Ultimate RP Tag list

The list of all active RP Tags

@AtlantisRP - The Atlantis RP
@BlueRoyalty - Blue Royalty Rp
@CampSeafare Camp Seafare rp
@CHBRPers - Camp half blood a sirens cry RP
@Castaways - Castaways RP
@DarkSnowRP - Dark snow and the Legendary wolves
@Dungeoneers - Adventures of D&D RP
@EliteXOXO - EliteXOXO RP
@FTDFam. Fairytale-d Rp
@MysticLakeRP. Mystic Lake Academy Rp
@LasLavendasCitizens - Las Levendas RP
@X-Men - X-Men: First Class RP
@RPQuestions - for the weekly rp character questions threads
@RPQuiz - for the weekly rp quiz
@RotandRuinRP Rot and Ruin RP

Feel free to add any I missed

Sorry for the mass tags


Hey everybody

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Added a tag!

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Uh… where’s the @/RPers tag?

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Oops missed it off the list :sweat_smile: