Tips for an artist starting commissions?

I’m considering taking art commissions in the future after I’ve established a style and etc.

So for all artists who have taken/are taking commissions, here are a few questions I have:

  • What are some good platforms for online transactions? (I’m familiar with Paypal and Ko-fi)
  • How would you prevent and identify possible scammers?
  • I know some artists have their customers pay 50% up front and some others 100% up front before they start. What’s your policy?
  • Who usually requests your art? (Episode authors? Random people?)
  • How do you calculate your pricing? Has it changed? What would be a good starting price range? Do you often have customers that try to negotiate?
  • Any additional tips?

Thanks for the help! :heart:


So, while I personally prefer ko-fi to pay for things, I think that Paypal is a lot more conventional and more people would be prepared to use it

Paying up front

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Have them pay 50% upfront or at sketch, and artist bewares are always helpful.

I don’t take commissions, I mostly make adopts, but I think I would do 50% at the sketch.

It varies from adopt to adopt, but its typically 50¢-$5 USD in various online currencies.

It depends on your art. There was a video I saw a while back, I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but if you just search ‘how to price my art’ on YouTube you should probably find it.

Charge what you think your art is worth, else youll lose motivation.


What i do is always take payment first!!!
So u work with ur client, and obviously when u have a good understanding of what they want you can start sketching- so before i start sketching or before i show them the sketch i ask for half of the money, then the client can speak up if they want to change anything, then when that’s sorted out- u can start coloring, before sending the drawing, take the rest of the money! :cowboy_hat_face::axe:


I just realized that u already know lol

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Paypal I think is the best option to do it. It tends to be the most convient thing use especially if you work with clients that use a different currency from you.

Let them pay up front.

I think the 50% upfront and the other 50% later is a good option to do though I personally tend to ask for the whole payment up front , but that’s mostly because I already have a well established trust with my clients.

Pricing can differ from artist to artist it usually has to do with a couple of factors.

  1. How long does it take you to make the art?
  2. How difficult it is/ how skilled you are
  3. What do the competitors offer for the same quality?

Rarely , I have only done business with people I was aquinted with before hand. I technically still have to announce when I want to open up commisions. The people who have paid for my art in the past usually just ask me.

But I would for example charge more for a paid episode author than a beginner.

Don’t under sell yourself and try socialize in a lot of writers and or art communities inorder to find more clients.


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