TikTok Food Trends

Every so often, a trend that surrounds food will go viral on TikTok and soon, everyone on the app is trying it. Some of these trends include dalgona coffee (known on the app as whipped coffee), pancake cereal, and cloud bread. Have you ever tried any of these trends? If you haven’t, would you want to?

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I always block videos like that because I’m genuinely not interested ahaha
I’ve never tried anything and honestly, I don’t know much about it. I don’t like cooking and baking in general so I guess that’s why I was never interested in that!
But who knows? Maybe I’ll get really bored and try something!

I made dalgona coffee at the very beginning of quarantine and I honestly thought I’d like it more than I did, because it looks delicious.
But I don’t like the taste of instant coffee that much, and maybe it’s just the instant coffee I used, but it didn’t taste that great.
And now I associate the smell of that particular brand of instant coffee with the beginning of quarantine, which was the absolute worst time of my life.
So I don’t think I’ll be making it again, unless I can find a brand of instant coffee that actually tastes decent.

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TikTok tag added :innocent:

I love watching them but I won’t try them lmao.

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Should I get Tik Tok?

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Yes. Palpatine voice Do it.

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I have a funny idea for a TikTok involving my Halloween costume.

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Ok. Do you have it?

I’m going to dress as Eyeless Jack.

Yeah, I do!

(if you do end up making an account, my username is caticorn_2502)

Great! You know, we really need a pm. You seem awesome.

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We really do. Do you want to make one or should I?

Doesn’t matter!

Closed due to inactivity :innocent: