Tips on Revamping Characters

There are just some times when we feel the need to stop roleplaying a character and start recreating it. For whatever reasons—that’s up to who owns it or who is doing it. Personally, I revamp a character mostly because they are too bland and uninteresting for me to portray, or that I don’t feel like they fit the personality I gave them initially. I have revamped (and am currently revamping) quite a number of characters, and I love doing it because it unleashes the hidden creativity in me and it also gives an actual story I can work with.

That said, I have some tips for you if you want to revamp your character here!

First off, why are you even revamping?

You have to know what the reason why you’re revamping this character first so you’ll know which aspect you should focus on in the process. Do you wanna revamp because you think they’re not realistic enough? Or that they’re too boring for you? Then do whatever it takes to make this character suitable to your current standard. Look back at what went wrong.

You don’t need to change; just improve.

Revamping a character doesn’t mean you need to change them. Sometimes, you just wrote a story or personality seeing on its surface and not digging deeper. So before you decide on making a whole renovation, brainstorm first about improving your character’s aspects. In short…

Give them more depth.

You don’t need to actually write this out on the front; you can do this behind the scenes. Give your character details they didn’t have before. As I’ve mentioned before, details make the difference (or something along those lines-).

Find the real conflict/Introduce a deeper conflict.

Maybe your conflict isn’t enough. Honestly, the stronger your conflict is, the more worthy your character is to be put on stage. This might also introduce or let you have to change the whole story of the character, but you really don’t need to do that—again, you can always just “intensify” the conflict.

Also, of course, you have to make sure that they have a goal.

@RPers, that’s all I have for now! Do you find these helpful? Share your tips below, too!


Not that I’ve ever really revamped a character, but if I do I’m totally using this. Thank you.