Ultimate Tag List for users to join!

I’m making this thread so that more users can join the main tag groups used here on the forums. I will list them by the sections they fit into for the groups. I feel like some users aren’t seeing many of the various tags that we use here or do not know how to possibly find them to join up. So I will be giving a step by step guide on how to add yourself to an existing tag or request to be added to a tag.

First off, we will start with how to join and request to join a tag. In the picture below, you will go to your profile page and click the expand button, which is in the top right-hand corner just under your profile thumbnail.

Once you do that, you will need to click on the group section that is in your bio. It will be right above the Summary and Activity tab. Click on the first group so that you can get to the tag section.

Now that you have the tag section open, you can choose to join a group from here. Right next to the purple members, but on the left should be a choice box. Click on that box to look at the different groups. Once you have chosen a group, click the join button, which will be right under your user thumbnail.

After that, you will be part of that group once you see the join button turn red and says leave instead. If you have to request access, then it will say request beforehand, then it will prompt you to message those in charge of the group for access.

The guide above is for those who want to know how to get to the tag section so they can use it. Let me know if you have any questions! I will be listing the group tags below as well. These groups are all the public group tags that you can join. I will not list off the closed groups since they aren’t public. If you can’t click on a tag below, just follow the steps above to get to the tag section. I hope this is helpful to everyone!

I’ve added the descriptions for each tag on here so that you can just click and join them instead.

Announcements/discussion/Quiz/Question Tags:

  • @Announcements - This group is for people who want to be kept in the loop. It is the equivalent of a @everyone tag on Discord!
  • @Discussions - A group for all of the people who would like to receive an @mention whenever there is an interesting discussion topic.
  • @MemeLords - A group for the people interested in memes and meme contests :sunglasses:
  • @TriviaAttendees - This group is for the Video Games/TV/Movies/Books Trivia Game hosted by WolfGamerGirl37. If you wish to join the games simply request access to this group or just vote as you please.
  • @WeeklyUserQuiz - This tag is for users who want to keep up with the quiz updates and users who have signed up for it in order to know when they get picked.
  • @PubQuiz - A group for anyone who wants to be alerted about Pub Quiz activities. You can join and leave as you please!
  • @PollBattle - A group for everyone who is interested in the poll battle and in poll battle-related announcements. Feel free to join or leave as you please!
  • @AnimeNerds - This group is for people who are interested in the anime & manga section of the forums and want to get tagged for new threads and discussions in that section.
  • @Foodies - For those of us who love food and want to be tagged in discussions about it :hugs:
  • @ScreenSloths - This group is for users who are interested in the Film & TV section of the forums and want to get tagged for new threads and discussions in that section.
  • @Bookworms - This group is for people who are interested in the books section of the forums and want to get tagged for new threads and discussions in that section.
  • @EpisodeBookClub - The Episode Book Club, for discovering new stories and getting yours reviewed!
  • @Writers - This tag is used for updates on writing challenges and writing advice around the forums.
  • @EarlyBirds - This group is for the early birds of the central American timezone plus any other overlapping timezone. That way we can make sure everyone is notified when activities are happening during the allotted time.
  • @NightOwls - This tag is going to be used to connect most of the night owls to most activities happening at night. Similar to the discussion tag but for the late-night group instead.
  • @Advisers - A group for people to give and receive advice on the anonymous advice threads
  • @BuzzfeedQuiz - For anyone who wants to get notified on the daily quiz

Artistic/Roleplaying/Outfit Contests/Music
For RP Groups, go to the sign-up page first!

  • @Artists - If you are an artist and you would like to know all about the latest news, updates and competitions in the ShanniiWrites art community, sign up to the group here!
  • @BlueRoyalty - RP group - The RP group for ‘Blue Royalty’.
  • @CHBRPers - RP group - The official group for Camp-Half Blood Role-players.
  • @HOSSGroup -RP group - A group tag for the SG “Harem of Glittering Feathers”.
  • @MysticLakeRP - RP group - This is the group for all role players in the Mystic Lake Academy RP.
  • @OutfitContest - To notify people who are interested about the weekly outfit contest
  • @Playlist - A group for the people who want to contribute to the musical side of the forum!
  • @RPQuiz - For those who want to be notified for the RP quiz.
  • @RPers - For any RPers who want to get notifications when something’s going on.
  • @TheHideawayRP - RP group - This group is for the members of the Hideaway RP and will allow people to get the attention of every member at once for important events and announcements, as well as questions they may have for everyone.
  • @TruthorDareRPers - The RP group for “Truth or Dare”, a RP made by Ani & Echo.
  • @MusicLotto - Choco’s Weekly Music Reviews - The group for the weekly music review/critique thread, Roulette. If you wanna hear new genres and lovely unique sounds, this is the place for you!
  • @ADChallenge - This group is to keep people informed about new content related to the weekly animal drawing challenge. Feel free to join and leave as you please!
  • @SimmersContestClub - We can use the group to go over the more refine details of the contests.


  • @StoryEvent - A group for everyone who wants to be tagged for the polls in the Interactive Story Event. You can join and leave whenever you want.
  • @OtomeReviewClub - It will be used to tag those who want to see the reviews and make choices in the story for the Voltage Inc Otome games that I play.
  • @Gamers - If you are a gamer and you would like to keep up with all the latest gaming news and updates in the ShanniiWrites Community, sign up here!
  • @Gaming - This tag serves these purposes, for allowing game hosts to tag others conveniently, and to use once they open a new forum game thread.
  • @Mafia - If you want to be notified of a new Mafia game, this is where you join!
  • @FindtheKnife - This group is for people playing my game ‘Find The Knife’.
  • @ForumGamers


  • @Debaters - Use to debate two or more people fighting. Join if you interested in debating with other people.
  • @ChineseLessons - Join this tag for updates on the lessons!
  • @GreekLessons - Feel free to join this group if you want to be notified every time @Nessie or @StarMaryGoth post a new lesson on the “Learn Greek” thread.
    You can leave anytime! :grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:
  • @HomeworkHelp - This is our designated ShanniiWrites study group! Join if you either need help with your homework or would like to help others with theirs. Maybe you want both!
  • @Students - Join this group if you’re a student who wants to be notified of any school-related discussions! Or if you’re not a student and just want to be notified of any school-related discussions!

Also a quick note.
Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 10.57.16 AM
(Another way to get to the groups)

Clicking on the three lines next to the magnifying glass and your profile picture.
This will take you to a dropdown menu
Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 10.58.59 AM
(This menu is also a way to change your background colors and also learn more about shortcuts.)
There you will see a blue title called groups. Clicking on the group’s button will take you to a list of tags.

Here you will found a bunch of different group tags (nicely put in alphabetical order)
As you can see some say request, closed, leave, or join. Depending on your rank or connections you might be able to join every one of the groups. You also get a short explanation of each group and by clicking on the group name (or anywhere inside the square), you will see a bunch of people and the owner profiles.

Yes I am advertising my group. Join and you shall be a humanoid

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Join @MusicLotto if you want a chance to be featured and get a music review in the weekly Music Roulette I host! Every Saturday, 3-4 pm EST


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Just for reference, I’d recommend people who make new tags to post it here so more people will know about it! :eyes:

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There’s the @/forumemos tag!


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The @/AnimeNerds :eyes:!

Hey @Announcements, check out all these new tags people are creating.

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