To CC or Not to CC: The Middle Ground

To continue on from character customisation, here’s the point of using CC and ways to do it successfully.

Does it help you?


I definitely have opted for the middle ground in my stories.
I’ve never created a ‘reader-insert’ character. They are not blank slates nor are they characters with an undefined heritage, nationality, etc.
I have always given my characters a name, last name, distinct personality traits, and a nationality/ethnicity.
However, I do offer optional CC for the readers who want to change the character’s looks, with a disclaimer that the character’s nationality will not change no matter what. I think offering optional CC is a great idea for readers to still play as the character the author has envisioned, but by changing up their looks to the reader’s liking.


I hate it when customization is used with reader-insert or author-insert characters, but that’s more of a bad writing issue

I prefer using limited CC so that the characters all fall within a certain range of appearances and will look close enough to their intended appearance while still letting people choose an alternate feature if a specific one bothers them a lot