Tips to organize your rp names (and other files)

So I’ve been rp’ing A LOT and I love to see how so many people make such a variety of name art.
But if you’re in a bunch of rp’s like me, it’s important to be able to have your character names organized and easy to find.

Here are some tips that might be obvious or you already know but maybe, just maybe, there will be some tips that can help you be more organized and make things a little easier.

Tip 1: Use links, not files

so I learned really quickly that when you upload a photo, a link is created that is unique and remembered. You can reuse this link as often as you want and the result stays the same. This saves a lot of time, and if you apply tip 2, you will never have to look for the files again on your phone or computer.

Name Link: ![Nyana|690x104, 65%](upload://l7Hsfe9S93Rhv2mUsrlnlPiOJOB. png)

Tip 2: Folders and Notes

Saving your files in a way that you can easily find them back is important for everything. I always make sure my files are organized like this on my computer:

For your names, it’s useful to have a document or note that has the links of the characters. Mine looks like this and also has some extra codes I just can’t remember because I don’t use them often.

On my phone, I have a useful function that allows me to switch between saved texts and paste them with one click.

If you don’t have this option, I recommend using notes but maybe someone else has another tip, then let me know below!

Tip 3: Name your files!

This will help you find your pictures and names so much faster. at first, I didn’t do this, but as I got to 20 names, I lost track of which link was whos name. Because a link always looks like a bunch of random numbers and letters, you don’t really have a way of identifying them if you don’t name them.

This is a name art and as you can see from the part that’s underlined, I know right away whos name this link belongs to.

![Regan2|689x132, 55%](upload://jVmhzCUffNUOmji8IjFPjAotH3p. png)

So these are my 3 tips to you but I like to know if there are things you do with your character name title art that you could pass on to others.

Especially on your phone, it’s sometimes a hassle to do it, so feel free to give each other more tips!


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thanks. IDK felt like doing something when I woke up at 6 in the morning so here’s the creation of a half-asleep person trying to give advise. :joy:

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so yess.
these are great tips, especially since I’m now starting off in Rp…I joined Blue Royalty so yes this is a really helpful guide so for someone who loves to be organized. :star_struck:

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