Trans Women on Episode: The New Update

So…if a trans person wants to be the oppisite gender…why not just use tht gender for the trans character instead of putting dresses and lipstick on a guy?(or vice versa)

No im not trying to start shit im just curious.

If you go through all these surgries why are u still calling urself trans wouldnt u be the gender u wanted to be now?

And once u do all the surgies to look more like the gender you wanted wouldnt the goal be to look like said gender.

Again im curious and confused thats all


That would qualify for someone who has gone through the whole process. This is for those who have started the process in a sense but they haven’ t gone through the full body changes yet. If we are going by surgery basis anyway.


This might be one of my favorite posts ever.


I’m still wondering how Episode is going to encorporate trans men and NB people, to be honest! The current binary doesn’t even fit most cis people, let alone the whole spectrum of lovely unique humans we have in the world!


We need different body types




Bump. Does anyone have anything else to say on this matter? Who are your transgered character in your story that you made?


Blair Agnello (I finally found a last name for her, I think) is an Italian-Canadian trans woman in my story “Deadly Nightshade”. Her deadname (a name that is given trans people at birth, which they change during or after the process begins) is Mauro. She was an aspiring businesswoman and fashion designer, working hard to create a name for herself after being kicked out by her family (which includes Rhiannon, who is her sister) as she was doing hormonal treatment. She didn’t even get to choose her new name, Blair was just a temporary one. One day, as she was walking home, Blair was killed by a very spiteful and transphobic man, and quite brutally. After death, she became a spiritual guide in limbo, determining who went where. Later on, she met Cynthia, and the rest is history…


I love Blair’s character. I haven’t made a transgender character yet but I will be doing it soon.


I do too. Did you know Giuliana, Lorena, Marina, or Griselda were also names that she was considering?

I really wish there were non-binary characters I could make, or at least flat chested characters for girls…


I like those names too. They would of worked for her as well. I know right? Not every person has a big chest like the episode characters. They need to add a more diverse body features.


I was gonna have a transgender character in my story called Hannah, but THAT NEVER HAPPENED. As she was post-transition, I was going to use the binary “female” body type on her anyway, but the update was very cool


Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m trying to incorporate a character like that into my story. It would of been interesting to see what your character would been like. I actually had started reading your story about a month or so before you got banned. It was really good.