The Writer's Ranting Thread 🖊 📝

Like A Ranting Thread and The Lounge Ranting Thread :sparkles:, this is a ranting thread but for writers. RP, Episode, Wattpad, Tapas, any platform, or any type of writing you do… all writers are welcome to rant here. I’ll probably be using this thread often too.

I’ve always wanted to make this thread so now I’ve finally gotten around to it.

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Thank youuuuuu


Writers block suckssss


You do not know hell until you add the same line of code 50 times to make sure two characters match.

I love the creative part, the stories bounce around in my head but the knowing I’ll have to trudge through the boring/frustrating parts make me procrastinate like hell.


Agreed! Coding is torture sometimes!

I procrastinated too hard on DoriStoriWriMo and now I can’t afford to miss a single day if I want to make the deadline :star_struck: why am I like this :sob:


Dori what now??

Me in the morning:
Ooh, I just have this perfect idea in mind. I’m gonna code it right now.

(Has to stop coding to go to work.)
I’ll work on it when I get home.

Gets home from work:
I need a nap. I’m exhausted. I’ll finish writing when I wake up.

After the nap:
I just can’t connect with the characters nor the scene.


My archenemies’.
For some reason I just can’t write a single conversation between 2 characters without it sounding stupidly awkward :sob:


Oh my goodness me to :sob:
Or it’s super super short and can never be long enough for me

also, I love ur pfp


Or it sounds like 2 robots trying to figure out how to human :cry:

Thanks <3, I got over 300 for any occasion or social media platform


Definitely! My poor episode ppl tryna socialize :sob::rofl:



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Dorian is hosting their own version of nanowrimo :eyes:

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Being tired sucks, being in pain sucks, I just got my wisdom teeth out and have nothing to do but don’t feel like doing anything cuz pain and I finally have ideas for an episode story and motivation but I’m just too tired rn to work on it! And for the first time in a long time I finished the first episode in like a day and actually have plans that I’m excited for but I need to sleep to heal!


I’m so excited to finish episode 7 of Deadly Nightshade so I can publish it with episode 6, but I feel like the more the episodes go on, the more freaking coding I have to do. I just wanna get to the good parts… but I need to write out everything. I also feel like it’s deviating from the “Macbeth-based” storyline/plot and becoming its own world. Is that normal? Is that a good thing?

I feel like I’ve hit a block with this recent scene and it sucks… maybe I just need to wrap it quickly

Also, I kinda want a new cover for Deadly Nightshade too. I already have an idea for the small cover, but I’m undecided on the large one.

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Yeah I’ve definitely hit a block in writing. But I’m busy with schoolwork anyway

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