twelve: The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Game & Fan-fic
Week thirteen: Halloween Costume Party Game & Fan-fic
Week fourteen: Mall Time Game & Fan-fic
Week fifteen: Thanking ‘best’ friends Game & Fan-fic
Week sixteen: Camping Trip Game & Fan-fic
Week seventeen: Horror Movie Night Game & Fan-fic
Week eighteen: Beach Day Game & Fan-fic
Week nineteen: The Mystery Gang Game & Fan-fic
Week twenty: Valentine’s Game & Fan-fic



Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

So the first scenario was for the seven dwarfs. Found here if you’d like to see who yours are (please do look at how to play first). I’m writing these fan-fics using the names in the posts, which the users made using their own mentions (who had tagged them the most recently.

  1. Skyler White & the Seven Dwarfs
  2. Vanessa Mirror & the Seven Dwarfs
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. TBA


Skyler White & the Seven Dwarfs

Wolfie did another unholy sneeze that nearly blew the thin blanket off the beds. Her bed had been pushed next to the sleepiest one’s and they share the thin blanket. However, Cali had noticed. She was deep in sleep and only rolled to face the other way.
El had stepped back when she saw it coming before giving her a mixed look of sympathy and disgust. “T-t-totally unrad,” El stammered. “I’m not sure why you keep asking me to check on you. F-f-fortunately, I have studied up on this since the last time.”
Wolfie sneezed again. “Seriously, you’re Doc. Just tell me what I’m allergic to this time.”
“I’d s-s-super tell you,” El replied, tilting Wolfie’s head back to examine her. “I do need to look first.”
As Doc was looking at Sneezy, Skyler rushed up the stairs. She stood taller than any of the dwarves, and had to go to her knees to fit in beside El next to Sneezy’s bed. “Is she okay?”
“I- I don’t know yet, Snow. Just le- l- let me look.”
Skyler’s voice softened, “I’m having the same problem.” She sneezed, which set Wolfie off again.

Downstairs, settling in with a cup of tea on one of the small dwarven couches was Tea. Blissfully watching the scene that unfolded in front of them. Buttercup pouts with a grumpy expression. “Are you causing trouble? Who did it?”
Tina tilted her head and had a look of confusion, not understanding the question. Kristi, too, didn’t understand either and uttered quietly, “Nooo, I don’t think I would do what you asked.”
“Sneezy and Snow are sneezy and I think it is something one of you have done. Was it you, Dopey? Or did Bashful do it?”
Kristi looked down, a redness showing in her cheeks. She muttered, “Snow is sick. No.”
Tina started giggling and pointed her thumb toward her chest. With her other hand, she went into her pocket and pulled out a pepper shaker.
“That’s not nice.” Buttercup exerted a grumpy sigh and turned to Tea on the couch. “Happy, watch over Dopey. I’m going to tell Doc that I know the answer.” Then she trudged upstairs.

The scenario this is based on is found here.

Snow and the Dwarves

@Skyler2, @WolfGamerGirl37, @CrazyCaliope, @Tina.G, @Eleanor_W-15, @LTea, @Kristi, @ethereal


This had me laughing! I could see this happening too…

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Vanessa Mirror & the Seven Dwarfs

Vanessa hung on the wall in the Evil Queen’s castle. She was bored of her day-to-day life and found comfort in only one thing. Looking into herself and watching the goings-on within the kingdom, and today was no different. Being careful not to have her mistress hear, Vanessa chanted quietly,
"Mirror Mirror, I am she,
Who in the world can I see?
I am bored, who can I spy?
Take me there, through my glass eye."

“Ah… Ah… Ah…”, she stopped suddenly with no sneeze seeming to follow. Until ten seconds later, a tiny and rather dainty ‘sneeze’ came.
“Bless you,” Wolfie addressed the noise Sneezy had just made. She climbed the ladder to the row of seven beds on the mezzanine floor.
“It was a cough,” Cali sighed defeatedly.
“It was cute,” she yawned and stretched her arms out, then fell backwards onto the closest bed. Seconds later, a gentle wolf purr was heard.
“Heyy!”, Buttercup exclaimed, bounding over to the ladder. “That’s my bed.”
El rested her open book on her bare chest. “Okay, I’m warning you, Grumpy, I’m literally on my bed naked.”
Frozen mid-step on the ladder, Buttercup grumbled and climbed back down. “Whyyyy? Would you at least tell Sleepy to get off my bed!”
“Sure. When she wakes up I will.” El shrugged, despite no one awake seeing it, and read back to reading.

Buttercup stomped past Cali who was coughing in the kitchen and grumbled past three other dwarves in the lounge. One of them, Kristi, yelled out as she past, “Oh, My God! Me so happy today. Why can’t you ever be happy, Grumpy?”
Buttercup stopped stomping suddenly and looked Kristi straight in the eye. “WAIT, ARE YOU OKAY?”
“Sí mi querido amiga,” she replied gleefully.
Next to Kristi came a whisper, “A better question if you are okay?” It was from Brooke.
“NO.” Buttercup let out a loud but defeated sigh. “Why does everyone always sleep on my bed?” And she slumped toward the front door.
On Kristi’s other side was the Cute Swede. That girl’s bright and innocent eyes widen as she watched her open the door before calling out, “I do it because your mattress is far more comfy to mine.”

The front door slammed shut and Wolfie woke up with a start. “Who’s there?”
“Not Grumpy,” the Cute Swede replied, tilting her head 90 degrees for no reason and looked up at Wolfie.

The scenario this is based on is found here.

The Magic Mirror and the Dwarves

@Yomama, @CrazyCaliope, @WolfGamerGirl37, @cuteswede, @Eleanor_W-15, @Kristi, @Littlefeets, @ethereal

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