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Time for your character to tell a ghost story!

Halloween might be over, but for half the world, we’re still in the dark times. Besides, who doesn’t like a good ghost story during other moments too, like camps or sleepovers?

It’s time for your characters to tell a ghost story, one that fits them perfectly.
Go! :ghost:


Peckerhead Scarecrow: “What’s a ghost?”

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“This is a story told by my grandpa when I was little”
"It was during a camp when he was little himself. He was still very young, but that night has stayed with him forever. One evening his teachers had set up a drop-off.

In groups of 4, they were placed in a forest and they had to find their own way back by solving puzzles and using a map. His teacher had come up with a story about an escaped prisoner who was walking through the woods somewhere. they had been told that the prisoner had escaped and his arm had been lost while fleeing.

Frightened by the story, they began their journey back to their camp. While walking, however, they got lost. After walking around for a while, one of the boys had to go to the bathroom, so he walked a little way into the woods. However, the boy did not return after a long time. The other two students decided to search, and my grandfather decided to stay in case the other boy came back. A long time passed and the other two also stayed away. The story of the prisoner came to him and with trembling legs and watery eyes, he too went into the forest, without any help.

After a while, he hadn’t seen anyone, and just as he was about to turn around and go to the camp to get help himself, he saw a shadow in the distance, tall, broad, and with only one arm. My grandfather knew this must be the escaped convict and turned quickly and wanted to run away. However, his feet were nailed to the ground, and he would not move forward. When he looked behind him again, the shadow stood behind him, high above him, looking down with eyes lifeless and cold. “I won’t hurt you, nor your friends” was all he was told in a voice that didn’t sound human. It was almost like a growl of an animal.

Then the shadow disappeared and my grandfather passed out spontaneously. When he woke up, he was in the hospital, in the same room were his group mates. His teachers and parents had told them they hadn’t come back, and were later found asleep in their own bed but didn’t wake up and so they were taken to the hospital. No one knew how they had been brought into the bed as there was guidance everywhere. But when they were alone, they each got a card that just said, “I didn’t hurt you, nor your friends.”.

It turned out his teacher had used the story many years and it wasn’t based on a true story. Nor was there any word out of a man walking around the woods or an escaped convict with one arm".


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