Trope Talks: Guy Saves Girl

Hello! So uh, sometimes I get focused on one aspect of writing so I wanted to make this. Whenever I get passionate about a trope, I’ll make Trope Talks and just… talk about it/share my opinions. Feel free to share yours! We don’t have to have the same opinions about tropes- this is a discussion!

Trope Talks: Guy Saves Girl (in romance)

I actually like this trope! Of course, just because the title says, “Guy Saves Girl” it can be “Girl Saves Guy” “Girl Saves Girl” “Guy Saves Guy”… etc etc. I specifically like the Guy Saves Girl trope, most likely because it occurs in a lot of romance haha. But I’m gonna talk more generally about the idea of a love interest saving the MC.

Reasons why I like the trope: If done well, it can show the love that the LI has for the MC. Maybe they’ve been kind of liking each other before this point but haven’t exactly figured it out yet, and when faced with the possibility of losing their person they start to realize their feelings.

I like when it is used realistically, and sparingly. Like in a story that is already high in action/drama it can be nice to incorporate there.

However, what I really don’t like with this trope/cliche is that sometimes writers either make the MCs almost entirely helpless and they NEVER get better and always have to be “saved” by the LI. Just… no. And the added sexism kinda when its ALWAYS the guy saving the girl! Just no! Honestly have never seen this in a book (yet) and hope to not see this in a book. I have seen this countless of times on Episode, though.
Like, if you were in danger a ton of times in your life- you’d think you’d get better at defending yourself/dealing with it.

I also hate it when it’s kinda the reversed. MC starts out weak (but sassy) and then gets strong, yet, despite this, she still CONSTANTLY needs to be saved by the LI! This is often in gang stories. Like, the MC spends all this time fighting and learning to defend themselves and only get to defend themselves successfully like 3 times out of 900. While also making stupid decisions like going out when they clearly shouldn’t go out to prove that they are “independent” (I call it stupid). Like the LI acts like the girl is all “smart” and “different” but in reality she’s a dumbo who can only throw a few punches. Like if the other female members of the gang can keep themselves out of trouble- why can’t you?

SO yeah what do you think of this trope? Do you agree or disagree with me? DISCUSS!


I don’t have problems with the trope as a whole, but I think that it can set up weird relationship dynamics where one of them is constantly saving the other one. When it becomes more of a trait of their relationship, then the power difference can make their entire relationship bad.

I think using it sparing is really the key to using it.

The trope itself is often set up in a kind of sexist way–implying that women can’t save themselves–and can definitely tend towards some unhealthy relationships in that way, as well.


Sometimes I view it as - depending on the story of course - the MC needing help and like finally getting it, then once they get that help/boost they get more independent and like “save” themselves. But I agree that the trope on its own is set up in a sexist way.


This definitely can be the case, although it doesn’t tend to be used that way :slightly_frowning_face:

I find this trope is often put in romance situations, and it could definitely work well for building platonic relationships well. I think that platonic relationships tend to be less prone towards some of the other issues I have with the trope.


I’m actually using it for my story- but in a good way ig? Like, it’s set in the like end of the world, and there are heroes that are like meant to save the remaining population from these disasters that happen. These heroes have extensive training, while the people that are a part of the population, don’t. So in my mind it makes sense to put that trope in there. There are many strong female superheroes as well- they just aren’t the MC or love interest. The MC is a “normal” civilian while the LI is a superhero. The MC with help from the superheroes learns to deal with the disasters their way, while also using her logic and reasoning to help with non-fighting problems.
That’s what made me think of this trope. Cuz I thought that by using it, my story was automatically bad and I shouldn’t. But it can be used well, but you’re right that a lot of authors don’t use it well!


I’m not really in love with this trope, it’s widely overused in scenes where some random dude is creeping on the MC and the LI saves her. Like, really? :expressionless: Where tf were ya when ya saw them leave in the first place, why are you literally up the MC’s ahole looking for her when she’s gone for five seconds?! The way I’ve seen this trope used in EPISODE stories is unrealistic and is supposed to make us fall in love with the MC but this is literally not okay. :unamused:

I said EPISODE specifically because nowhere on this earth have I seen this trope used more often than in EPISODE stories. I would be fine with it if it wasn’t used like this, used often and is realistic.


Omg yeah! I’ve actually seen it used great on Webtoon- lol looks like its just majorly a problem on Episode!


Cant blame them because our fav 20th century Disney Princesses mostly fall to that trope. Even though we are 20 years off the turn of the century, it’s still 20 years and not longer thus perspectives, thinking of the 20th century regarding these matters may still be dominant generally towards such stories.

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I really wondered how it all even begin on Episode. Surely someone must have done it and others follow suit which in the end becomes at it is now.

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Oh yeah I saw the actual original stories that were good! I had a really outdated version of the app on my kindle that never got updated. Those stories were good! So I’m assuming it changed after that.