This or that game

Hi there, it’s a simple game, I will give an example and explain after

Player 1:
Forum games or discussion category?

Player 2:
Forum games
Writing or reading?

So basically answers the question first from the message above you and then give a new this or that question!

Have fun and start with :arrow_down:

Phone or tablet?



Ear buds or headphones?



Cats or dogs?


Zoo or amusement park?


Aquarium or farm?

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Hmm, farm I think

Black or light theme/mode (I definitely know my choice :upside_down_face:)

Btw, tagging you @Duckling since I think you would like this game

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Light theme
Pizza or pasta?

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Seriously :open_mouth: I like the dark one way better since it feels way more balanced in my opinion

Pasta, even tho I like both

Only vegetarian food or only meat for the rest of your life?

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I’ve never tried the dark mode lol

Only vegeterian, cause the only meat I eat is chicken

Books or movies?

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You should try it!

Books, I am more of the reading than watching… Idk I can just get fully into a book and I can’t do that with movies or anything else

A or Z? sounds random but says something about your personality

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A because I’m a butt!

Oreos or chocolate chip cookies?


Day or night?

Night :eyes::sparkles:
Eating or drinking?


School or home?

Home, school sucks :upside_down_face:

Hero or villain?

Ofc it does


Sleep or study?

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Hurricane or tornado?

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Tsumani or earthquake?

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Uhm, neither but if I have to choose earthquake since that’s less damaging in most, almost all, cases since a tsunami is earthquake+floods basically…

Hot or cold outside temperature?

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Hot drink or cold drink?