Thriller stories Recommendation

Hey @WattpadWizards are there any thriller stories on Wattpad you can recoommend me because most of the stories I read there are mostly romances and I’m kind of getting tired lol. :sob::sweat_smile:


I mean even thriller stories there have some romance elements in it :pensive:

why so obseshan with romance like :exploding_head::sob:


Sighz, I need full thriller…I’ve read some good ones on episode with no romance included in it…
Sometimes I feel like writing a story without romance in it because yes :star_struck: but then I loose motivation and just wanna read :sneezing_face:

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Full on mood :ok_hand:
I am writing a mystery/thriller story too with absolutely no romance in it but like writer’s block yes :ok_hand:t2:

Speaking about that, I think you should check out Saving Hope by @greenwriter on Wattpad. It has little to no romance elements in it and has some murky details here and there but it’s worth the read tho :ok_hand:t2:

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Omg you are, I’m interested in reading when or if you do finish it :heart_eyes:

Ahhh ok rad, I shall :brown_heart: thank you :blush:

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ikr romance is overrated there :triumph:

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Personally, I’d recommend this story called the Subway. The way the writer describes it is really fascinating. :eyes:

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Wowow thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I have written awesome stories lately , please check them out.

TITLE: Lady with Success
One night with the KING

Lady with Success **Description **

Ivy Acosta meets her soulmate but unfortunately her twin falls in love with him before she could make a move. What happens when Ivy is being disowned for a crime she didn’t commit?

(Full LL/LI/Art Scenes/Mini-Dress Games and BONUS SCENES)

One night with the KING **Description **

(1870) An Ancient Chinese Romance.
A maid fall in love with the dangerous king and a rigid tradition of “Anyone that sees the king DIES”.
What is the fate of both your life and feeling?


Author : Empress
Style :Limelight
Genre :Romance

Its available on Wattpad too.

Is there anything thriller related in them because I’m overs romance stories since it’s not really my thing :eyes:

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I totally understand you and der is. You wont regret reading.

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