Ugly Backgrounds/Splashes/Overlays etc :) 🍀

I will make you a not great but not terrible background/overlay/splash/other thing you want 4 free.

Just tell me what you want (but put it under a spoiler).

My drive of not-so-great things I made but they work? :joy: : For the Episodiacs Drive

Examples of my terrible things en action


Apparently, the new episode rules say that you aren’t allowed to give people your drives to use, you have to actually make them personal art.

Also- I actually expected to find some bad art, but your art surprised me- it’s really good! It’s really colorful and actually different than all the other backgrounds I’ve see, it’s really good!

I’m currently not looking for any backgrounds- at least, made by someone, but I’ll contact you if I need a splash! :heartpulse:

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yikes :grimacing: :joy:

Thanks! :two_hearts:

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