Unlocking Patrons' Benefits - Another Way

Hi all!

So, I’m sure we all know that the Forums have a Patrons’ Lounge and a Restricted Section.

Well, up until now, we’ve had two ways to get those benefits:

  1. Become a Patron on Patreon.

  2. Win a competition or giveaway on the Forums that have those features as the prize.

Now we’re introducing a third!

We understand that not everyone can make a regular commitment to the Forums, but still want to help out!

Offering you a pay-as-you-go option for the perks allows you a little bit of flexibility and helps you to take control of how you pay for your Forums perks.

If this is the case for you, all you need to do is donate a one-time donation for a month’s access to the Patrons’ Lounge and Restricted section!

To get an extra title change (if you’ve run out of free ones for the next three months), you need to donate a minimum of £1.

To get the Patrons’ Lounge and unlimited title changes for one month, you need to donate a minimum of £2.

To get the Restricted Section for one month, you need to donate a minimum of £3 and be an adult.

Obviously, the perks are cumulative. If you pay for the Restricted Section, you also get the Patrons’ Lounge and unlimited title changes for one month.

In order to order a perk, you can go to our Ko-Fi to the Commissions Section and order it directly from there.

You will get access to your perks for the next 30 days! No refunds.

If you would like to give a custom amount above this, please feel free to donate on PayPal. Please bear in mind, though, that you will need to contact @Eleanor_W-15 with proof that you donated. A screenshot of the Paypal.me “thank you” message is fine! DM it to El on here so that she knows who you are!

Note: All users who donate this way will get the “Supporter” badge, along with the symbol next to their title.



So anyone who wants a title change from now on has to pay 1£?


Unless you wanna wait 3 months from your last title change


Yeah this is if you’ve run out of custom title changes and you’re desperate to change it!

You can either wait until 3 months pass, use one of the titles you get from all the groups we offer, or buy one!

Just because title changes can be quite taxing on us and we don’t want to devalue all the fun group titles people get!


I still think this is rad af :sunglasses:


Keeping this thread alive because it’s still rad that people can get patron benefits without being patrons and still help the forums financially


I think this is really helpful for people who wanna buy merch to help the forums but can’t afford shipping fee’s. :joy: with this you can pay as much as you want and get patron perks if you pay the amounts stated in the OP. It may not be merch but you still get something and you help us.

A reminder to everyone that if you donate on PayPal you gotta send me proof (the thank you message)

@Discussions ain’t that rad?


@Announcements guess what?

You can now pay for a friend to have perks! Just PM me the evidence that you paid (the thank you thing) and tell me who you want to have the perk! This is quite helpful to people like the staff who have the perks for free. Or maybe you’re really nice and wanna pay for you and your friend to have access :joy: either way you can do this now!


That’s awesome! :sunglasses:




Partying huh? Pay for me then! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smirk:


Wait a second


I’m a patron
But I’m also staff
So technically
I can pass my patron perks to someone right?


:eyes: yes for as long as you pay them which means you’d need to show me your payment had gone through each month :eyes:


How do I know that👀


I know my payment doesn’t pass when shan reminds me I’m broke😂


Hmm I usually get an email from patreon

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Btw if you want to give your patron perks to somebody else and you have obtained these perks through patreon then you can only do that if you are a member of staff since staff get the perks for free

But if you are a user you will only be able to pay for yourself on patreon and if you wanna make a donation through paypal or kofi to get your friend in there too, then that’s fine! Just send me the evidence!


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