Things to do this memorial day :3

  1. Visit military graveyards in observance of Memorial day. People typically leave poppies, but there’s also a sort of ‘coin code’ at graves that I usually see.

Pennies - You visited
Nickel - You were in boot camp together
Dime - You served with them
Quarter - You were there when they died

Though the last three probably don’t apply to most people here, lol

  1. Do research on the history of memorial day (it’s actually super interesting)

  2. Volunteer at shelters for veterans or donate to charities that help struggling veterans

  3. Have fun! Memorial day is to celebrate those that died to give you the freedom to do whatever you love doing most. So do it, and do it while remembering them.

Most of these are applicable to veterans day as well :3 have a good memorial day!

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I knew about the pennies, but not the others.

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