Thoughts on Storyline?

I’m trying to write my first episode story currently. I have a general idea of what it’s about but I keep second-guessing and confusing myself :woozy_face: Basically, the MC was badly bullied for a few years and ended up going to live with her dad. The original idea I had was the MC going back to her hometown for her last year of high school and kind of making peace with everything that she went through, but I’m not sure I can make a full story out of that. I’m considering making the story about her going to live with her dad and learning to love herself, ending with her return to her hometown. Which storyline sounds better?


I personally like the second storyline, where first she learns to love and accept herself, then in the end she can return to her hometown after she has become more resilient.


I think the last idea is like a more in depth version of the original idea if that makes sense, so I would go with the 2nd one!


I love the premise, but this sounds more like an elevator pitch than a storyline/plot! I’d love to know what happens! Beginning, middle and end!


Thanks! When I first started this story last year, it was going to be more of a bullied girl goes away and comes back “cool” or whatever, but the idea has evolved a lot and i don’t really know what to do with it :joy: The plot that I have right now is that MC grew up in a smallish town and was badly bullied from 8th to 10th grade. Her mom was super worried about her, but MC wouldn’t tell her mom what was going on. So the mom asked MC’s semi-estranged dad if MC could come to stay with him over the summer, just to get MC away from whatever is going on. MC’s dad is a celebrity so it’s a big culture shock for MC. She meets some friends and slowly kind of comes to terms with who she is as a person, including her sexuality which is a big part of her story. In the end, I’m thinking that MC’s therapist suggests that she goes back to her hometown to kind of make peace with that area of her life so MC goes back for her senior year of school. I only have more of just the basic idea right now, and the characters and everything, but no detailed plot of what is actually happening throughout the story I guess.



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I like this idea a lot!! (:
I think having the character evolve and grow throughout the story is important, and I think the 2nd idea would work better in that aspect
But it’s really up to you!


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Nah you can close it👍🏻 Thanks!

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