Turning Over a New Leaf

Hiya everyone,

I know that loads of you are from the Episode forums and that’s absolutely great!

I also know that a lot of you have come here because you’re not feeling particularly great about the Episode community at the moment. Again, this is fair enough.

However, I’m going to be closing all of the Episode hate threads for a few different reasons.

  1. Even despite my ban, Episode has given my 4 years of joy reading the stories and I don’t want to remember it with so much bitterness.
  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be spreading the negativity you may feel onto this forum. We may have our grievances, but we shouldn’t let that consume us.
  3. I kinda want this forum to have an identity of its own. I want us to be able to chat about anything and expand our forum to include new people who write for other apps. Right now, we’re stuck on the same old points.
  4. This forum is a chance for us to reinvent ourselves! I admit that I wasn’t the most… tactful of people on the Episode forums and, even though I meant well, a lot of my threads could be taken really badly. I’m sure many of us can say the same thing. Let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s use this opportunity to grow as writers and people!

Of course, you can still talk about updates and stories and anything you want to. Promote anything! But the threads directed at hating on Episode at a company are just getting a little old now.

I hope you understand! I’m not trying to silence you. I just want us to be a more positive place and I do appreciate Episode for the time it gave me. I appreciate Episode for giving me the chance to meet you all and read your stories.

You can PM me if you have any questions. My doors are always open (unless I’m asleep)


Does this include group chats?

I can’t see or control what you do in your group chats unless someone flags them. While I’d love to spread the positivity to the group chats, there’s nothing I can do about them

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I totally agree with you.

Spread peace and love, Carmela not hate. :yellow_heart:


I also want to say, I’m happy to announce that Arlene has said she’ll send me a message as soon as she can to explain everything to me. A lot of my initial anger at the situation has gone now that they’re giving me the chance to understand


good news.

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Eh it was necessary.

Sometimes u gotta have ppl rant about the same stuff u do for a while(it helps). Hope u got it outta ur system a lil…


Even though I was one of the people ranting about Episode, I do want these forums to have its own sort of identity or purpose. I don’t it to be a place where Episode rejects rant on about the misery they experienced there.

I understand :heart:


Hello again everyone!

We’re going to be allowing Episode related threads again for a few reasons:

  1. With the new rules, the issues no longer just affect a select few of us. While I could justify keeping this forum silent when we were primarily talking about problems that had a lot to do with me, I just can’t silence people on the matter when it’s important to them. This isn’t that kind of forum.
  2. In light of everything that happened, I think people deserve a place where they can rant. Over here, ranting is still allowed by our rules, so rant away!
  3. There’s been enough time for me to heal and get over the initial shock. While I’m still deeply upset, the thought of discussing Episode issues doesn’t make me feel awful anymore (that. sounds really selfish).

We do have a rule, though: please create threads to react to specific issues and actions that you have a problem with. No vague “we hate Episode” threads and no directly attacking and/or name dropping staff members. Those will be closed and unlisted.

Thanks for understanding!


Closed because it’s not relevant anymore