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Truth Or Dare

Collaboration between two evil children, @melancholy & @wanderingechoes

Canterlotte Academy. The rich. The wealthy. Beautiful. Politicians, Accountants, Lawyers, World-Changers. Money-makers. Welcome to the Academy where you have it made, the Ivy League of High Schools. Located in a estate with thousands of acres of land in any direction sits a gorgeous school reaching for the sky. Here the bluebloods of the world attend the school. Known for it’s strict rules and high standards, you either pay or work your way through into this school.

Here, you will be someone worthwhile if you can even pass your way into this school of fortunes. Tonight is the night of dreams and dangers, the final night before the start of winter break the kids, as the yearly tradition dictates, lock the students in and the adults out. Here the kids run rampant throughout the school, doing the most insane and wildest things you could imagine.

Except there seems to be a change of plans this year. A girl emerges from the shadows with a dangerous game, where you put it all on the line and play it by her rules. What happens if you dare refuse? You risk your money, your life and those of your family and loved ones on the line. You thought no one knew your dirty secrets? Ha! But as you play the game you balance on the tightrope between life and death and you discover things aren’t at all what they seem in this school. History, spirits, magic, they’ll all come to play. And you thought demons didn’t exist…

Will you make it through the game, or will you succumb to the life of beyond? It’s all on you.

Welcome to Truth or Dare Lovelies.

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Please do not post just yet, I’ll write up the post of all the children locking out the adults and meeting up before we begin. The blog will be introduced as a response to your choices, it is the only thing your characters can access on the internet, a blog of current events in the outside world and their choices and how they “play the game” affects the events. Once this role-play begins, no character can call anyone outside of the academy (other students) and their social media works the same, only those that are in the school can see their posts and they can only view the posts of other students…and well… a plus one. They will get the a text to their phones as well ( will be written in my post) after having locked out all the adults. I hope you enjoy this!



December 20th

The kids ran rampant throughout the halls, the fire alarms blared as faculty ran out the door. Even though this happened nearly every year, the teachers still ran out of the school, urging students to do the same whenever the fire alarm rang. And every year instead of listening the students locked out the staff from the school, it had almost become something sort of a game. But, tonight on the full moon, some people couldn’t shake the peculiarity of the cold winter day. But still, tradition is tradition and so the teachers ran out and the students locked them out of the school. And the teachers looked up as the students looked out the window, laughing at their teachers in the snow and shivering, but it was only fun and games. But not for long. Some students didn’t participate in locking out the teachers, some instead did other things and didn’t bother themselves with trivial matters. After all, a good portion of them were “mature high schoolers.” But everyone received a text message from the following number: (666)131-3666613, a number no one knew but somehow came up in their contacts as “Dabria”. Another unknown name, and in the school of a good amount of students- that was almost unthinkable that someone outside their school had acquired their numbers and knew them each by name.

Text Message

[Name], You will not understand now, but these are the rules of the games. You are to follow them or suffer the consequences.

+ Do not attempt to call anyone outside of this academy more than two times.

+ If messages to you are accompanied with the “+” symbol, do not share them to others

+ Never chicken out on a dare

+ Follow the rules of the game, I don’t like cheats!

+ I have sent you a digital notebook on information of every student in this academy (FCs) you will find it useful for future tasks

+ The Most Important Rule: Do not leave your dorm rooms between 12 and 3 AM

Now that you know all the rules, proceed to the auditorium, we have the game to play.



- Maeve Penelope Winslow -

Being a student of quite some popularity at Canterlotte Academy, she was, of course, excited to carry out the infamous tradition that was the lock-in. Anyone who was anyone should and would be making an attendance as it would become the ruling focus of all discussions for months after - and she wouldn’t mind being the leader of those conversations. However, Maeve couldn’t help but slightly worry about staying overnight. It was one thing she had never really done, despite sometimes wanting to, there was something holding her back. But, this time, there was no choice.

Before heading to school, she threw on a sweater to go over her uniform, packed a small bag with the essentials for the night, and then exchanged important words with the middle child of her family, Daphne. As she was leaving, Maeve scrolled through her phone to check whether or not she had missed any ‘important’ news on social media. Of course, she hadn’t missed anything since the last time checking only minutes before. She shouted quick goodbyes to her family before finally setting off.

After the relatively long walk, she has to take daily to school, she finally arrived at the towering building that was Canterlotte Academy. Maeve Winslow fit in perfectly at this school. She tried to, at least. And she continued to make the effort to by making sure to smile at every person that walked past her. Maeve made her way through the entrance doors that were guarded by students, making sure there would be no unauthorised visits from adults and getting ready to lock the doors for the rest of the night. She could see that a few students had already started doing their part on vandalising the institution, and Maeve looked around to see who she could join in with.

Though from looking around, Maeve could already point out the faces that were missing in the crowd, and she realised she was probably slightly early. So, she leaned against the nearby wall and just waited for more people to make an arrival. Soon after she had arrived, the doors to the entrance slammed shut, and almost immediately after, the sound of hundreds of different text tones went off simultaneously. Everyone’s heads looked down at their phones, and Maeve had to ignore the nerves she felt before looking at her own to see what, she guessed, everyone else was seeing.

Her eyes darted around the screen of her phone, reading it once, twice, then trying to read between the lines. Was this real? Most of her believed this was a joke, a way to spice up the traditional lock-in. But, from the many footsteps around her heading for the auditorium, it seemed other people believed it. Or they just let curiosity get the better of them… as it quickly also did her.



Marijani could hardly contain her excitement on the last day before winter break. As she got ready in the morning, vivid, sallacious thoughts raced through her head, snapshots of some of the scandallous events that could take place during the lockdown that night. She knew that everybody in Canterlotte Academy would be talking about this nights for months and months, and she knew that no one was going to be talked about nearly as much as her. She was going to make sure of that.

She fidgeted restlessly in her seat as she sat in science, her last class of the day before the alarm would sound and the lockdown would begin. She wasn’t sure of the exact time, but she knew it would go off somewhere towards the end of the class. Her legs rocked in time with the ticking of the clock until there was about ten minutes left. Not even asking to be excused, she grabed her schoolbag and a hall pass and rushed off to the nearby girl’s bathroom. Mari had spent last year’s lockdown a timid, frightened new girl who barely knew any English and was huddled in a corner, praying for Allah to let her go home. Not this year. This year, she’d break every rule. She’d be wild and sexy and fun. And she’d start by ditching this stuffy uniform.

Marijani had finished changing into her skimpy blue dress just in time for the alarm to sound. She dashed out of the bathroom with fresh makeup and nail polish, laughing delitedly as she shoved her way through the crowd and helped to drive out the faculty. Once the doors were closed, Mari began looking around for the first cute boy she was going to make out with tonight. She planned to have a new one every hour. Before she could pick her prey, however, she got a text from an unknown number called “Dabria”.

“Pfft.” Marijani couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the chain mail-like text. This was so cheesy. “Can you believe this?” She asked, turning to the girl next to her and elbowing her playfully.

@eclipseis (Maeve)


The annual tradition had rolled around again, and Kamara for one, thought it to be ridiculous. When she first learned about it freshman year, she had thought it was nothing more than a joke. If anybody had pulled this stunt back home, she can’t imagine the things her teacher would have done. Yet in America, this was an acceptable practice. It was mind-boggling to her. America was almost a completely different world. Perhaps what had surprised her even more, however, was the fact that this was something that the teachers seemed to do willingly. She couldn’t believe that they didn’t know it was going to happen since it happened the same way every single year. There were many mysteries about this American school, but Kamara loved attending it all the same.

She’d arose early that morning, way before her classes were to begin so that she could have a video chat with her whole family. They’d already arranged for her to stay back at the school this year, instead of coming home for her birthday and Christmas. They needed to save money, and a plane ticket back for a two-week trip was an unnecessary expense. Kamara’s birthday was tomorrow, and while it wasn’t the first birthday she’d spent away from home, it was the first Christmas, and to be honest, it saddened her. The video call with her family did give her comfort, especially seeing her baby sister, Ifeoma, chattering happily at the camera. She spoke briefly with Nnamdi, her oldest younger brother, telling him to look after everyone, before the call ended and her siblings went off to school. She sat quietly for a few moments before settling back down into a restless sleep for a few hours.

And now, as she heard the fire alarm ring, she watched the students participate in the tradition of locking the teachers out and themselves in. She sighed, rubbing her temple with her fingers as she noticed that some of the teachers had the nerve to look surprised. As if this didn’t happen every year. God, she thought, turning away. Kamara had been planning on using this break to get ahead with her schoolwork since she wasn’t scheduled for her job at all during these two weeks, but maybe this year she could actually have a bit of fun. Her parents would be livid if they knew that she was passing up two weeks of study to have fun, but it was so long since she’s done something for herself. Maybe she could enjoy her Christmas this year. After all, this was her first Christmas in America! That had to count for something.

A slight smile on her face, she dug in her backpack for a sharpie, then walked to the closest wall and wrote “Grace was here” in big, bold, black letters. Grace was her English name, and she felt much more comfortable using it than she was using her Igbo name, Kamarachimdi. She didn’t like people mispronouncing her name, and nobody here that she’d met could pronounce it like they did back home. So she just resorted to using this name, which was fine. It was nice enough. Kamara grinned at her handiwork on the wall, then turned her attention to the phone that had just buzzed in her pocket. Hm? She took it out, then read the message from this ‘Dabria’ that had just come in.

Kamarachimdi, you will not understand now, but these are the rules of the games. You are to follow them or suffer the consequences.

What? She read through the rest of the text message, her brows furrowing as she tried to make sense of it all. Was this another one of the American traditions, one she was unfamiliar to since she was born and raised in Nigeria? One of those unspoken ones that all the citizens seem to know about? This left her feeling uneasy and unsure about what move to make next. Maybe it was all some kind of joke, she thought. She clicked on the FCs sent to her and shifted through them, eyes widening when she saw herself there. Lord of Jesus, she thought with alarm, a hand flying to her mouth. Her parents’ names, her brothers’, her sister’s… She wasn’t sure what to think, but she wasn’t sure this was a joke, and so she began to make her way towards the auditorium.

ORP: Approachable


- Maeve Penelope Winslow -

As she joined in the crowd filtering into the auditorium, she was surprised to see so many worried faces. But it was ridiculous, there was no way it was actually real. Maeve looked on the digital notebook that had been linked and scrolled down to hers. She exhaled, which turned into a short laugh of relief when it was clear that it had nothing on her. Yes, it had her siblings names, but that was common knowledge, everyone knew she had sisters. Other than that, there was hardly anything there that was worth worrying about. She rolled her eyes at herself for believing for a minute that this could be a real thing.

When she put her phone in her pocket, her attention was switched to someone approaching her. Maeve was instantly able to put a name to the face, as she was able to with almost everyone. She was thankful to hear that Marijani also didn’t believe in this, Maeve was starting to be concerned since it seemed she was the only one who didn’t. At least one other person had thought about this logically. “Am I an idiot? Absolutely not,” Maeve replied, breaking into a short laugh, taking a few steps forward when the crowd started decreasing in size.

“I’m pretty sure everyone’s just here to see which low-life-wanting-attention is behind this.” Maeve continued, pulling out her phone again. “I mean, very convincing with the ‘digital-notebook’ crap but… definitely not convincing enough. A for effort, I suppose.”

@Glitterfist — Marijani Siwazuri Abdu


Marijani smiled wryly at the girl’s response. She liked her style. “You’re absolutely right.” She said. “It’s probably a little baby freshman who stays up too late watching spooky YouTube videos trying to give us a fright. But IT’S NOT GONNA WORK!” She called out into the crowd. She was a little disappointed by the number of heads she turned. “Hmph. I didn’t want you pervs looking at me anyway.” She pouted to herself quietly.

“Actually, you know what?” She asked after thinking for a second. “It’s probably one of the teachers trying to scare us out of the lockdown. You know that Mr. Butchins would totally do something like this. Or Vice Principal Headly? Allah help whoever did this stupid thing. They’ll be fired on the spot if they’re found out.” She chuckled a little at the thought of it.

She looked up at the girl’s face. She was pretty, with full lips and round, doe-like eyes, but Mari couldn’t recognize her. She held out a long-nailed hand. “Marijani Siwazuri Abdu. You can just called me Mari. And you are?”

@eclipseis (Maeve)


- Maeve Penelope Winslow -

“Definitely a freshman.” Maeve agreed, feeling a lot better about the situation after talking to her. She jumped slightly, and then laughed slightly, at her sudden outburst mid-sentence. She smiled awkwardly at the few people who turned around in disgust. “There’s most certainly a freshman at home jealous of the lockdown and they wanted some part of it. Though, this does not count as being involved. They’re taking the fun out of it by trying to scare us all. And failing to do so.”

Maeve also nodded along to her suggestion about it being a teacher. That was also a good point. “There are some real creeps for teachers at Canterlotte Academy,” she thought out loud. Maeve definitely wouldn’t rule that suggestion out. “But, would they sacrifice their career- their futures- just for a prank?” She paused for a beat. “Actually. Maybe…” She started to create her own hypotheses in her head from that.

But, her theorising was quickly interrupted when the girl introduced herself as Marijani Siwazuri Abdu. “I’m Maeve Penelope Winslow,” she said, saying her full name since Mari also did. She held out her hand in return and smiled, as they both continued to walk towards the door. “So what do you expect we’ll find in there?” Maeve said, tilting her head in the direction they were headed. She had no idea what to expect, so maybe her theory could prepare her for what was behind the doors.

@Glitterfist — Marijani Siwazuri Abdu


Mariajani laughed, thinking about the sad little kid who could be orchastrating all of this from their bedroom. “Someone’s feeling left out becaus their pearl-clutching mother doesn’t want them involved in…” She let her voice trail and let out a mock dramatic gasp. “Teenaged Shenanigans!”

Maeve Penelope Winslow. It was a pretty name, and it suited her well. She definately looked like a Maeve. “Nice to meet you, babe.” Mari said with a wink. She called all of her friends “babe”, even the male ones. She tugged on the skinny spahgetti straps of her blue dress, and let one of them slip casually off of her shoulder. “I expect we’ll find the most epic party of our lives. And, frankly, I couldn’t be more excited. What about you? Are you ready to rock, or do you need a chaperone to keep you safe just in case?” She quipped with another wink.

@eclipseis (Maeve Penelope Winslow)


Rosemary Frances Whitehall

Excited yet nervous, Rosemary was still eager for school to end so that she could finally enjoy her winter break. She hummed to herself as she read the textbook in front of her. New Deal programs… NRA… Why am I still learning about this? History is such a bore, she thought to herself as she looked up at the clock, waiting for class to end. She impatiently tapped her fingernails to the beat of the song she was humming, pulling her sweater closer to her after feeling a chill rush through her.

She’d heard of the lock-in tradition at Canterlotte Academy and wanted nothing to do with it. All she wanted to do was relax and savor her vacation. It was the first time she’d been away from her family in a long time, so she didn’t have her annoying pest of a mother nagging at her. As soon as the bell rang, she packed up her stuff and headed out. As she walked towards the bathroom to fix her makeup, she also heard the fire alarm ringing and saw the teachers rushing out, warning the kids to do the same. “So it’s real,” Rosemary mumbled, watching the students lock out the teachers and lock themselves in. “Oh, dear…” Rosemary sighed aloud as she witnessed a few kids running past her. Now she just wanted to be left alone, so she plugged her earphones in and turned on “West End Girls” by Pet Shop Boys. But her music was suddenly interrupted by a text from an unknown person named “Dabria”. “Who the hell’s Dabria?” she asked herself, taking a look at the text.

Rosemary, you will not understand now, but these are the rules of the game. You are to follow them or suffer the consequences.

Rosemary read through the messages and simply laughed. Absolute b0llocks. This person’s just trying to scare me, she thought as she deleted the messages one by one. “I don’t do games unless they benefit me somehow, don’t you know that?” she said as if she were on a phone call and headed to another classroom since she was stuck in school. “This stupid tradition botched my vacation plans. I was gonna head to my cabin and have a few drinks,” Rosemary complained as she finally left to the classroom, miffed. “Bonkers…”



Manuel was still settling in to Canterlotte Academy since this was his first year being a student in its luxurious halls. His foster moms, Lilliana and Alessia had sent him to this school after a year of him living with them back in Vancouver, attending a local high school—since in BC high school started in grade 8. He’d never even been out of the province, so being in a different country to attend high school was hard for him to understand. He wasn’t even their real kid, so he definitely didn’t get why they were willing to pay so much money for him to attend this elite school. Maybe it was a way for him to get to know AJ more… Alessia had said that she wanted them to be friends. Needless to say, he didn’t get why he was at this school where he clearly didn’t belong, but he wanted to make Alessia and Lilliana happy, maybe then he wouldn’t have to go to another foster home.

He’d heard from other classmates that today the students were going to lock out the teachers, in the name of tradition, but he didn’t really believe that it was going to happen until it did. Just like the students had said, the fire alarm went off and the teachers took off, following the fire drill procedure. He watched as the students followed the teachers up until the doors, which was where they shut and locked the doors on them. Seemed like he now had to stay here over the break… wasn’t how he originally wanted to spend Christmas but Alessia and Lilliana said he should do it this way, participate in their traditions, assimilate, so that’s what he would do. He didn’t have any reason to think they were sending him into the lion’s den so he should let down his guard.

He began to head to his dorm room when his phone buzzed with a text message. He stopped in the middle of the hall, took it out and read the notification. It was from someone named Dabria… whom he didn’t know, which was odd because he only had a handful of contacts programmed into this phone. Manuel would’ve remembered if he had met someone named Dabria and put her number in his phone. Odder even though, was the fact that this Dabria seemed to know his name.

Manuel, you will not understand now, but these are the rules of the games. You are to follow them or suffer the consequences.

He read through the rest of the message, confusion dotting his features. The whole message rubbed him the wrong way, but he had no reason to believe that it was anything worth worrying about. It did startle him to see himself in the digital notebook that had also been sent to him, especially his life story up until now, but they didn’t really have anything besides the basics. However, he was unnerved because he was a more reserved person and he didn’t like the idea of everyone being able to search him up in the book and read all about him. Looking up from his phone, he sighed. Guess he was going to have to head to the auditorium. As he turned down the hallway, he collided with a boy who was running full speed.

“Hey, watch it!” The boy called at him, his arms crossed.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, even though it wasn’t his fault. Rubbing his head, Manuel looked up at the boy, then took in a breath as he realized it was no one other than AJ Markinson.

AJ was one of the students who absolutely loved the tradition of locking the teachers out. He’d been at Canterlotte since Grade 6, the youngest grade at the school, and he was probably going to stay there through the rest of elementary school and high school. He liked going here, also liked being so far away from his parents for the majority of the year. Some people found it frightening to be away from their parents for so long but AJ found it relieving.

He waited impatiently for the time to reach the end of the day, and when it did, he pushed his way to the front of the crowd so that he could be one of the students who actually locked the teachers out. A broad smile stretched across his face as he grabbed ahold of the doors and yanked them closing, twisting the lock closed to cheers from the gaggle of students around him. As the large group parted, AJ headed to the bathroom, slipping out of the uniform and into a t-shirt and jeans, which was much more comfortable. He gazed at himself in the mirror, winking at himself. AJ was short for his age, not reaching the 5’0" bracket, but he knew he had other redeeming factors besides his height so it didn’t bother him so much.

He couldn’t wait to get started on the vandalism, so he ran down the halls, and as he turned the corner, he ran smack into another student. He backed up, annoyance producing a scowl on his face. “Hey, watch it!” He called at the boy. The boy mumbled an apology, then looked up, and AJ could see that it was Manuel Guerra, the lastest resident in his mom and stepmom’s foster house. He rolled his eyes, looking up at Manuel, who had a worried look on his face. The two stared at each other in silence before AJ started back on his way, moving around him and continuing on his way.

“…AJ?” Manuel called after him. He made an abrupt stop, sighing as he turned around.


“Did you… did you get the message?”

What is the dude going on about? he thought to himself. He regarded Manuel with a searching look, then took his phone out of his bag. Huh. Turns out he did have a message. He read through it, his eyebrows raising the further he got.

Anthony Jacob, you will not understand now, but these are the rules of the games. You are to follow them or suffer the consequences.

His eyebrows furrowed, then he glanced back up at Manuel, crossing his arms. “So? Tryin’ to prank me or something, is that it?”

“No, it’s not me, I think everyone got it. If it’s real… maybe we should stick together—”

Stick together?” He snorted, walking closer to Manuel and placing a finger in the middle of his chest. “Listen. We aren’t brothers or anything. We don’t even need to act like we know each other, hm? So you stay out of my way, I’ll stay out of yours.” He left Manuel where he was, turning to go down the hall he’d just come running down. Since everyone else seemed to be heading to the auditorium, he might as well go there as well. It seemed like these next weeks would be a lot more interesting than he’d thought.

ORP: Both approchable


Giacomo Ferrari (Jack)

“Ma mi prendi in giro?!” (Are you kidding me!?)
He stood in the middle of the crowd while many students were running in front of him, enjoying the infamout tradition of Canterlotte Academy.
“How could I be so stupid to forget what was going to happen today?” he thought while walking through the halls. He opened his locker and placed his skateboard inside, he wouldn’t have needed it.
He picked up all the alcohol he had hidden in there and placed it into his “schoolbag” “Thank God I’ve got you” he thought while looking with love the bottles.

He started walking towards a classroom, maybe he could have had the opportunity to write down some lyrics while he had nothing to do.
He took out his phone and wrote a text to his buddies

“Where ru? I’ve got the booze :metal:

As soon as he sent it, a new notification appeared on the screen, just like everyone in the hallway it seemed, a choir of ringtones at the same time.
“Meh, whatever” he thought while opening the text message

"Who the is this Dabria chick?" he thought while looking at the screen annoyed.
“Don’t tell me it’s another stalker…these girls should really stop f*cking with me” he left out in a sigh while enering a classroom.
Sadly he wasn’t alone, there was a girl standing there, wait…he knew her, she was “the” party pooper, that only cared about her grades.
“Oh, just my lucky day” he thought while sitting on top of a desk and letting down his bag that started making glass noises

“Hey there Whitey, I wouldn’t have thought of finsing you here today, parties are not your style, are they?” he said with a smirk on his face

@chococarmela “Rosemary”


Rosemary Frances Whitehall

About to take out some candy, she looked up at the boy who sat in front of her. “Eh?” she replied, frowning, “Oh. Hello…” She took out a Tootsie roll and popped it into her mouth. “What’d you say? I wasn’t paying attention, I was…” She paused and took a really good look at him. She felt her cheeks burn slightly, and pinched her ear. Looking at you, she thought to herself as she turned down the volume of her music. “On my phone. Did you, uh, get that message from ‘Dabria’ too? Weird, innit?” she asked him as she looked outside the classroom, checking to see if any more kids were going mad in the halls.



Giacomo Ferrari

He rolled his eyes as seeing that she wasn’t paying attention and leaned back resting his upper body against the cold wall while he was still sitting on the desk.
As soon as he heard that chick’s name he turned his head towards her and said “You know who the stalking girl is?!” He took out the phone and read again the message “Tell your friend to stop with her weird games, will ya?”
He took a notebook out of his bag with a pencil and started scribbling down some lyrics but he couldn’t keep his focus on the page as in the hallway there was a terrible noise
“What’s going on?” He stood up and walked to the door of the classroom, everybody was walking towards the auditorium…weird, very weird.

ORP I noticed that my character’s details as aren’t yet on the face claims so if you wanna know how my char looks like

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- Maeve Penelope Winslow -

Maeve let out another laugh to join in with Mari. She was definitely outgoing, to say the least, but Maeve liked that. At this point, there were several people staring at them, but she didn’t really care. If anything, it was a good thing their attention was on the pair, it seemed like a lot of people were unnecessarily worrying. They were in need of the small distraction, even if it was at the expense of them.

“Nice to meet you too,” She replied with a smile. Maeve couldn’t help her eyes dropping to look at her dress for a moment, “Your dress is amazing, by the way.” Then Mari started giving her view on what she thinks would be behind the doors, and, once again, Maeve was glad to hear another person’s outlook on the situation. She was right, it probably would be some form of party behind the doors. “Of course, I’m excited,” Maeve announced, matching the enthusiasm of the girls. Maeve’s personality was very versatile, and she liked to adapt it to fit whoever she was talking to. Because it was an effective way of getting on everyone’s good side and, therefore, on the top of the social ladder. “That freshman might actually be making the lockdown fun for us!”

As there was a small pause in the conversation, Maeve’s mind went back to the text. She only looked at it very quickly, so she definitely missed a few details. She pulled out her phone again and saw that the sender of the text had a name. “Dabria.” Maeve read out loud. “Would you happen to know a Dabria? Is that some sort of code name? Maybe it’s the first name of a teacher we didn’t know about.”

@GlitterFist — Marijani Siwazuri Abdu


Mari smiled as the girl complemented her dress. “Thanks, I know.” She said, and she mimed flipping her hair like a valley girl. She couldn’t actually flip anything, of course, because of her hijab.

Mari was excited to hear that this girl could match her enthusiasm, or at least keep up with her. This could be the start of something good. “And if he hasn’t, then we will!” She promised, and she bit her lip playfully as she formulated a foolproof plan. “The first thing I’m gonna do (After I make my grand entrance, Of course) is get to the center of the dance floor and show everyone else how it’s done. And I’ll keep going until I catch the eye of some hottie. What about you?” She asked, genuinely curious. Maeve didn’t seem like the type to grab attention; Even as Marijani was looking at her, she was beginning to fade into the crowd. Perhaps that’s why they’d never met.

“I have a cousin named Dabria back in Cape Town.” Marijani mused. “He’s four, and he spends all of his time rolling around in the grass and eating live termites. So I doubt it’s him.” She thought for a second. “Maybe it’s an anagram for something? Bad Ari? Rad Bia? Adi Bra?”

@eclipseis (Maeve Penelope Winslow)


Rosemary Frances Whitehall

“Friend? I don’t…” She stopped speaking to turn around and look outside, hearing the noise. Bloody hell… she thought to herself, wondering if she should join them or not. “So you don’t know what’s happening? Looks like everyone got the same text. Is this texting prank a part of the stupid tradition too?” she remarked as she chuckled, “according to her, I’ll ‘suffer consequences if I don’t play by the rules’. Ridiculous, I tell you…” She simply shook her head and sat down in a chair, turning on her phone while mumbling about how odd the annual tradition was to her.

ORP: Oh, awesome FC!



Giacomo Ferrari (Jack)

He stopped while hearing what she was saying, the same identical words that were written on his message.
“So damn weird” he thought while fixing his gaze one the crowd.
“I received the same text actually…I don’t recall this as a part of this stupid tradition”
He shrugged off and turned and picked up his bag from the ground “But I must say that I’m intrigued, I’m gonna check it out, wanna come?”
He stood by the door waiting for the girl’s reply.
“Try to live a little, what could happen after all?”
He said and checked again the mysterious text



Rosemary Frances Whitehall

She looked at him and took a short but deep breath, about to respond, but thought to herself, He’s right… what’s the worst that could happen?
She picked up her own bag, sat up, and sighed. “Why not?” she responded, feeling a slight mix of intrigue, nervousness and excitement all at once.




As soon as she replied a big smirk grew on his lips. “I love to be such a bad influence” he chuckled a bit and then he exited from the door waiting her before disappearing in the crowd, there were still many students in the hallways , probably the skepticals that didn’t want to believe in the curious and weird message, like him and the girl “Wait, I remember her surname since we had some classes together, but what’s her name?” He thought while he was surrounded by shouting guys.
He turned and looked at her with a questioning expression and asked "What’s your name Whitey?