Trivia Games Thread

Trivia games test your knowledge of trivia against other people and use some minor strategy to win.

  • Do you like playing trivia games?
  • What’s your favorite trivia game?
  • Who do you like playing trivia games with?
  • Are you good at trivia?

They’re frustratingly fun.

Trivia Crack

Anyone who knows basic trivia

Kind of? Most of the questions asked are easy enough, but sports is by far my worst category.


There’s always a section for popular figures and I’m always terrible at it

Sports is pretty bad too in a lot of games :pleading_face:


No, I usually don’t know a lot of the answers and it’s just random guessing.

Nope :star_struck:

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Depends but not really

Nope😂 that’s why I don’t like it

Yes! xD


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I don’t really play regular trivia games often, but I love trivia challenges! (I may not play trivia games often, but I will watch Jeopardy on tv sometimes and it’s always a fun trivia challenge for me)
I’m fairly good with trivia, and even when I have no idea what the answer to a trivia question may be, its a way to learn and absorb more trivia knowledge to have handy for a later date.

Only when I’m bored…

Uhh I think it’s called Trivia Crack


Depends on the topic

I used to get some on my phone just to test myself

:thinking: I’ll find it


:thinking: I’m alright